Documentary “Losing Eric Garner” Wins Roy W. Dean Grant

“I can’t breathe.”

Those three words helped spark a national movement, a comprehensive debate about law enforcement and signaled that Americans would no longer tolerate police using excessive force against suspects from marginalized communities.

From the Heart Productions is proud to award a Roy W. Dean Grant for Fall 2023 to the documentary Losing Eric Garner  which will examine the tangled intersection of personal tragedy, systemic injustice, and the relentless pursuit of change throughout.  The documentary offers a poignant reflection on the price of inaction and the hope for a better tomorrow.

It’s been nearly a decade since the tragic death of Eric Garner on July 17th, 2014. With great dedication, the E.R.I.C. Initiative Foundation, founded by Garner’s mother Gwen Carr, has embarked on a mission to commemorate this pivotal moment in history.

“We are gratified to receive this grant, which will help us complete this film and make it ready for the marketplace,” Carr said.

“This film seeks to provide an intimate look into the life, legacy, and impact of Eric Garner, examining the broader societal issues that surround his story. The emotions captured, the stories told, and the insights gathered are both powerful and enlightening.”

About the Film

The film includes interviews with Carr, members of the Garner family, as well as others who were integral in supporting the family as they fought for justice – people like Rev. Al Sharpton, Mayor Eric Adams, Assemblyman Walter T. Mosley, and thought leaders like William Jelani Cobb, MSNBC political analyst and the Dean of the Columbia University School of Journalism. The goal is to have the final cut of the film by July 17th, 2024, marking the exact 10th anniversary of Eric’s tragic death.

In addition to producing the documentary, Carr has established a nonprofit aimed at helping Americans remain vigilant with regard to the injustices eroding marginalized communities. The Garnerway Foundation ( uses the letters of Eric’s name to spell out its goals: Eliminating Racism and Injustice Collectively.

“Our Goal is to empower others with the knowledge and awareness of the ongoing crisis we face continuously, which is racism and injustice,” Carr wrote on the foundation’s Website.

“We need to arm our young with the tools that will combat these misfortunate situations when necessary, such as educating and assisting in mentoring them, preparing them to be tactful, who to consult with if ever confronted, and know where to turn and who to consult with. Be a guide and a go-to, to make them aware of their rights.”


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