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Get Your Indiegogo Going Package


Having written the
best-selling “The Art of Film Funding“, run the Roy
W. Dean Film Grant
for 20 years, and raised over ½ million
dollars on indiegogo.com
, Carole Dean wants to share with her
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The Simple Strategies on

How To Explode Your Crowdfunding Goals,

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Carole is a seasoned fundraising genius who can help you through some of the toughest aspects of filmmaking: envisioning the film you want to create, staying on track every day, targeting your funding sources and perhaps the most daunting of all, asking people for money.”

Karen Everett

Documentary Filmmaker and Story Consultant


The package includes 2 recorded comprehensive crowdfunding classes. Each is followed by One-on-one personal consultations with Carole Dean.


Topics covered include:

·         Setting Goals

·         Identifying your audience

·         Working on your pitch to wow donors

·         Crafting trailer for maximum appeal

·         Choosing the right perks

·         Finding organizations, bloggers, and web sites to spread your story

·         Creating Crowdfund launch crew to start campaign off successfully

·         Building your data and donor base

·         Creating your emails, what to say and when to send

·         How to make mid-course campaign adjustments


Introductory offer – $149 for films fiscally sponsored by From The Heart

We are so that you will reach your goal by making this package part of your crowdfunding effort that


 You Pay Nothing Up Front!


That’s right.  As a From The Heart fiscally sponsored film, the fee will come out of money raised.  There is nothing to pay in advance.  We don’t get paid until you raise money.

$199 for projects not fiscally sponsored by From The Heart – payable in advance by check, credit card, or paypal.


This introductory offer is good until July 31st, 2013.  To take advantage of this package, email caroleedean@gmail.com 

Workshops with Indiegogo 

Now Available for Films Fiscally Sponsored

By From The Heart Productions

Adam Chapnick, a Principal and self described Evangalist at Indiegogo, will conduct quarterly workshops on how to successfully crowdfund your project.  The first workshop will be August 7th, 2013.  It is free and available only to films that have From The Heart as their fiscal sponsor.  

Adam Chapnick

Adam Chapnick of Indiegogo

From The Heart is partnered with Indiegogo.  As a 501(c)3 non-profit, donations for projects sponsored by From The Heart are tax deductible.  To date, From The Heart has help raise over $500,000 for films that it has fiscally sponsored. 

Indiegogo and From The Heart Logo

If you would like to take part in these exclusive workshops, you just need to sign up with From The Heart Productions as your fiscal sponsor.  There are no membership fees, the staff gives you advice on how to promote your project, and will even try to help you improve your project. Also, films fiscally sponsored with From The Heart are entitled to special discounts from companies and craftspeople in the film industry.  

To become a fiscally sponsored film, please go to our indiegogo partner page at http://www.indiegogo.com/partners/fthp

 If you have any questions, please email us at caroleedean@att.net


 Legal Tips from Robert Seigel


Entertainment lawyer and Roy W. Dean Grant donor, Robert Seigel, visited with us on The Art of Film Funding on blogtalkradio. He shared with us some legal tips for filmmakers.


·         Working in non-fiction medium, it’s important to get a life rights release from anyone you are working with to protect against defamation or other claims they may file against you. It’s your protection.  It will also serve to keep them interested and involved in the project.


·         On medium to large size budget independent feature, 1 to 2% of the budget may cover the cost of your insurance needs.  But those percentages go up for a lower budget. 


·         Documentary filmmakers should look for an entertainment attorney that specializes and has experience in documentary films.Put in writing that your subject will not work with another audio/visual project for at least 5 years (up to 10 if possible).  This will protect your project and allow it to make the most money possible from the project.


Robert Seigel has more than twenty years’ experience in the counseling and representation of directors, individual producers, production companies, writers, distribution companies and foreign sales agents concerning the development, financing, production, marketing, distribution and licensing of fiction and non-fiction projects.  http://rlsentlaw.com/rls/ 



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We created these financing interviews for you. They are from our On Demand Episode page

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Thoughts that Feed Your Heart


Guest blog post by my brilliant friend, By Adrienne Gould

With the onset of instant communication, we live in interesting times.  The wealth of information exposes more ways for people to expand their knowledge; people are willing today, more than ever before, to accept the role “thoughts” have in realizing a better future.

Many books published in recent years give credence to the power that positive thoughts, via the use of affirmations, are directly related to your lives circumstances.

Today, there is a new way of thinking, and with Carole Dean’s class on Intentions quickly approaching, I’d like to explain the differences between affirmations and declarations.

