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Extraordinary Filmmakers (eBook)







This book is to inspire you to use your imagination, persistence, and desire to create a life of filmmaking.

This book is for people who love films and for people who are currently in or want to be in the film industry.  It shares amazing stories of how films get made.  Stories of how people created their future and become what they wanted by their dedication and faith in themselves and their desire to use their God given talents for making films.

There are 13 passionate stories of success from people who are supported by the nonprofit, From the Heart Productions.  These filmmakers came together to create a book to empower people not to give up their dream and to assure you that Hollywood and filmmaking is the right place for dreamers. 

This book was written to share how your faith in yourself can bring you the life you want.


All proceeds from the sale of this book go to From the Heart’s Documentary Emergency Fund to support documentary filmmakers. 


Filmmakers include:

diane estelle Vicari ♦ Lynne Sachs ♦ Dulanie Ellis ♦ Roslyn Dauber ♦ Carole Dean ♦ Matthew Ward ♦ Helen Hall ♦ Breianne Pryse ♦ Juliana Love ♦ Richard Kaufman ♦ Cinda Jackson ♦ Margarita Sweet ♦ Alexandra Hidalgo