Unlocking Your Potential with the ‘I AM’ Mantra

Lessons from brilliant author Neville Goddard on how to create your future using the power of your mind

by Carole Dean

In his book The Power of Awareness, Neville Goddard explains how these two words,  I AM, are so powerful.  He believes that by using the I AM words you can turn on abilities that you possess and are not aware of. 

He is right.


The Potency of “I AM”

There actually is a book, entitled The I AM Discourses that was said to be channeled by Saint Germain.

The entire book focuses on the power of the two words I AM. Saint Germaine says that using I AM can change what is happening to you. These words are so powerful that they can bring you what you want.

Example: If you are sick, The I AM Discourses say that you simply state on an ongoing basis “I am healthy.” The power of the I AM is that it will bring you what you state. It explains that these two words are powerful manifesters.

From studying it, I really love The I AM Discourses book. It’s an empowering book. It makes you feel that there’s nothing you can’t achieve by using these two affirming words I AM.

Cultivating Belief and Self-Improvement

Try it. Perhaps use this on something that you think you are not talented at. Begin daily to reverse that by saying, “I AM good at…” whatever it is you want to improve.

Example: Many people call me and immediately say, “I am not good at pitching my film, but I will tell you about it.” So, why not start saying, “I am good at pitching my film!”
I AM receiving donations almost every time I pitch my film.

Use the I AM mantras daily and turn yourself into being good at pitching your film. Please, just pick one thing and try it and you will be amazed. These are two powerful words.

Now what I love is when I read or hear the same thing twice or three times. It is then that my interest picks up. It is then that I realize the universe wants me to know this! Now, I sincerely pay attention.

So, when I read how Neville was explaining the importance of the I AM statement, I found it a strong reminder that we are that close to improving ourselves.

Just using two words and believing in them will bring that talent to you. It can be done. But you need to believe it.  To other people we may sound very good, but we believe that we are not good and of course, that overrides our abilities.

Overcoming Negative Self-Concepts

Your mind is powerful and when you say I can’t do that, well, then you can’t. Remember Henry Ford told us that. He said, if you think you can or if you think you can’t, YOU ARE RIGHT!!

Neville explains that I AM is a feeling of permanent awareness. It is the center of consciousness. Everything depends upon attitude towards itself; you need to awaken your unused potential with the power of the I AM.

Try using these words to access untapped potential and unrealized dreams.  Consider picking something that you feel you want to be good at and turn that around using the two words I AM.

It can benefit you. You might say any of these statements:

I am good at pitching.
I am excellent at directing.
I am an award-winning filmmaker.

You will need to use this in a constant flow of thinking and feeling. 

The Heart Chakra is the Power Center of the Body 

In my bi-monthly Film Funding Guidance class, we studied the work of Greg Braden, a five-time New York Times best-selling author, scientist, and international educator.   He believes you need to put this flow in your heart chakra and feel it with passion. Put your mind and your emotions together in the heart chakra because that’s where the power is to create your future.  

That’s how you make the I AM work. Go into the heart chakra and focus with statements like I AM good at pitching my film.

Perhaps you put this in writing and put it by your toothbrush, put it in your jacket pocket, put it with your credit cards, with your computer, and in the kitchen where you spend time cooking and cleaning. Put it in places where you can make that part of your mantra and use those I AM words to bring you a talent that you currently don’t have.

Neville says, “health, wealth, beauty, and genius are not created they are only manifested by the arrangement of your mind–that is, by your concept of yourself. And your concept of yourself is all that you accept and consent to as true.

What you consent to can only be discovered by an uncritical observation of your reaction to life. Your reactions reveal where you live psychologically; and where you live psychologically determines how you live here in the outer visible world. We are connected to nature and to each other. You need to accept this.

Connecting to the Quantum Field in a Quiet Place

Understanding that our consciousness of the outer world is most important to us. We need to connect to the consciousness of everything. This is critical to our success in this universe.

Knowing that we are connected to all living things and to each other.  Realizing that we truly are part of the universe and that universal laws govern us. That we can improve. It’s up to us to open up and ask for what we want and become who we truly have the power to be.

We are powerful beings and can change who we are. We can improve ourselves no matter what age, or what condition we are in, that can change with our belief.

Neville wrote most of his books in the 40s and 50s. Since then, we have discovered and explained much about how quantum physics works. This is saying the same thing Neville said, which is that we are all connected through the quantum field.

Carl Sagan said, “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff.”

Lynn MacTaggart’s book The Field  tells of 12 physicists each working on individual projects and yet coming to the same conclusion,  that there is a field of energy surrounding us and extending throughout our Galaxy. 

This field is alive. It is the recorder of all things. Everything you think and do is recorded in the quantum field. This field is our field of consciousness.

This is what Neville is talking about and we need to realize that we are more than our physical beings. We are connected to the sun, moon, stars, we are connected to the universe, to each other, to our plants, to the ocean, and even to the rocks on the shore.
All our outer world is connected to our inner world.

By realizing and including these things we become all that we can be. We want a solid connection to all that is. Please, open your heart and connect to the outer world.

Meditate in your Heart Chakra and Open to Receive

When you meditate, open yourself to receive goodness from all you are connected to.   Once you begin to do this you have more empathy for your fellow man. You have more respect for all living things. And most of all you will recognize your important position in the universe.

Each of you are very special. You are here for a purpose. You chose that purpose before you came into this world. Have you found it?

Usually, the universe will give you the tools and the talents to achieve your life mission. However, it’s up to you to identify this mission.

One great way to find your life’s mission is through meditation. Another great way is using the powerful words I AM to give you the talents you need to achieve your life goals.


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