No, We Have No Nocebos Today

“When the mind changes it absolutely affects the body.”  Bruce Lipton—Biology of Belief

by Carole Dean

No, we have no nocebos today.

We have heard the power of the placebo and how it works in trials even more than the actual pills.  Just one example is a California interior designer who was given a placebo for her 30 year depression and x-rays proved her prefrontal cortex showed marked improvement.  Her belief in the pill cured her.  (Leuchter, et al, 2002) 

Ok, so what about the Doctors who tell someone they can’t be cured and they die soon afterwards?  That’s called the nocebo effect, the power of negative beliefs.  This can be a dangerous road to travel.

In 1974, Dr. Meador was on the Discovery Health program “Placebo Mind over Medicine” and he told the story of a Nashville salesman who was suffering from cancer of the esophagus.  He was treated and appeared to recover but everyone in the medical profession expected his cancer to return and they told him if it came back he would die.  That’s just what happened.

The salesman began to have some symptoms and he thought it was cancer and so did Meador.  He died very quickly because of his belief in the medical world.  The autopsy showed that he did not die from cancer!  Meador said he still worries that he may have removed hope of recovery through his words.

Ahh, now we are at the heart of the matter.  Words, it’s all about words.  As filmmakers we know how important it is write each word to fit the energy of the film and move the story forward. 

Now we need to realize how important our every word is.  Each word you speak has energy.  It can be negative or positive.  If you consider that each word has a different vibration and gives a different formation (See for Dr. Emoto) then what type of energy are you sending out with your words?  Are they placebos, making my film is the easiest thing I have done… or nocebos… I am having a very hard time making this film. My efforts are not working.

Watch your words. They can help you create your film and your future.  Each one has a different energy.  Find the words that best describe your film and use them over and over.  This puts a new meaning to the log line.  These words need to visually show me the story as you speak them.

Please, see your film each time you pitch it and keep watching that vision come to life when you read your script and say your log line.  Let your words create your film like placebos create wellness, through their energy and your belief system.  And watch your words, no nocebos, please!


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