Roy W. Dean Film Grant Donors

We highly recommend the companies and film support groups on this list.  They have been donors to our grant for as many as twenty years.  They sincerely care about indie filmmakers and want to support you.  You should contact the lovely people for a quote and say, ”I know you donate to the Roy Dean grant and I am contacting you because  Carole & From the Heart say you have excellent prices with heart-felt service.”  Believe me, they will take good care of you. 

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Central to Roy W. Dean Grant programs support to filmmakers is the participation of our donors and sponsors.  We’ve estimated that over $2,000,000 have been awarded in resources and services since Roy Dean started engaging independent filmmakers who walked in to Studio Film & Tape where it all began.These companies and individuals generously contribute their time and resources for independent filmmakers for the Roy W. Dean Grant programs. From the Heart Productions began in 1993 with Otto Nemenz, Raleigh Studios, Howard Wexler, Alan Audio Works and many other donors who are still with us.The donors found our grants give them exposure to emerging filmmakers.  These filmmakers greatly appreciate companies who donate goods and services for their films.  They use our donor list as the beginning of a career long production bible for identifying excellent service providers for their projects.If you would like to be a donor, please email for full information. You will find that your generosity will be returned ten fold.




L’ORAGE sUAS Drone Imagery

FAA Certified Part 107 Commercial Drone Cinematography

L’ORAGE sUAS Drone services has been involved in independent films including the Fifth Borough (2017),Sweet Soul in Exile (2018), A Castle in Brooklyn-King Arthur (2019), Morning Mourning(2020).

Our small team consists of Part 107 Certified commercial sUAS drone pilots and qualified visual observers. The FAA Certified sUAS pilot has a background in filmmaking and cinematography. We can provide you with beautiful aerial footage to enhance the production quality of any independent movie/music video or art project.

L’ORAGE sUAS Aerial Drone Demos


Cinepros provides broadcast- and cinema-quality closed captioning and subtitling services.
They also specialize in transcription and scripting services.

Filmtools Film Production Equipment

Filmtools is the go-to destination for creatives looking to source production equipment such as: camera support, lighting, studio carts, grip, electrical, recordable media, hard drives and memory card storage, audio equipment, and on-set expendables. We love what we do! We’re a passionate company built by filmmakers, photographers, educators, animators, developers, and creative doers that love to share our experiences to help our customers achieve their goals.

35mm & 16mm Film Stocks Great Prices, Current Emulsions


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

CALL Richard Kaufman – 818 450 1122
Tell them you are part of the Dean Grant for a nice discount.
Richard also has video tape, hard drives and almost all your filmmaking needs.

Abel Cine Tech, INC – Gear - Services - Tech


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Professional Motion Picture Equipment Rental, Aaton 16mm & 35mm & All Related Accessories.

Alan Audio Works


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Music + Sound Design + Audio Post



Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Burbank-based AlphaDogs provides a wide range of post production and design services including:

- 5.1 surround audio mixing
- Color correction
- HD mastering
- Motion graphics and visual effects for television
- Independent film
- DVD and web content

We are also the home of the international Digital Service Station media transfer service, and the Editors’ Lounge series of educational resources and events for post-production professionals.



Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

is a full-service audio post production company.
We specialize in small and medium-sized feature and T.V. productions.

Services include:
ADR, Digital Foley, Music Editing, Dialog Editing, Sound Effects Design, 5.1 Mixing, Audio Restoration, M&E mixing, Audio Layback, Music Production, Score Composition, and access to our large in-house source library. With our guerrilla-style rates, expertise and dedication we are confident that you will be totally satisfied with the finished project.

Contact: Jerry Deaton – 818.434.2601

Listen to Jerry Deaton on
The Art of Film Funding with Carole Dean
on Blog Talk Radio

Birns & Sawyer


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Birns & Sawyer is your one stop rental destination for all of your production needs.

Birns & Sawyer has passionately supported independent filmmakers since 1954, and continues to do so with the best selection of camera, lighting and grip equipment and services available.

Breianne Pryse – Intuitive - Healer - Coach


Breianne Pryse is a natural born intuitive, empath, healer, coach, speaker, writer and many other things. A life-long student, she has been trained in many different modalities and has achieved teacher certificate in some. Her corporate experience provided lots of opportunities to problem solve, manage crises, and learn life navigation.

Since 2002, she has been a full-time healer and coach. She enjoys my practice and helping people immensely. Many joyous experiences and fabulous success stories.

BZ/Rights & Permissions, Inc.


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We Are Experts in Rights Clearance of All Kinds

- And everything you need to know about the Public Domain

We are specialists in licensing with more than 30 years of experience.

Carole Joyce Photography


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Stills and Head Shots

Charlie Canfield – Animation Oddment & Sundries


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Creating Emmy award-winning hand-drawn and painterly animation, and related art, for over 3 decades.

