Words Manifest

by Carole Dean

The definition of manifest from www.dictionary.com  is:

  1. readily perceived by the eye or the understanding; evident; obvious; apparent; plain
  2. to prove; put beyond doubt or question
    1. clearly defined, not hidden

With those options in mind, it’s easy to understand that we are manifesting daily with our words.  How you use them to bring you money depends on two major things.

You must be able to visually describe your film so it is “clearly defined”.  When you want to pitch your film, making your vision apparent to them is of utmost importance.  A good pitch is a verbal description of your film.  You want people to see your film as you speak the words.  You are making the film obvious to them.  That’s what closes a donation or an investment, a visual image given by you to them through your words.

Next, you must have faith in your film to make “an ask” for money with certainty.  This must remove any doubts the investor/donor may have.   When you talk about your film, people can “feel” your attitude.  When you say, “I am trying to raise money to make this film,” that means you are not certain. They may doubt your ability to raise all the funds.

It’s your faith in yourself that people “feel.”  When you are certain you can make a film and raise the funds necessary, then you are on track to funding.

If you have any doubts, please don’t pitch until you are aligned with your goals.  You may want to review your budget.  If you believe it’s too much money for you to raise, then it is.  Reduce it until you feel you can do it.  These days you need to know you can do it by yourself.  Once you fully believe that you can find investors/donors and that your film will make a return on investment then start pitching your film.  Because at that point you will be ten times more effective.  People will feel your belief in yourself and your film.

The same goes for documentary filmmakers. If your documentary budget is too high, use your brilliant mind to find ways to cut costs.  Get the budget to what you think you can raise in a reasonable amount of time.

As filmmakers/artists, you need to believe without a doubt that you can raise the money and make a successful film.

Manifesting the funds and making the film start with a clearly defined goal, proposal or outline and a visual pitch with no doubts attached.  Perhaps a good daily affirmation is “My faith funded my film.”

The second edition of The Art of Film Funding: Alternative Financing Concepts is available mid June of 2012.



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