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Hot Films in the Making are films that we highly support. They have excellent concepts and brilliant filmmakers, they should be in our finals in the future.

We give each filmmaker chosen for our Hot Films in the Making the opportunity to add their projects to this list.  It is their choice.

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Spring Grant 2024 Hot Films in the Making

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A House with Many Rooms

Web/TV Series

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A House With Many Rooms tells the story of Stacey and Kevin Bryce’s journey into the American foster care system. Their expectations are transformed, their patience is pushed to the limits, their strength is challenged, their love is tested, and their hairs are grayed. The story takes them down roads they didn’t expect and through both painful and joyful experiences they couldn’t have imagined. They find themselves desperate to bring stability to children lost in an unpredictable world. It’s an honest undertaking of what it means to welcome children who have experienced trauma into your home. Ultimately, it is a story of family: broken but redemptive, and messy but beautiful.

Alive and Well – Healing From Within

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Embark on a journey of healing and transformation as three courageous families confront chronic and autoimmune diseases, uncovering unexpectedly unconventional paths to wellness.

“Alive and Well” is a poignant documentary that follows the remarkable journeys of three courageous families as they navigate the challenges of chronic and autoimmune diseases. Through intimate storytelling and heartfelt interviews, the film delves into the holistic healing approaches embraced by these families, revealing the profound impact of nutrition, movement, emotional healing, and mindset on their well-being.

Healing Trauma – The Resilient Soul

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Healing Trauma – The Resilient Soul” is an upcoming feature-length documentary by filmmaker Jan Becker, exploring the transformative journeys of four trauma survivors. Utilizing innovative healing modalities, from therapy to plant medicine and many others, the film delves into personal stories of resilience and recovery, aiming to inspire and educate on mental health. Featured experts from renowned organizations and various support groups enhance this profound exploration of healing and hope.

Banned Together

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A diverse cast of visionary teenagers and intriguing characters, stirring public protests, private threats, criminal charges, and profanity-laced school board meetings: this is the world of the explosive new feature documentary, Banned Together. The film pulls back the curtain on two of the most controversial issues in America today: book bans and curriculum censorship in public schools.

Banned Together follows three young women in Beaufort, SC during their senior year of high school as they fight hostile community members and school board officials to reinstate 97 books that were banned from school libraries, then we expand to show what’s happening at the national level.


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Librarians tell a new colleague of the book that burned so many, using motion graphic animation for the true tale-within-a-tale, in this overdue dark comedic film where the witches get to burn back. A little Princess Bride, a dash of Drunk History, all to reclaim the narrative.

For nearly 400 years one book served as a tool to torture and murder 100,000+ women, yet the fact that it was created as a sexually frustrated rage post wasn’t taken into account. BURNED shall remind us to question sources and finally take the quill back from one of the first trolls.

Urban Uptake

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Ayanna, a corporate marketing coordinator, walks into work. The unimaginable happens, her boss fires her due to her hair not meeting the company’s professional standard for clients. Upset, Ayanna talks to her best friend, Eesha, who suggests that Ayanna apply for a job on Urban Uptake. At first Ayanna hates the idea because Urban Uptake is a knockoff of Craigslist, but job hunting isn’t fun. She finds a job posting on Urban Uptake and submits an application. To Ayanna’s surprise, after submitting an application, she enters into a digital world called Urban Uptake, which is a place for women like her. Little does she know how close her ties are to the digital world.

Torched – The Story of the Austin Torch


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Some people wait for a chance; others take one. Born of a boycott of the pro men’s league, a coalition of women in Austin attempt to professionalize their beloved sport of Ultimate Frisbee to form the Premier Ultimate League. But can the team remain sustainable and keep their dream alive?

After a tough second season, the Torch nearly hang up their cleats. But with 3 weeks to go before the next season begins, the irrepressible women on the Austin Torch recommit to their dream and decide to compete for another year in the professional league they helped launch. With a focus on social advocacy as much as on sport, the Torch is more than a team; it’s part of a movement.

The Burning Dancer


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The poignant and inspiring rebirth of the mesmerizing dancer Fakhra Younas, as she emerges from the shadows of a ghastly acid attack at the vengeful hand of the man she once loved.

Fakhra emerged as the first woman to assert her rights and combat acid attacks in the Muslim world, becoming an icon. Her story encapsulates the ordeals of numerous women who have endured humiliation and oppression in patriarchal societies but demonstrate resilience and find the courage to hold their heads high. Tehmina Durrani, First Lady of Pakistan and a social activist, stands as her ally fighting for women’s right. Through dance, emotions are expressed, captivating viewers in a powerful narrative.

Oh, Sugar! (fka You And I, You And Me)

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A trans punk rocker is forced by his gruff record label CEO father to write an unlikely comeback hit for a disgraced trans pop princess. They hate each other, and then they fall in love.

Water Girl


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Kamsi is connected to the water; neither she nor her mother, Nkechi, knows how. On the brink of her 18th birthday, she discovers her mystic identity.

I recently wrapped principal photography on this project in Montana and I’m looking for support for my post production work.

The Curious Incident of Everett Wilder

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A boy named Everett discovers a jackalope at his birthday party, and he becomes obsessed with catching the uncatchable horned rabbit.

I’m trying to raise the necessary funds to complete the animation at Fablevision in Boston.