Working with big studios, cozy boutiques, and as a one-man/one-stop shop from pre-production through production; now entirely digital and paperless for easy collaboration around the world.



Before you present your book, screenplay, advertisement, website, or any writing project to the public or to a potential investor, it is essential that your work not only be error-free, but as eloquent and effective as possible. With decades of experience, Cinda Jackson’s meticulous proofreading services assure that you her expert copy editing will efficiently and effectively capture the essence of your message and engage your audience, while preserving your unique voice and style.


Free Consultation for Roy W. Dean Film Grant Winner 2020

This is equivalent of four hours of work rated at $30 an hour!

Copymat Hollywood


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Filmmaker Specials Every Day!

- Script Printing
- Posters
- Press Kits
- One Sheets
- Postcards
- Business Cards
- Sell Sheets

Fast Turnaround
Reliable Service

Store Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9am - 8pm
Sat. 11am - 6pm
Sun. closed

Covid Compliance Officer


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Covid Compliance Officer available to From The Heart Productions affiliated film/tv/media sets. As a CCO, I work in conjunction with the Set Medic and to prevent the spread of Covid-19 by using CDC recommended measures to ensure all current protocols as required by the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health Order of the Health Officer (June 12, 2020), General Workplace Safety Guidelines established by the CDC, and guidelines presented by National Set Medics, AICP, and Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers White Paper.

For more information and rates specific to From The Heart affiliates, please contact me at with "FTH CCO Referral" in the subject line.

Dan Chapman Design


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Motion Picture Advertising Design

An award-winning boutique ad agency. We create conceptual design for world-class clients, working with the best in global entertainment advertising for print, A/V, motion and interactive campaigns.

David Magdael & Associates, Inc.


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Film Public Relations
Entertainment Communications

David Raiklen – Cinematic Music


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Dramatic score and signature sound design.
Rock, Symphonic, World Music custom designed to improve your project.



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A pioneer in media and entertainment for over a century, we offer clients powerful solutions and streamlined processes to reach and engage new audiences and open additional sources of revenue. We turn their ideas into reality, bringing significant added value to the consumers they serve around the world.

The world’s leading content creators, broadcasters, OTTs and distributors rely on Deluxe’s experience and expertise to create, transform, localize and deliver content.

O: 323.960.7369 | C: 323.217.3856

DiJiFi – Photo Digitizing Service – Scanning, Editing & Printing


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

A digitizing company founded in 2007, DiJiFi helps clients across the globe digitize movies, film, photos, and more. We help convert all forms of old media (photos, slides, film, audio, videos, paper documents, books, microfilm, microfiche, etc.) into digital files, allowing for convenient storage and the preservation of your cherished memories and important documents.

Over the course of 12 years, we have used our document, movie, photo, and film digitizing services to transfer over 8,000,000 feet of film, over 6,000,000 photos, and over 1,000,000 hours of video and audio recordings for clients small and large.



Main Image (can be logo or a different image)


Tutorials on Fundraising, Producing & Directing
Expert Interviews & Online Events
Tools, Templates, & Forms (Release Forms, etc.)
Fundraising & Budgeting Materials
Funder, Broadcaster, & Opportunity Databases
Private Mentoring to get you there FAST!

Filmmaking Stuff


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Jason Brubaker, Online Marketing Specialist


Flow Motion Inc.


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Film and Audio Production
Post-Production Services
Graphic Design
Website Development
CD, DVD, and Blu Ray Manufacturing



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High Endurance Enterprise-Class SSD Storage

Glue Editing & Design


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Raising the Bar in Documentary and Independent Film Finishing

Glyph Production Technologies


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Glyph Production Technologies provides trusted storage solutions for professionals in content creation.

When it comes to quality, customer support, and the industry’s best warranty, Glyph is the only choice.

Hal “Corky” Kessler – Filmmaker’s Attorney


Helen Hall – Music Composition for Film


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Helen Hall
Composer, Filmmaker

Helen Hall is a Montreal-based composer who explores an intuitive understanding of music as energy in her varied works for voices, instruments, electroacoustics, dance, theatre and film.

Her music is inspired by natural, acoustic phenomena such as the rhythm of breathing (Circuits), the harmonics and interference patterns of multiple saxophones (Fluvial), and the natural frequencies of the earth’s magnetic field (Infinity Maps).

Irina Chernikina Consulting


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Do you have an awesome idea for a film but don't know where to start? Have you written a screenplay that got stuck in development? Have you considered a micro budget production?

Irina Chernikina has been making micro budget films for almost twenty years and as a fully equipped producer, director, writer, DP and editor she's taken projects from the development through post.

After you book an appointment, you will send her your materials. She will read your synopses, outline or treatment and provide detailed feedback.

Please email Irina at to purchase your consultation and schedule an appointment.

