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We offer an Online Course, eBooks, and an Audiobook to teach you everything you need to know to fund your film!

How to Fund Your Film

NEW Online Course

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Extraordinary Filmmakers (eBook)


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23 Blogs to Enlightenment (eBook)

Vol. 1 and 2


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How to Fund Your Film (eBook)

Vol. 1, 2 and 3


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Perfecting Your Pitch and Proposal (eBook)

Proven Approaches for Designing and Delivering Successful Pitches and Proposals that Win Investors and Donors!


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The Art of Manifesting (Audiobook)


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Artificial Intelligence Based Film/Series Analysis and Financial Forecasts

From content analysis and financial forecasts to character & casting analysis and packaging tools, Largo.ai is designed to empower traditional content creation workflows and help producers, distributors, and studios make smarter, more informed decisions. 

Through our partnership with Largo.ai, From the Heart is now able to offer these reports to our Fiscally Sponsored Filmmakers. 


  • Find out projected Domestic and Global Box Office revenues
  • Get detailed projections on how valuable your film would be to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon
  • Learn about your key demographics and how to refine your project to best reach them
  • See how your project stacks up against other similar films on several key metrics
  • Get brilliant casting suggestions based on your script and budget