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The Art of Film Funding 2nd Edition is available through Amazon

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The Roy W. Dean Summer Grant closes 6/30.  

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for a chance to win $1000.00 cash and close to $30,000.00 in film services, support, and goods from heart-felt people in our industry.


Get Your Indiegogo Going Package


Having written the
best-selling “The Art of Film Funding“, run the Roy
W. Dean Film Grant
for 20 years, and raised over ½ million
dollars on indiegogo.com
, Carole Dean wants to share with her
fiscally sponsored films:


The Simple Strategies on

How To Explode Your Crowdfunding Goals,

and Get
Your Film Made.


Carole is a seasoned fundraising genius who can help you through some of the toughest aspects of filmmaking: envisioning the film you want to create, staying on track every day, targeting your funding sources and perhaps the most daunting of all, asking people for money.”

Karen Everett

Documentary Filmmaker and Story Consultant


The package includes 2 recorded comprehensive crowdfunding classes. Each is followed by One-on-one personal consultations with Carole Dean.


Topics covered include:

·         Setting Goals

·         Identifying your audience

·         Working on your pitch to wow donors

·         Crafting trailer for maximum appeal

·         Choosing the right perks

·         Finding organizations, bloggers, and web sites to spread your story

·         Creating Crowdfund launch crew to start campaign off successfully

·         Building your data and donor base

·         Creating your emails, what to say and when to send

·         How to make mid-course campaign adjustments


Introductory offer – $149 for films fiscally sponsored by From The Heart

We are so that you will reach your goal by making this package part of your crowdfunding effort that


 You Pay Nothing Up Front!


That’s right.  As a From The Heart fiscally sponsored film, the fee will come out of money raised.  There is nothing to pay in advance.  We don’t get paid until you raise money.

$199 for projects not fiscally sponsored by From The Heart – payable in advance by check, credit card, or paypal.


This introductory offer is good until July 31st, 2013.  To take advantage of this package, email caroleedean@gmail.com 

Workshops with Indiegogo 

Now Available for Films Fiscally Sponsored

By From The Heart Productions

Adam Chapnick, a Principal and self described Evangalist at Indiegogo, will conduct quarterly workshops on how to successfully crowdfund your project.  The first workshop will be August 7th, 2013.  It is free and available only to films that have From The Heart as their fiscal sponsor.  

Adam Chapnick

Adam Chapnick of Indiegogo

From The Heart is partnered with Indiegogo.  As a 501(c)3 non-profit, donations for projects sponsored by From The Heart are tax deductible.  To date, From The Heart has help raise over $500,000 for films that it has fiscally sponsored. 

Indiegogo and From The Heart Logo

If you would like to take part in these exclusive workshops, you just need to sign up with From The Heart Productions as your fiscal sponsor.  There are no membership fees, the staff gives you advice on how to promote your project, and will even try to help you improve your project. Also, films fiscally sponsored with From The Heart are entitled to special discounts from companies and craftspeople in the film industry.  

To become a fiscally sponsored film, please go to our indiegogo partner page at http://www.indiegogo.com/partners/fthp

 If you have any questions, please email us at caroleedean@att.net


 Legal Tips from Robert Seigel


Entertainment lawyer and Roy W. Dean Grant donor, Robert Seigel, visited with us on The Art of Film Funding on blogtalkradio. He shared with us some legal tips for filmmakers.


·         Working in non-fiction medium, it’s important to get a life rights release from anyone you are working with to protect against defamation or other claims they may file against you. It’s your protection.  It will also serve to keep them interested and involved in the project.


·         On medium to large size budget independent feature, 1 to 2% of the budget may cover the cost of your insurance needs.  But those percentages go up for a lower budget. 


·         Documentary filmmakers should look for an entertainment attorney that specializes and has experience in documentary films.Put in writing that your subject will not work with another audio/visual project for at least 5 years (up to 10 if possible).  This will protect your project and allow it to make the most money possible from the project.


Robert Seigel has more than twenty years’ experience in the counseling and representation of directors, individual producers, production companies, writers, distribution companies and foreign sales agents concerning the development, financing, production, marketing, distribution and licensing of fiction and non-fiction projects.  http://rlsentlaw.com/rls/ 



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We created these financing interviews for you. They are from our On Demand Episode page

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