Pitch Me!

Exclusive Class for Our Fiscally Sponsored Filmmakers to Help Them Create and Deliver a Powerful Two Minute Pitch

Being able to have and deliver a pitch for your film that will win over investors and donors, is your greatest asset in getting your film funded.

Film Pitch

On the third Tuesday of each month at 10am PT, From the Heart Productions will conduct a class for our fiscally sponsored filmmakers to help you perfect your pitch.  

This pitch class is for you to understand:

>How important your voice, your posture, your confidence is when pitching.

>How to create a pitch that people can remember.

>Why your pitch needs to be part of your DNA.

We plan to have four filmmakers each month pitch their film during the class. 

Carole Dean will offer suggestions as to how to improve their pitch.  Those listening to or viewing the class are welcome to offer their comments as well.

All fiscally sponsored filmmakers are welcome to attend.

An invite with instructions on how to log in to view and listen in to the class will be sent to all our fiscally sponsored filmmakers a week before the next class. 

How to Participate and Pitch Your Project

Before you can submit a request to have your pitch reviewed, receive help, and take part in the class, you must first read the articles and watch video Carole Dean has crafted on how to pitch your film.

These materials contain essential information you need to create, improve, and perfect your pitch.  You can find these videos in next section below:  

What Makes a Great Pitch – Mandatory Reading and Viewing

“The Passionate Pitch” – Article by Carole Dean that includes tips from authors and scholars on how to successfully pitch your film project to land donors and investors.


“The Perfect Film Pitch Starts with a Sticky Story” – Article by Carole Dean on what is the most important element of your pitch.


The Power of Your Pitch Part One and Two – Videos from Carole Dean on secrets of how to win over donors and investors when delivering your pitch.

The Power of the Pitch –Part 1 “Perception Rules” 

The Power of the Pitch – Part 2 “Three Factors That Make or Break Your Presentation”

Next Step – Submitting Your Materials

You must submit your outline for the film and your log line to info@romtheheartproductions.com.  Please put Pitch Me! Submission in subject line.

You must submit your materials ten days before the next class.

We will work with all who request help.  

We can review your materials and give you guidance on the pitch in writing until you have created an excellent pitch. 

After review of the submitted materials, Carole Dean will arrange a meeting before the class with some of those who have submitted.

Final Step – Presenting to the Class

After assisting filmmakers with their pitches, Carole will select those she feels are ready to pitch in the live class. 


If you have any questions about the class, please email info@fromtheheartproductions.com