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“What From the Heart Productions does for filmmakers is nothing short of extraordinary. Carole Dean truly works from her big and generous heart and is always available and responsive. The team creates a unique mix of practical knowledge of the film industry with motivational strategies along with that spiritual inspiration that enables filmmakers to push through the deep, dark and lonely night of the independent film fundraising world. I doubt there is another organization like it. Their team will work with you and your film’s individual needs to guide you toward the most successful avenue for your film. Through the work I have done with this organization, I have created a film package that I am 100% confident I will fund within the year.” 

– Story Tree Films

“It’s hard to say too much about From the Heart Productions. Carole Dean, Carole Joyce, and their whole team are the most supportive group of filmmaker advocates I have ever run across. Their fiscal sponsorship and awards support for my new narrative short, “STAIRWAY TO THE STARS” (www.stairwaytothestarsfilm.com), was instrumental in launching a successful film from conception to completion in record time. I’m looking forward to working with them on our Made-In-Hawaii feature, “SHIPMENT DAY” (www.shipmentdayfilm.com), and urge all filmmakers to join in supporting this fantastic and dedicated organization. They are the real deal.”

– Lorenzo Destefano,Stairway to the Stars

“As a professional documentary filmmaker for 12 years, and now educator of documentary filmmakers, I am keenly aware of when someone has the best interest of filmmakers at heart. That is 100% the case with Carole Dean and her team at From the Heart Productions. Her generous and illuminating advice for filmmakers is invaluable.”

– Keith Ochwat, Show&Tell

“Carole Dean and her team at From The Heart Productions offer independent filmmakers exceptional support for their projects. They continue to expand the resources they provide to include public webinars, film funding guidance classes, radio interviews, and books, along with the invaluable Roy W. Dean Grant. This is an organization that truly supports filmmakers from beginning to end of their projects, and always ‘from the heart’. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

Helen Hall, Pictures of Infinity

“The Amazing Carole Dean and From The Heart Productions, a heartfelt review

“When in need of funding and film making advice, the best go to person we know is Carole Dean and From The Heart Productions.

“As a filmmaker, I want to know there is someone who believes in my work and supports that work. Because Carole believes in the individual filmmaker and understands the intensity of the work, both in the monetary costs of making a movie and the personal dedication it takes to bring a story to life through images and sound, she dedicates herself to helping every filmmaker achieve success, to bring their story to the screen (large or small), and above all she dedicates herself to the process of film making, and the individual’s creativity.

“Carole’s years of experience and dedication have proven to be invaluable. She cares for the creative filmmaker in so many ways. She gives her full attention to each filmmaker that shows initiative, has a well written story to tell, and is in need of professional help and guidance. Carole’s wealth of knowledge and information allowed us to tap into resources and funding we were not aware of. Her knowledge helped guide us around the many pitfalls that might have halted our production.

“Thank you, Carole and From The Heart Productions for all you’ve done for us and so many other filmmakers.”

– Michael and Marion Hofstein, Producers

“You guys have truly been good to me. Thank you. I could NOT be where I am without all of you guys. Honestly.”

Monica Land, Fannie Lou Hamer’s America

“Carole Dean is a seasoned fundraising genius who can help you through some of the toughest aspects of filmmaking: envisioning the film you want to create, staying on track every day, targeting your funding sources and, perhaps most daunting of all, asking people for money. Carole is gifted at helping filmmakers visualize and make their dreams a reality.”

Karen Everett, New Doc Editing

“My film is with From the Heart Productions as my fiscal sponsor- The team members are unbelievable the guidance that I am receiving to get my finishing funds. Carole Dean and Carole Joyce are angels and I can’t thank them enough for this amazing opportunity. Since I have started with them, in just a few weeks it is incredible the doors that are opening. I mean INCREDIBLE. MY FILM MOMENTUM IS SKYROCKETING”

– Eric Gordon, When All That’s Left if Love

“I love From the Heart Productions.  I’ve grown so much from just two sessions with Carole Joyce. I’m thankful she has shared he knowledge with me, introduced me to other people who understand me and my project, and truly cares and supports.  Very happy I found From the Heart Productions and this amazing community that cares so much about indie filmmaking.  Thank you Carole”

– Naomi S, Filmmaker

“Carole Joyce spent time deeply understanding my work and project, and took the time to offer resources and advice on how to proceed with my film project. She sent over invaluable resources, and simply encouraged and believed in the importance of the film, which as a creator is the fuel needed to bring something to life. Heart-led stories are key to catalyzing change for a regenerative future! Thank you so much for the work of From the Heart in bringing a supportive environment to the film world!

– L.S., Filmmaker 

“Carole Joyce amazed me with her ability to understand subtleties of my project and then she connected me with like-minded people who were very excited about my project and eager to support my project. As an empathetic connector, Carole Joyce understands both the creative and business side of film and that makes her recommendations golden!

– Ashia L., Filmmaker