Short Documentary “Forecast” Wins Roy W. Dean Grant

Some documentary films entertain, while others educate and still others provide insight into unknown paradigms.

And then, some documentary films are simply important. FORECAST, a documentary that took producer/director Paula Randol-Smith 27 years to produce, reveals a very real existential threat to humanity that has been taking place in plain sight for decades: how military and civilian technology has destabilized our planet’s atmosphere by manipulating and modifying our skies for myriad purposes and is affecting our global weather patterns.

Forecast the film

Randol-Smith has been collecting the data and proof since the late 1990s, and she makes an irrefutable case that will chill audiences to the bone. And that’s why FORECAST the Film is the winner of Roy W. Dean Grant for Fall 2023 offered by From the Heart Productions.

“The most wonderful part of winning this prestigious grant is that it brings credibility and light to a subject that very few people know about. This film gives an in-depth look and describes a crisis that is being overlooked: weather modification and atmospheric manipulation being used by countries worldwide for water/cloud seeding, communications control, and warfare (both terrestrial and in space) – putting our planet in peril,” said Randol-Smith. “But it is happening, and something must be done about it. We deeply appreciate From the Heart Productions for helping us get that much closer to the finish line.”

About the Technology

Randol-Smith documents the development, over the last 27 years, of ionospheric heaters, such as High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (H.A.A.R.P.) and other antenna arrays worldwide which are used for military communication, and can be used to enhance weather modification technologies, as well as a plethora of other purposes, including atmospheric and space warfare.

Parallel to this is the 75-year growth of cloud seeding for the need of water and which is approved by the United Nations. These and other technologies, used together, have morphed into a global threat to humanity. By combining technologies, for the need of water, floods can be inadvertently created in one place and droughts in another. Since our planet’s energy system is interconnected, we must protect the sky we all share.

Packed with information, interviews with luminaries, warnings from experts and careful documentation of each historical milestone, solutions, and hope for the future, FORECAST offers an alternative narrative to climate change – not merely carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses. It is required viewing for anyone concerned for future generations.

About the Filmmaker

PAULA RANDOL-SMITH’S career spans more than three decades in the entertainment industry, environmental activism and entrepreneurial space. Her credits include more than 160 theatrical productions, the majority of them world premieres or new works, many of which she created or produced. In different production capacities, Paula has also worked on feature films and commercials as well as a series of folk music concerts, theatre, and festivals.

In the last 27 years, amongst many other projects, she has concentrated on making environmental documentary films and has moved into creating compelling and sweeping projects and businesses that promote sustainability and eco-economic consciousness.

As a filmmaker in 2000, she was sponsored by the United States Forest service and produced a video on natural indigenous healing herbs and plants that grow in Northern New Mexico. She became an advocate to how these remedies work and plans a series under the aegis of her production company, GreenWisdom Media, Inc.

In 1998, she released her acclaimed film Holes in Heaven? HAARP and Advances in Tesla Technology.  Narrated by Martin Sheen, the film introduced HAARPS and Ionospheric heating experimentation to audiences for the first time. It has been aired in more than 29 countries and translated in 17 different languages and was shown on Netflix, where it became a top choice for documentary viewers.  

Randol-Smith spoke before the United Nations at S.E.A.T. (Society of Enlightenment and Transformation) in 1999. Her continuation on the research and the technology has brought her to the release of FORECAST in 2024 and her next documentary, SKYHEATERS, in 2025.

After living through her own lightning fires and floods and being a single parent, she reaches out, not only to other women, but to all people across the planet to make a difference.

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