Fiscal Sponsorship Program

Fiscal Sponsorship

“I’m so thankful to all of you at From the Heart Productions for your remarkable support during the making of I AM EVIDENCE and for helping me and the rest of the team shed light on this deplorable injustice.” Trish Adlesic – Director – HBO’s “I Am Evidence”

From the Heart Productions Fiscal Sponsorship Program is designed for independent filmmakers. It provides them with a powerful and successful tool with which to raise funds whether in pre-production, production, or in post-production.  

Key benefits of our fiscal sponsorship program are:

  • Tax deductions for donors
  • Personal, expert guidance for filmmakers for their crowdfunding campaigns
  • Low fees
  • Discounts from film industry companies and professionals
  • Your own fundraising page for your film

and other unique benefits to help creative talents get their films funded.  (See full list below)


We’ve helped filmmakers raise over $10 million for their films to date

We can help you raise funds for your documentary, short, feature film or webseries and help you realize your dream of getting it completed.  



Get Money and Guidance to Make Your Film

"La Juala de oro" Fiscally Sponsored by From The Heart Winner of A Certain Talent award for directing and the ensemble cast at Cannes Film Festival

“La Juala de oro”
Fiscally Sponsored by From The Heart
Winner of A Certain Talent award for directing and the ensemble cast at Cannes Film Festival

From The Heart Productions has been helping filmmakers get their projects made for over 25 years through the Roy W. Dean Grant.  Now, through our Fiscal Sponsorship program, From The Heart continues its mission to encourage and bring to fruition unique projects with compelling stories that might otherwise have never been made.

Your job is to create.  Our job is to make it possible for you to see your creation become a reality.

There are many donors anxious to help fund artistic projects.  We help them find you and you find them.

From the Heart Productions Inc Nonprofit Overview and Reviews on GreatNonprofits

As a 501(c) (3) public charity, From The Heart Productions Inc (FTH), sponsors projects with our nonprofit status. This allows you to solicit donations that are tax deductible  for your donors.   That gives people a powerful incentive to give money to your project.

Having us as your fiscal sponsor also allows you to go after other grants that require a film partnering with a fiscal sponsor.

Your project can be on any subject, any theme, and any length.  We don’t judge.

The project can be a documentary, feature film, short film, or web series.

We just want you to be able to spend as much time producing it as possible while we guide you to bring in money.


 Why You Should Choose From The Heart as Your Fiscal Sponsor:

  • Donations paid in 15 days.

    fiscal sponsorship

    It took 17 years for director Heather Lenz to complete “Kusama-Infinity”. We fiscally sponsered her all the way to her Sundance premiere in 2018

  • Donations are tax deductible for donors.
  • Films get their own project page on our own fundraising platform.  It was created with non-profit fundraising experts Network for Good.  You can add video, pictures, call to actions. You can link your project’s page to your website as your donation page.  Each project page comes with unique web address that you can send out to potential donors. Learn more
  • Donors can pay all your fees on our fundraising platform.   74% of donors contribute to helping out filmmakers. 
  • Special film industry discounts.  (See Fiscal Sponsor Discount List for details)
  • We accept non-cash donations of equipment and materials.
  • We can set up recurring payments from donors.
  • Your own button for DONATIONS on your web site.
  • We offer a special fiscal sponsorship rate of 5% to help create successful crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Improve your pitch to investors Carole Dean, president of From The Heart Productions and author of “The Art of Film Funding: Alternative Financing Concepts” will help you create a “stick story pitch” for maximum returns.
  • Fine tune your trailer for maximum fundraising potential.  We’ve seen thousands through the Roy W. Dean Film Grant.  We give you trailer tips for fund raising and crowdfunding.
  • We will help you create a great proposal.   We know what grantors want and can advise you how to create your proposals and submit materials.
  • Get support on developing a fund raising strategy. Carole Dean and FTH staff will discuss with you how to construct a creative, successful fund raising campaign that will meet your goals.
  • Personal attention.  We will be there for you when you need us with advice drawn from years of experience.  We are even available for face to face meetings.
  • Donations can be in checks, credit cards, even stocks and bonds.  We’ve now got a brokerage account.

Have Questions About the Program and Donations.  Check out our FAQ here

Need Insurance?

From the Heart has a contact in the insurance industry that has a program you can utilize.  Please email  for our insurance contact information.

What is Required for Fiscal Sponsorship with From the Heart Productions

1. Your project must be a film or media project.

2. You must have potential of getting project completed.

3. The project for which you are fundraising must have a goal of at least $10,000.

4. You must submit the online application.


There is a 7% fee for all credit card donations which includes the credit card processing fee.   There is a 5% fee for checks.

Want to Crowdfund? 

We are truly specialists in crowdfunding.  We’ve got special fees low fees too!  Please email for a consultation on what will work on your specific film.

How to Apply

Complete the From the Heart fiscal sponsorship application form and be sure to follow instructions.   After your application is submitted and reviewed.   If accepted, we will send you a contract.

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More Questions?

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