The difference between an affirmation and a declaration is slight, but in my mind, powerful.  The definition of an affirmation is “a positive statement asserting that a goal you wish to achieve is already happening.  I‘m not crazy about this because what it does is bring an automatic response to your mind that says, “This isn’t true.”

The definition of a declaration is “to state an official intention out loud that takes on a particular course of action“.

A declaration is not saying some-thing is true, it’s stating that we have an intention of doing or being something.

A declaration, by definition, is also official.  It is a formal statement of energy into the universe and throughout your body.

Declare your intention aloud each morning and each evening. Additionally, if you do so while looking into a mirror, it will accelerate the process even more.

Now, I have to admit that when I first heard of this, I said, “No way, too hokey for me.”  But, because I was broke at the time, I decided, “What the heck, I’ll do the hokey thing, I‘d rather be really hokey and really successful than really cool and really broke.”

After achieving the goals I’ve declared, it’s no surprise that I believe in declaring intentions.

* * * * *

Here are two ‘people habits’: Doing habits and Not-Doing habits.  The way to change Not-Doing habits into Doing habits is to DO them.  Reading will assist you, but it is a completely different world when you go from reading to doing.

* * * * *

designmagic@roadrunner.com      Adrienne Gould 805-443-6826

Free Your Mind and the Funds Will Follow

Why do filmmakers sometimes behave like fish? 

Dr. Deepak Chopra says that “If you talk to people who work in aquariums, they will tell you that when fish are separated from each other in glass tanks with a transparent partition between, preventing the fish from moving to the other tank, and then you remove that partition, the fish still will not be able to go into the other tank.  They have made a commitment in their body-mind and believe that’s as far as they can go.”

He says our sensory apparatus, like those fish in the aquarium, develops as a result of our initial sensory experiences and how we are taught to interpret them.  We function with a nervous system that reinforces and interprets what happened to us.  It’s called a premature cognitive commitment.

Then, we commit ourselves to cognitive realities which are a result of conceptual boundaries that we have structured in our own consciousness.  And our nervous system reinforces these boundaries.

I run into this daily in consultations with filmmakers.  When they need to raise money, I often suggest ideas that I know to be successful.  Many will say, No, I had a horrible time with crowdfunding or I had a party and we barely covered the cost of the food.  Once they tried something, their body-mind has made a premature cognitive commitment.

To change this is impossible in one phone call.

A New Kind of Class

So years ago, I created The Trailblazers Class.   I asked filmmakers to drive an hour to Oxnard once a month for 6 months to spend from10AM to 4PM with me in my home with lunch served.  We started with the foundation of the film, pitch, proposal and trailer and we spent a month on each of these before we moved into funding ideas.

We created a vision board together cutting pictures from magazines, listened to Chopra and his Way of the Wizard audio.  We listened to Bruce Lipton tell us how to change our thinking, how we are creating our future with thoughts.  We began to think of things as completed and realized we must send positive images and feelings when we thought about our firms and our future. So we created completed visions of the films in our minds and saw them as successful.

Was it successful?  Upon research, one woman who was just starting to make a documentary now has a brilliant, completed film and is starting another one.  One of the young men in the class has won many grants and is now teaching at NYFA.  Another woman artist did a stupendous job with her documentary and wrote a second book with her photos and it is published.

Intentional Filmmakers

That’s why I’ve now created the Intentional Filmmakers Class.  It’s a nine month online course (no trips to Oxnard necessary) to help filmmakers remove blocks.  It will have only a small group of filmmakers who will work together to discover these body- mind commitments and remove them.  I want to help filmmakers accept and embrace new concepts for funding their films.

This is a business where the only constant is change.  We must be able to adapt to new concepts and let go of old ones at the drop of a hat.   We can do this through new information from scientists, doctors and investigators such as Deepak Chopra, Lynn McTaggart, Brian Green, Stuart Wilde and Michael Beckwith.

Miracles happen every day.  I believe that we are all connected.  I believe that we care for each other and we are here to support each other.  We can create our future.   Impossible?  I don’t think so.

For more information on the Intentional Filmmaker Class, please go to https://fromtheheartproductions.com/intentional-filmmaking/



Movies do not get made without great intent.  Especially the ones nominated for Academy Awards.  2013 best director Oscar nominee Behh Zietlin shot “Beasts of the Southern Wild” on a shoestring budget, with untrained child actors, in a dirty swamp.  You aren’t able to do that without the will to get it done.

Intention is the greatest power we have as humans.  It’s our will power; we can will things into being.  How?  We do this by our relentless belief in the outcome of our desire.

Haven’t you heard people say, “He willed it so” when talking about someone who achieved an incredible feat?  We use this word without realizing its full potential.  Each of us has this power.  The question is how to use it to create our art.

Say it Out Loud

Once you find something that you are willing to achieve and know that you will have to put 1000% of your faith and full intention on the completion, say it out loud.

Then, ask yourself how you feel. Are you sick at your stomach?  It’s too much?  Lower your expectations.  Do you feel confident?  Then, go for it.  Deepak Chopra says each cell is a living thinking organism.  Believe me, your body will tell you if you can or can’t do that, stay away from the mind, listen to the body.

Once you have set an intention for what you believe you can achieve, then put it everywhere you spend time, on your computer, the visor of the car, inside your wallet, you want to see this and repeat it 3 times a day.  This is a one line statement of your intention as if it is completed.  Example, “My brilliant film is completed.”  Now, what’s on your “to do” list for the day?  Focus on it and expect the universe to help you.

Listen Carefully

Pay attention because the universe now believes that your film is finished and they have to catch up with you.  You may be introduced to a D.P., pitch the film, perhaps they will come on board and work with you to get the funding or lend their name.

Fred Alan Wolf says that when you are daydreaming about the future, that there is a “handshake across time” that occurs and this vision may become a reality in the future. So expect things to   happen to move your film forward.

Accept all invitations and go as if you film is funded. I want you to have that air of confidence about you.  Let them know you are doing something really cool, if they want to get involved, please join me because I am doing this with or without you.

Something that’s Never Been Tried Before

I read treatments and review proposals for over 500 documentaries and films each year.  Some apply for the Roy W. Dean Film Grant.  Some apply for fiscal sponsorship through From The Heart Productions for indiegogo.com.

Many are fantastic, can’t miss stories that have you anticipating standing in line for a ticket.  But, many of those do not get made due to doubts and fears the filmmaker has about the project getting produced and their ability to produce it.

Can filmmakers be taught to create intent?  Well, I believe they can and I have intended it to be.  I just created a class called Intentional Filmmaking.   It combines mentoring in filmmaking along with teaching how to manifest to leverage your intent.  A class like this has never been tried.  But, I know, and my intent is, that it will work.

Filmmakers need to know that our intentions (thoughts) can create things on this physical plane.  They need to intend goals that are possible.  Not to get $1 million in 30 days.  They need goals that they can honestly reach and set a timeline for achievement.    When they have the will to attain that goal, they can’t be stopped.

A Test of Faith

by Carole Dean

About year ago Helen Hall applied for our Dean grant in NYC with her brilliant film, Pictures of Infinity about the incredible inventor, Nikola Tesla.

She was a finalist in the grant and when she didn’t win I asked her if she would like to work with From the Heart as her fiscal sponsor and let us help her raise money.  She agreed and we set to work on creating the trailer and improving the proposal. Helen was open to all suggestions and made changes and followed through after each consultation.

We gave her names of grants that I thought would fund her film and she applied to all of them.  She had a matching grant for $30, 000 that was about to expire and we were both reviewing all grants available to get that money.

After months of hard work and only 5 days until her matching grant was expiring, the mail arrived on Dec 26 and there was a check from one of the places FTH suggested. A little known granting organization had sent her a check for $30,000.00.  Can you imagine my excitement knowing that with her matching grant this meant $60,000.00 to her? 

 Here was her funding for the interviews with physicists, an even better trailer and much more!  What a wonderful holiday gift for Helen.

 See, it’s a test of faith, please never give up.  Never stop believing.  Just know it will come from wherever it is now.

 Focus on doing the work and let the universe do their part.  They will not let you down.

How to Manifest a Miracle

by Carole Dean

Many filmmakers might consider it a miracle if their film got nominated for an Oscar or Golden Globe or a Spirit Award.  They might consider it a miracle if their film got made!  Miracles can happen.  But, creating miracles like this don’t just begin with a good story or a great director.  Creating miracles starts with understanding the universal law of manifesting.

The age of miracles has not passed.  We all have an immense power that allows us create.  Creating miracles is identifying with the universal laws to create your future. This power is not outside you, it is inside.  You are in charge.

You are eternal and infinite.  The universal law for manifesting is impartial.  It has no way of knowing what you want.  It is pure energy and takes the thoughts you send out and returns them to you unemotionally and in the form you asked for.

I meditated on the films fiscally sponsored through From The Heart Productions and asked for abundance.  I asked for hundreds of donations before the holidays.  Right after my request, we received over 100 donations in a matter of days.  However, they were mostly $10 and $20.  So you see, I did not ask for LARGE donations for my filmmakers.  It’s a learning process.

This law will give you what you believe in.  If you think it won’t work or that you don’t deserve it, you are seriously limiting yourself.  So, trust me when I say the beliefs you express as your thoughts and feelings are what you are sending to the universe.  You need to think like you did when you were a kid, i.e., that you can do anything, your powers are limitless.  Go back to your thinking before people began to say, “You can’t do that!”

We are not our bodies; we are spirit living in a body. We came to this earth as spirit.  Remembering that is part of creating miracles.  You came in with a goal and that goal is part of you. It may be as simple as learning to love you.

To manifest you need to be sending thoughts and feelings of the highest caliber about yourself.  Always know that “you are the greatest.”  Muhammad Ali tapped into this miracle manifestation on a daily basis.  We can learn from him as we daily say to ourselves how great we are.

The power of the universal law is always with you.  It will fulfill your thoughts and feelings.

The next step is look at the nature of your beliefs.  You may have established belief about what can and cannot be done.  You may believe that people can lift a certain weight and no more, run at a certain speed and no faster.

It is a matter of perception and belief.  Your ability to work miracles is predicated on how easily and quickly you can move away from world belief patterns and step above them.  You need to mentally leave where you are now and step into the unknown.

Imagine the universal law as a shipping clerk in a factory.

It gets your order and he/she sends out what you ask for, a request for a size 12 gets a size 12.  This energy is there to send you what you ask for.  Be aware that your thoughts and feelings are sending requests daily to the universal mind and it responds by delivering the same.  You need to be sure of what you want and make a strong “ask” with your intentions clearly defined.  The power is within you.  Use it to manifest miracles daily.

Words Are in Your DNA

by Carole Dean

A brilliant Australian author, Brendan Murphy, has cleverly compiled information for us about language.  He says based on research that “human language seems to have emerged from the grammatical and syntactical structures within our very own DNA”

We know as artists that words are the most important part of our films, our written materials, and especially our “pitches.”  Finding the right words to touch hearts, engage people to donate, and support our projects is paramount to their success.

What’s so important to me about this information is that it supports what we
“think” we know and assures us that we are correct in taking care to choose the right words to reach our audiences.  If we are all coded with words then our job is to resonate with each other through these words.  Words that create visions, feelings, and emotions bring our art to life in another human.

This means phrases like, “I hope to” or “I would like to” should be dropped for “I am making” and “I am creating…”  Watching your words can improve your health and your finances.

Brendan goes on to say that “Because the structures of DNA base pairs and of language are so similar, we can alter our own genetics by simply using words and sentences as has been experimentally proven.”  That means that by repeating each day sayings such as “I am truly blessed” can benefit you.

He continues with “This finally and scientifically explains why affirmations, autogenous training, hypnosis and the like can have such strong effects on humans and their bodies.”

Inspirational author Louise Hay recorded what she said when she was diagnosed with cancer.  She found upon playback that she sounded very negative and changed her words and changed her health and she was able to run Hay House for many years. There are many such stories available on this subject.  It’s up to us to experiment with this concept to improve our lives and create our art.

Consider saying dozens of times a day, “My art is funded,”  “I am truly blessed.”

Keep your words full of love and respect for you and all you encounter.  Remember that words are energy and if you send out good energy it will return to you tenfold.

Source of information on Brendan Murphy:





Have you seen the video on indiegogo.com about Karen, the bus monitor that was being bullied?  If you want money for your art I suggest you look at that video and take note of the emotions you feel while you are watching it. http://bit.ly/LSlE0X

I felt ashamed that people would treat other people like this.

I felt her hurt and I wanted to reach out to her.

I understood why they wanted to document this event and ask for money for Karen and I wanted to help.  This is the first law of film funding, wanting to be part of it.

There was something in it for me.  That’s the key issue here.  “What’s in it for me?” This is always paramount in the contributor’s mind.  To me, donating was a way to say I am sorry you were hurt and I want to help you.

This video came at the perfect time for all of us to see how much we care for each other.  Karen raised over $680,000.00 and they wanted $5000.00.

That tells us there is an immense amount of money available.  So, please keep this uppermost in your mind.  There is abundance.

What’s different about Karen’s campaign than others?  It had publicity.

It went viral.  That video was everywhere at once.  It is the true definition of “do it with others” which is the motto of crowd funding.

They sent that video to the right places or it found the right places and it has the elements needed to attract money.

The question is, “What can you do with your trailer to evoke emotion and need?”

And, how do you get it to go viral?  Answer those and your film is funded.









Ask and You Shall Receive

“The individual, having free will, must consciously with full determination, make the demand, and it cannot fail to come forth into expression, no matter what it is so long as the individual holds an unwavering determinate consciousness.” — The “I AM” discourses by Saint Germain

by Carole Dean

I have seen this happen many times in the film world. People making films, that I would bet you could never be financed, not only get them funded but got them distributed and did a fantastic job of self-distribution. How is this possible?

That question is what prompted me to write the book, The Art of Manifesting. I was watching these filmmakers wondering what the secret is.  I could see filmmakers with equal education, equal talent, all having lots of passion for their project wondering what makes one finish a successful film and the other go back to dental school?

It’s their belief. Their constant belief that the film is made because they know it and they believe it. Perhaps it is on another level and they just have to bring it into this dimension. They can see it from beginning to end, they know they have the right crew, that the music will be perfect, edit is superb and they know this when they are writing the proposal! This “constantly making the demand of the universe” works; I have seen it in many cases.

You can use this for various stages of production. Use it for crowd funding. I have seen two separate filmmakers call me with only a few days left on their deadlines and both needing about $5,000.00 more. Neither of them knew anyone that could donate so much money. I told them to see themselves hitting the goal. Let go and give it to the universe.

Both of them hit their goals with donations at the last minute! Don’t tell me this doesn’t work. Belief is your most important asset.

Talented people have many ideas for projects.  Take the time to feel into them one by one to know which one the universe wants you to make at this time. I have seen films delayed for years only to find the right time and zoom to completion like they were on the Indianapolis speedway. So, is this the time for the project? Ask yourself, which one can I make now?

Take a walk without your cell phone so you can get into the universal consciousness. Ask which film to make now, focus and listen to answers. Once you know the film then begin to visualize it from beginning to end. You must know what you want. You need to send up a completed film as a bundle to get heaven to move things around and bring you what you need.

From this day on, your belief becomes your most important asset. Never doubt. Someone else has trouble getting funding, that’s not your world. You are set to fund and finish your film. Please keep believing your film is finished. Know in your heart it is funded by the universe.

Belief in your ability and belief in your film is your ace in the hole. Make your demand on heaven with “full determination and it cannot fail to come forth into expression.”

For followers of my blog, email me for a free download of the CD of The Art of Manifesting with an effective manifesting meditation for you.   caroleedean@att.net

Words Manifest

by Carole Dean

The definition of manifest from www.dictionary.com  is:

  1. readily perceived by the eye or the understanding; evident; obvious; apparent; plain
  2. to prove; put beyond doubt or question
    1. clearly defined, not hidden

With those options in mind, it’s easy to understand that we are manifesting daily with our words.  How you use them to bring you money depends on two major things.

You must be able to visually describe your film so it is “clearly defined”.  When you want to pitch your film, making your vision apparent to them is of utmost importance.  A good pitch is a verbal description of your film.  You want people to see your film as you speak the words.  You are making the film obvious to them.  That’s what closes a donation or an investment, a visual image given by you to them through your words.

Next, you must have faith in your film to make “an ask” for money with certainty.  This must remove any doubts the investor/donor may have.   When you talk about your film, people can “feel” your attitude.  When you say, “I am trying to raise money to make this film,” that means you are not certain. They may doubt your ability to raise all the funds.

It’s your faith in yourself that people “feel.”  When you are certain you can make a film and raise the funds necessary, then you are on track to funding.

If you have any doubts, please don’t pitch until you are aligned with your goals.  You may want to review your budget.  If you believe it’s too much money for you to raise, then it is.  Reduce it until you feel you can do it.  These days you need to know you can do it by yourself.  Once you fully believe that you can find investors/donors and that your film will make a return on investment then start pitching your film.  Because at that point you will be ten times more effective.  People will feel your belief in yourself and your film.

The same goes for documentary filmmakers. If your documentary budget is too high, use your brilliant mind to find ways to cut costs.  Get the budget to what you think you can raise in a reasonable amount of time.

As filmmakers/artists, you need to believe without a doubt that you can raise the money and make a successful film.

Manifesting the funds and making the film start with a clearly defined goal, proposal or outline and a visual pitch with no doubts attached.  Perhaps a good daily affirmation is “My faith funded my film.”

The second edition of The Art of Film Funding: Alternative Financing Concepts is available mid June of 2012.