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From the Heart Productions is excited to announce our partnership with, the film industry’s leading artificial intelligence based program designed to give filmmakers crucial data and recommendations about their films.

The information that Largo provides is an invaluable tool for pitching your film to investors and distributors, hiring crew, and making casting decisions.

From content analysis and financial forecasts to character & casting analysis and packaging tools, is designed to empower traditional content creation workflows and help producers, distributors, and studios make smarter, more informed decisions. is optimal for Feature Films, and can provide crucial information for Documentaries as well.

We can now offer these reports to our fiscally sponsored filmmakers through our partnership with Largo 


Data from Largo is derived from 

65,000 + Movies

50,000 + TV Shows

950,000 + Talents


Included with Report

(These results are from an actual report from a From the Heart Filmmaker. The project name has been removed)



Genre Recipe

The Storyline based Dynamic Genre Recipe illustrates the shifting dynamics of genres throughout a story. The system intelligently breaks down the narrative into essential story sections and assesses the presence of 10 distinct genres within each section.

This information can be useful to understand the rhythm, pacing, and dominant genres present in the film to have a comprehensive understanding of the storytelling experience.

The Genre Analysis measures the fluctuation of genres throughout a storyline. It provides valuable insights to the user regarding the level of genre changes within a particular piece of content.

When the score is lower, it indicates a low fluctuation of genres, suggesting a higher level of consistency throughout the story. While this may result in a more predictable narrative, it could potentially lead to lower audience engagement. On the other hand, when the score is higher, it signifies dynamic changes across genres, adding variety and potentially increasing audience engagement.

It’s important to note that there is no definitive formula to determine whether a score is good or bad. Instead, a comparison with similar content for the same score range can help indicate the positioning of the content in terms of genre fluctuation.




Emotions Analysis

The Emotion Analysis graph illustrates the shifting dynamics of emotions throughout a story.  The system intelligently breaks down the narrative into essential story sections and assesses the presence of 8 distinct emotions within each section. This graph offers valuable insights into the rhythm, pacing, and dominant emotions present in the content, providing users with a comprehensive understanding for expected emotional experience for the audience.

Positive Emotion Score indicates the distribution of positive and negative emotions within the content. A positive score suggests a prevalence of positive emotions such as Joy, Surprise, and Trust, while a negative score suggests a dominance of negative emotions such as Anger, Disgust, Fear, and Sadness. A score close to 0 signifies a balanced emotional landscape. It’s important to note that positive or negative scores do not inherently imply whether the content is good or bad, but rather provide insight into its stylistic positioning compared to other films.

Emotional Intensity Score reflects the intensity of emotional storytelling within the narrative. A higher score signifies a heightened intensity of positive and/or negative emotions, often correlating with increased user engagement. Conversely, a lower score may indicate a lack of emotional depth or a predominance of neutral storytelling. While there is no definitive formula for determining the ideal score, this metric aids in understanding the content’s positioning relative to other films.




The analyses predict the expected audience in terms of gender and age groups for the provided content.

This analysis helps position the content in relation to other similar offerings, allowing users to gain a comprehensive understanding of its unique appeal and market positioning.




Age Suitability

Age suitability analysis evaluates the appropriateness of content for three distinct age groups, dissecting each section of the content independently. This thorough evaluation aids in determining the likely age restriction a film may receive upon its theatrical release. By understanding the nature of the content in detail, we can better ensure the film’s compliance with appropriate viewing age regulations.




Character Analysis

The system analyzes your casting suggestions and proposes its own suggestions for the best casting choices for each main character. It shows how good of a match they are, how popular they are, and the reasons they were suggested. This can be invaluable information to a casting director and to the potential actors you’d like to hire. 



Similar Film Analysis

The report report gives analyzes how your project compares to films the system identifies as similar. It also allows you to get comparisons for films you suggest. 




Financial Forecast

Largo gives you detailed breakdowns of expected box office revenues for domestic and global markets. You’ll also get predictions for number of streaming views and the potential value of your project for major streaming services. Largo can also generate detailed financial projection reports based on Low, Average, and High forecasts. 



About Largo

Founded in 2018 as a spin-off from the prestigious Swiss university EPFL, has continued to collaborate with highly recognized scientists from EPFL to provide next-generation storytelling tools for the audiovisual industry using artificial intelligence. Headquartered at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, an ecosystem for world-class start-ups and companies, also has presence in Los Angeles, London, and Istanbul.


Since the release of its SaaS platform in 2020, has quickly become a pioneer in introducing AI to the audiovisual industry. Many movies that have used’s platform have been released in theaters and on platforms such as Netflix, with some even being nominated for Oscars.

The company has won numerous awards, including the Best Start-up Award at the San Sebastian Film Festival, the EFM Horizon Start-ups at the Berlinale, the Top 100 Swiss Start-up Awards, and several competitive grants from university, cantonal, and federal organizations. This success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our talented team.



Largo has created quite a buzz with film industry leaders! 


A democratization tool for the industry. provides data-driven filmmaking strategies, similar to those used by major VOD platforms which aggregate and often horde their own user-driven data. may be able to assist in the situation by providing predictions that suggest the movie, even if it is a small indie, is likely to find its audience.


AI to speed up and cut the cost of development and production without overriding the creative instincts and experience of the producer.


AI can play a significant role in assisting with decision-making for a distribution strategy.’s technology can help establish patterns based on previous releases.


How does it work?

After purchasing a report, you will be sent an online form to fill out with the information we need to run your analysis.

Our team will enter your information into Largo’s system and provide you with the analysis. It generally takes 1-2 business days for a report to generate. 




  • Find out projected Domestic and Global Box Office revenues
  • Get detailed projections on how valuable your film would be to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime
  • Learn about your key demographics and how to refine your project to best reach them
  • See how your project stacks up against other similar films on several key metrics
  • Get brilliant casting suggestions based on your script and budget
  • Projects run through Largo.AI are eligible to apply to pitch their film at AFM and Cannes with Largo. Watch the 2022 AFM Pitch Event Here! (Additional requirements and costs required for projects selected for pitch events. Email for more information)

Through our partnership with Largo, From the Heart is now offering our sponsored filmmakers reports generated by Largo.AI.

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Many clients choose to run 2 or 3 analyses to optimize their projects for investors or distributors. It most likely will not be necessary to run more than 3 analyses. The first report can provide valuable insight into areas where your project may need revisions. Based on your first report, you may want to update your script or change information about your project to get better results. 

Based on your first analysis, you may want to do the following and run an additional analysis or two to reflect the following: 

  • Add more emotional intensity or range to engage audiences
  • Change script content to optimize for specific audience demographic, genre, or age suitability
  • Increase or decrease your budget or P&A budget
  • Optimize report for box office vs. streaming as primary platform
  • Add cast, crew, or distributors that become attached or targeted after first analysis
  • Project develops through different stages of production
  • Optimize for different territories for international releases 

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