Connecting to the higher self…

Your beliefs act like filters on a camera, changing how you see the world.  And your biology adapts to those beliefs. —-Bruce Lipton  The Biology of Belief

Do you see yourself as a writer or as a high school teacher?  When someone asks you what do you do, how do you answer them?  What information are you sending to the universe?  That’s important.

Once I began saying I am a writer things began to change for me.  As I wrote my Art of Film Funding book, each day I said, “I love my publisher” over and over knowing full well I did not have a publisher and that I would publish the book myself and I did.  Then, after teaching this book a few months, honest to God, Michael Wiese Publications contacted me and said, “Carole, we would like to publish your book.”  I was expecting it.

A key element for any writer’s success is to believe and to live in the consciousness that what you want has already happened.  I promised myself when writing the book that I would publish it and I put the money aside to prove it.  Do you see your script as a finished film? Are you looking at it from the beginning with the credits rolling?  I think you need to go to your favorite screening room; I love Raleigh’s, and sit there by the controls and pretend the room is packed.

You tell the projectionist to “roll it.”  And you sit back and watch the titles come up and beam with pride.  Say to yourself, “Yes, I chose the right director!” “Yes, that set designer is brilliant,” and keep sending bundles of joy and success to the universe as you sit in a room imaging your successful screening of your finished film.

Once you have the feel of the room, you can recall that at night as you go to sleep or while walking and driving.  Just continue to see and feel that success and the completion of the film.  Let’s prove to Bruce Lipton that your beliefs can change your biology.  You are a happy person having just screened your favorite screenplay.  Keep basking in that feeling of success.  Believe that money is all around you.  Know that on a daily basis, you attract the right people, money and services to create your film.

You need to remember that things will change in your life to bring you what you are asking for. Be open to taking invitations; make all the calls referred to you.  Always take the time to chat with people you accidentally meet.  Your angles may have spent a lot of time getting both of you in the same place.

Fred Alan Wolf in his book, “The Dreaming Universe” says that “when you are daydreaming it’s like a handshake across time.”  Your vision, coupled with your belief and conviction will make things in your current life change to bring what you want.  Watch for new people to come into your life.

Expect a miracle.  It will happen.  You can have your cake and eat it too.  But you have to claim your rights.

Who are you?  A writer.  Claim it, own it, and be proud of it.


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