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“Carole Dean’s book successfully bridges the gap between the vision of the project and the realities of the market for the serious filmmaker.” – Louise Levison, author of “Filmmakers and Financing: Business Plans for Independents”

“A must for any filmmaker seeking funding.” – Barbara Trent, Academy Award Winner, Panama Deception

“Carole Dean has years of experience both as a producer and a funder, and her new book is full of nuts-and-bolts information from both sides of the fence, told in a conversational and heart-felt manner. Of special interest to filmmakers will be the in-dept interviews with experts in the field, and an extensive appendix chock full of references. A great new addition to the filmmaker’s lexicon.” – Morrie Warshawski, consultant and author of “Shaking the Money Tree”

      Carole Dean interview

The Art of Film and Funding As Dean points out in her introduction, “If you don’t have funding, you don’t have a film…[and] if you do not learn the art of film funding, your film career is going to be very short.” Barry Hampe read interview: