Artistic Mine Fields

When the mind accepts and agrees with a thing or condition, the individual decrees it into this world.”     From The I AM Discourses by Saint Germain.

by Carole Dean

Where the mind goes, the attention goes.  When you have the slightest doubt about financing your film or any art form, then your attention begins on the “what if” path.  Once you go down that path, you’re stepping into doubt, fear, and sadness.

One of the first questions to ask at the beginning of the filmmaking/artistic process is, “Do I want to dedicate 5 years of my life to this?”  If the answer is a resounding YES, then you have made your decision from a strong base.  You cannot allow any negative thought.  Your mind will grab hold and you will sink into depression.

Remember who you are.  You are perfection.  You are here to create your art.  Why would the universe not support you?  They gave you all these talents and now you think they will desert you?  No.  You are fully supported.  Your mind can create obstacles and it’s up to you to constantly stand in the knowledge that you are perfect and you will achieve your goal.

What you want, you can achieve.  Where ever you let you attention rest, your mind will follow.  Be sure to keep only the highest intentions on the outcome of your art.   See completion in each step.

Visualize the end result because your mind is exceptionally powerful.  It is through your mind and your belief in self that you can achieve your goals.  Your visions can become your reality.  That is a natural gift humans have.  Your job is to use your power of manifesting through visualization on a daily basis, become familiar with it and institute it.

If doubt or fear creep in then remove yourself and find a quiet place.  Sit and center yourself.  Remember that you are a perfect human and you are here to create your art and continuously say  “I am blessed” until you feel your confidence returning.

Faith funds art.  It’s your faith in your art that carries you through the process from beginning to end.  This can be a joyous journey when you are aware of who you are and your innate powers to create and manifest.

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