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Allyra – Film Fundraising Platform

Exclusively For Our Fiscally Sponsored Filmmakers

From the Heart Productions has partnered with Allyra (formerly WeDidIt) to create a new film fundraising platform designed to make it easier for our fiscally sponsored filmmakers to raise money.  

As a non-profit dedicated to helping indie filmmakers fund their films, we’ve always been obsessed with finding new ways to help them reach their funding goals.  From the Heart Productions pioneered film crowdfunding with Indiegogo. We developed a fundraising platform with Network for Good.  We expanded our fiscal sponsorship program to include education as well as free classes on film funding.  

From the Heart Productions is the first to offer the Allyra platform for fundraising for both Narrative Features, Documentaries, Short Films, and Web Series.

Advantages of Using Allyra

It gives fiscally sponsored filmmakers incredible fundraising tools that are not available together in other platforms. 
  • Customizable Campaigns – Easily display your campaign goal, video call-to-action, amount raised, and promotional content all from one page.
  • Amazing Donation Pages – The donation pages are scientifically designed to increase conversions. Capture donations faster and easier by minimizing the amount of time it takes your donors to check out.  Acknowledge donations by automatically sending them a tax receipt.
  • Donors Can Cover Fees – When donors make a donation, donors are asked to cover the credit card fees.  Over 50% do that which reduces your fees. 
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising – Let your supporters, friends, and family fundraise for you. They can easily create their own personalized fundraising campaign and share it with their friends and family. Peer-to-peer campaigns help you raise more money and reach new supporters without any extra staff. Having friends and family sending your info to their contacts to donate to your project is a great way to increase your database as well!
  • Simple Ticketing & Events – Promote your beautifully designed event pages. Whether you sell tickets or provide free attendance, you can create and manage your events from a simple-to-use interface.  This is much cheaper than using an online portal, which would require you to pay them for their service and us too.
  • Text-to-Donate Campaigns – Easily build and launch customizable SMS campaigns. Text-to-donate allows your donors to give from anywhere, whether they’re at your events or on the go! You can incorporate text-to-donate in your next fundraising campaign within minutes. (additional fees apply)
  • Perks for your Crowdfunding Campaigns – You can give your donors rewards for donations just like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Seed&Spark. This means you don’t need to use their platforms. You will pay less and have tax deductions for your donors. You can do anything those other crowdfunding platforms can do and more!
  • Integrated Donor Research – Allyra Insights provides qualitative donor research. Our platform automatically researches every one of your donors who gives through the platform. It can help you uncover a donor’s bio, job title, company, social media presence, and much more. This is a wonderful way to find which of your donors could become a major donor!

Allyra Fiscal Sponsorship Fees

The fee to use Allyra is 7% which includes fiscal sponsorship fee, credit card fee, and the Allyra platform fee.
When donating, donors have option to cover the credit card fees.  Over 50% take advantage of that. 

Learn More – Webinar for Our Fiscally Sponsored Filmmakers

The staff at Allyra put together a webinar showing all of the outstanding features on the platform.   Click on link below to check it out!
(The Webinar was created when the platform was still called WeDidIt)

Learn More – Interview with Bill Tiedeman of Allyra

Allyra makes it easy to acquire new observers, turn observers into supporters, and turn supporters into advocates. 
Bill Tiedeman is an account executive at Allegiance Fundraising, the owner of Allyra.  He joined Carole Dean on her The Art of Film Funding Podcast to discuss the features of the platform and how fundraisers can take advantage of them.

How to Take Advantage of This New Film Funding Platform

This opportunity is only available to our fiscally sponsored filmmakersClick here to learn more about our fiscally sponsorship program that has helped filmmakers raise $30 million dollars for their films.  

If you are one of our fiscally sponsored filmmakers and are interested in using this brilliant platform, please email request to 

You will be sent all the information on creating your page.  (Do not go on Allyra directly.)

FREE Course for Fiscally Sponsored Filmmakers

As a free gift for our fiscally sponsored filmmakers to help empower your fundraising campaign, you’ll also receive Carole Dean’s comprehensive 3 hour video course called How to Fund Your Film. 

By the end, you will be INSPIRED, MOTIVATED, and CONFIDENT that you are on track to finally getting your film funded! Carole has created a fun, easy-to-follow, in-depth power-point recorded video class on film funding that gives you the tools and secrets you need to fund your film. Learn More

If you are already fiscally sponsored and would like a free copy of the course, please email your request to


Email us at or call us at 805-984-0098

About Allyra

Allyra is helping nonprofits raise more money and reach new donors. With their donor intelligence and fundraising platforms, they’ve helped nonprofits like the Georgia Aquarium, the L.A. Mission, the Los Angeles Zoo, and hundreds of other organizations fund their missions.