See what filmmakers have to say about From the Heart!

“Carole is an exceptional teacher. She not only has an abundance of knowledge to share but she is a compassionate and generous human being. She takes such pride and joy in the accomplishments of those with whom she works. I think of her as enchanting mother duck and we are all her ducklings, whether from one of her excellent classes, or her fiscal sponsorship program or her grant program. It will serve you and your project well to have Carole in your camp! And another word on Caroles intentional filmmaking classes: Getting a project off the ground can be a lonely process until you build a team. Carole’s classes provide not only wonderful information, but an instant group of like-minded people who will motivate and encourage each other week to week during the sometimes frustrating and sometimes exhilarating process of creating a film.”

Judy Weintraub, Life on the Bridge

“Carole is the best! No exaggeration! She has been guiding me over the last three years beginning when she became my fiscal sponsor, through her class and now, as the 2014 Fall Dean Grant winner. Carole is a font of information, but most of all helps to cut through the haze of being in the midst of a doc. She gives great direction and is my biggest fan! I’m always smiling after our phone conversations.”

– Stephanie Seldin Howard, Not the Same: Families After War

“Wow, what a simply amazing opportunity!!! What a gift that Carole offers her time, insight and encouragement to aspiring independent filmmakers! Carole is incredibly insightful on all dimensions, ranging from fundraising, to film production mechanics, to guidance on the content itself. The take-away nuggets are exceptionally valuable in setting the direction of the film and the support and marketing plan that surround it. Most significantly, Carole genuinely cares. She has a profound impact on the ‘soul’ of the film project, itself.”

– Arnie Sparnins, Voices of Grief

“This note is just a minimal way to thank you for the kindness and the contribute to my project. I appreciate all the good will that you have done for me and for many other filmmakers who need a boost — we need it because there are a lot of us nowadays who have been encouraged to believe that there is a chance of getting our message out to the world. But it’s because of wonderful people like yourself who are able to take a stand above the rest of the foundations and see the good that can come of your generosity. You are truly a special person. Thank you again.”

– Nick Aquilino, Not With Standing

“In the first week of the Intentional Filmmaking Class, Carole and her guests helped me clarify my goals, change my strategy and start an action-plan to make my film happen.”

– Weam Namou, Iraqi Americans: The War Generation

“I just wanted to say a special thank you for spending the time with me today for the phone consultation. The insights you provided will be invaluable for conducting the additional research I need to do, so that I can provide you with more details related to distribution and outreach for my project.”

– Shail Kamini Ramcharan, The Dream Forest

I would first like to say: Thank you for holding these classes. I have already learned so much that I will use in building a successful fund raising campaign for our film. Today’s class was so informative. I really felt Mr. Malloy really went into depth on the business plan. I have been doing some research on my own so I can make the best plan possible. Secondly, listening to Adam Heyes talking about how to get the most out of our website. It really hit home. I have looked at other sites and I can see what he was explaining. Thank you so much!

– Kelley Cantrell, The Marker

I received your voicemail and wanted to thank you for taking the time to personally call me. It really means a lot to someone like myself who’s never written a screenplay before. I will definitely take full advantage of the free consultation. Thank you for having such a wonderful organization that financially supports and encourage filmmakers to continue producing and creating their vision. Applying for your grant alone has made me take myself and my screenplay more seriously and gave me the push to realize that I can do this.

– Debbie Yen, Broken Beauty