“You are Magnificent Beings.” — Sathya Sai Baba

We often hear sages say this, but, what does it mean?

by Carole Dean

It means each of us has our own signature, we are all different, and we are all unique.  Each of us carries a different frequency; we vibrate to a different drummer if you want to think of it that way.  Quantum physics say we are all created with vibrating strings, each of our atoms and molecules have a vibrating string inside.  So what does this mean and how can we use this?

We need to keep ourselves in a “higher vibration.”  The frequency of joy and gratitude are very high vibrations.  Just look at Dr. Emoto’s frozen water crystals.  He put words on jars with water so the water would vibrate to that word.  Then he froze the water and cut it up into crystals.  This page shows a crystal of love and gratitude.  http://bit.ly/GGEPrp If you want to feel as beautiful as this crystal, then stay in that energy.

One of our greatest assets is our emotions.  Just think how you feel when something wonderful happens to you and you are in “joy.”  That takes you closer to who you really are, a spiritual being, that’s who we all are, spiritual beings.  Yes, we are spirit inside this wonderful body. We are spirit, “that all knowing essence.”

We have this inner knowing, some people call it intuition.  We know when the timing is right for things.  We know when to chill out.  We have this wonderful sense of timing and we seldom speak about it

Using this gift is tantamount to creating our films.  We need to know when to ask that rich person and we need to know just what to say.  Tuning into our higher selves gives us an advantage.  It allows us to move forward with confidence because we trust our inner self.

Living our lives in joy and gratitude is one of our best assets.  Each day we thank the universe for all of our marvelous gifts.  The home we have, the food we eat, and the family we love.  All of these things are our daily blessings and we honor them.  Through gratitude we touch on our higher selves and through joy we rise above the controlling factors that are always “telling us we can’t do this.”  We know we can.

When you consistently live in gratitude and joy, people sense it.  They listen to you talk about your film and you allay any fears immediately because you are coming from a place of truth, joy, faith.  Once they “feel” that you are sincere they become more interested.  When you are operating in fear and lack that is easy for them to “read.”  They too have a higher self who is tuning into you.  If and when they sense your lack of confidence, they pull back and fear takes over them!

It’s our higher selves that know how creative we really are because it knows the creativity we came in with.   Imagine that while you are talking to a potential donor/investor.  Your higher self is talking to their higher self.  I know it’s crazy but what if that is happening?  What if their higher self is reading your body language and your confidence or lack of?  That would give them an edge, right?  They would sense your lack of confidence and end the conversation.

However, through living in joy and gratitude, we can achieve even above our dreams.  Remember Oprah said that the universe had much more in store for her than she ever dreamed of?  She put no restrictions on her creativity; she knew she would be successful.  Why not be another Oprah?  Why not let the universe support your dreams.  Know that you are a special being with an incredible amount of talent and creativity.  Thank the universe each day for all your blessings and each day look for something joyous.  When you use gratitude, joy and faith in yourself on a daily basis, you will come across as confident, talented and the magnificent being that you really are.

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