Mark Litwak & Associates


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Hollywood’s foremost production attorney

Michael Wiese Productions


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

The World’s Best-Selling Books for Independent Filmmakers

“In a sea of filmmaking self-help books, the practical primers from Michael Wiese Productions always stand out.” – FILMMAKER Magazine

To order, call 24 hours – 800-833-5738
or online at

Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling
An Entertainment Partners Brand



Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

We are proud to offer specialized coverage for production and event insurance of all types. offers a wide variety of A-rated, Admitted (and occasionally Non-Admitted) insurance companies for our clients to choose from. We only deal with companies that are on the Insurance Commissioner’s approved list.

New Doc Editing


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

New Doc Editing Logo
We edit documentaries! Plus we provide story consulting and grant writing services.

Nice Shoes


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

We are a creative studio.

We deliver problem solving solutions across the production process. We create lasting experiences and immersive worlds.

Nice Shoes: Step Into Your Brand.

- Color Grading
- Commercial Design
- Visual Effects
- Creative Direction
- and much more

Contact Rilli for more information:

Norman C. Berns – Budgeting Consultant


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Budgeting Consultant & Production Services to the motion picture industry

Read interview with Norman C. Berns »

Paskal Lighting / PRG Lighting Technology


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Paskal Lighting / PRG (Production Resource Group, LLC) has one of the largest inventories of state-of-the-art Lighting, Grip equipment and expendables.

818 896 5233 X 309

Various Locations

Peter Broderick – Distribution Strategy


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Peter Broderick helps filmmakers design and implement state-of-the-art distribution strategies to maximize audience and revenues.

Visit to learn more about Peter’s consulting services and sign up for his FREE Distribution Bulletin.

ProMedia – Color - Sound - Production - Editing


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40% Off for From the Heart Filmmakers

Robert L. Seigel – Entertainment Law


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

For over twenty years, Robert L. Seigel has provided dedicated legal services to clients in entertainment and general media, specializing in independent film and television, and fiction and non-fiction projects at all stages from development through distribution.

Sam Dlugach – Professional Color Correction for Independent Filmmakers


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

DaVinci 2K tape-to-tape color correction for
SD or HD and all Other telecine services

Listen to Sam Dlugach on
The Art of Film Funding with Carole Dean
on Blog Talk Radio

Silver Sound


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Silver Sound is a premier NYC post-production sound studio and team of location sound mixers dedicated to providing an incomparable level of professionalism and artistry in everything we do.

- Location Recording
- VO & Studio Recording
- Sound Editing & Design
- Foley & Adr
- Film Mixing
- Music Composition/Film Scoring
- Music Tracking & Mixing


Simple DCP Digital Cinema Projection


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Our donation comes in the form of a discount (i.e. 10%) on our DCP conversion service. This applies to our purchase program (i.e. not our lease program). The benefits to filmmakers who use our service is the following:

1. All of our clients can screen at our facility for no charge.
2. All of our clients are consolidated for no charge into the many film festivals we sponsor. This saves our clients significantly on drive costs.
3. All DCPs are thoroughly QC’d before leaving our facility. We let you know about black frames, dead pixels, etc. etc.
4. Additional DCP copies are only the price of the hard drive we put them on.

Mr. Christopher Hiti

Smart Girls Productions – Marketing Services for Actors and Writers


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Marketing services for actors and writers. Query letter mailings to agents and producers. Cover letters to agents, casting directors, and managers.

Sorelle Sound – The Art of Audio


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Documentary Audio
Re-recording Mix
Sound Design
Sound Editing
Audio Restoration (crackles, pops, noise, distortion, hum)
Dialog cleanup/edit
Music Editing

Skip Sorelle, MPSE
Sorelle Sound, LLC

Mobile: 240.476.9780
Studio: 301.249.0438

Speedlight Duplication


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Premium Quality DVD Duplication and Replication in Los Angeles

Speedlight provides gorgeous, retail-ready CD or DVD Duplication and Replication in professional disc packaging. We also offer and Blu-ray disc packaging and duplication.

We offer affordable pricing and disc duplication in as fast as one day.

Tom Malloy of Glass House Distribution


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Tom Malloy of Glass House Distribution donates an hour consultation on distribution of your film to the winner of our grant.

TRILENS by Frii Designs


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

The new way of changing your lenses.

We were tired of missing irreplaceable moments, bulky camera bags and fiddling with lens caps. The TriLens™ safely carries up to three of your favorite lenses and changing your glass has never been faster.

Writers Boot Camp


Main Image (can be logo or a different image)

Since 1989, Writers Boot Camp’s membership and coursework has helped writers and creative collaborators reach the highest levels of the industry by teaching a comprehensive full-development process and professional approach that leads writers to becoming the authority of their own work. Alumni credits include more than 30 major movies and 80 network and cable television series.

For more information, please visit


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