What is Your Potential?

By Carole Dean

What is your potential?

Have you ever set your intentions on what you want to achieve in this life time or even in the next 6 months?  How many times have you to planned to achieve something and done it?

I remember completing 10 sessions of Rolfing and at the end my Rolf practitioner shook my hand and said, “The power is in completion.”  That is true; when you finish something you release some wonderful power surge. This is self appreciation, so enjoy it and compliment yourself.  Make it a point to complete things.

Planning, executing and completion are our ticket to reaching our potential.  One major benefit we have of staying on track is to keep listening to our inner voice.  Is it supporting?  Or, does it tell you that you can’t?  Sometimes we have to overcome our greatest enemy, ourselves.  How?  By being aware of limits we put on ourselves.  Listen to yourself, when you say, I can’t do that, think, why not?   If John can, why can’t I?  The question is “will that something take you closer to your vision?”  If yes, then, of course you can.  The vision is the quest and the universe will take you to your destination if you let it.

Tune into the “field of infinite possibilities” on a daily basis.  Use your hunches.  Listen to what people tell you, especially when you ask for help.  Normally the universe will give you hunches or ideas and if you don’t listen they often send someone to tell you the answer to your question.  Yes, I have seen it happen to me dozens of times.  You are talking about a different subject and the other person tells you the answer to your question without knowing how meaningful it is to you.

If “the zero point field”(http://bit.ly/I89BNR) contains all the information of what is and what will be, it’s your job to keep putting your future into that field.  What’s more fun than day dreaming?  We did it as kids.

Pretending that you are doing what you want to do creates a pathway in consciousness.  It’s important to believe that this vision is happening in the present.  The vision you daydream stays in the field and it becomes a potential.  Now it’s up to you to keep listening to your little voice to achieve that potential.  Plus, you have asked for something so things will change in your life to bring that to you, move with the changes.

When in doubt ask your higher self for guidance.  Find a quiet place and outline the situation then give two possible options for resolution.  That’s all you need to do, leave it to them.  Normally, within 24 hours you will have a 3rd option that is much better.

You are not alone.  You have a team working for you on the other side.  They want you to reach your potential even more than you do.  So, call on them.  Remember gratitude is one of the highest vibrations in the universe.  When you thank them for their support your gratitude raises your vibration and you feel like a million dollars.  It is self love and gratitude that propels you to achieve your potential.




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