Perfecting Your Pitch and Proposal eBook

Perfecting Your Pitch and Proposal (eBook)

Proven Approaches for Designing and Delivering Successful Pitches and Proposals that Win Investors and Donors!






Some of the outcomes delivered in this ebook, as part of my time-tested film funding system include:
● Learning the secrets of crafting the perfect pitch, proposal and
business plan.
● Learning how to overcome “stage fright” and pitch with confidence
and mastery.
● Overcoming the mental block, frustration, and wasted time involved
in designing the proposal, business plan and pitch with a clear
strategy and roadmap for successfully winning investors and donors.
● Creating proposals that “wow” your investors and donors.
● Crafting a “sticky story” that makes a lasting impression in your
investor’s mind.

“I read it this morning (in one sitting, which is rare for me) and wanted to share my appreciation for this wealth of information. It comes to me at a most appropriate time, as I begin to update my current business plan and approach a new batch of potential investors in my Docuseies project.” – Robert Horsey, Gifted Productions