Me? Whee!! — Muhammad Ali

While delivering a speech to the senior class at Harvard, someone in the audience asked 3 time heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali to give them a poem and he created this in an instant.  It may be the shortest poem on record.

Ali is a great manifestor.  Listen to how free he is with words; he is not afraid to commend himself.  He knows that words manifest and he has never to my mind put himself down with his words.  He always tells us how great he is and at the same time he is sending the universe this information on how talented he is and he just gets more talented.  He always spoke with a freedom from society’s oppressive concepts.

You were probably taught, “don’t toot your own horn!” Or, “You can’t brag, that’s not nice.”  Yes, it is.  You should be bragging about yourself from the moment you wake up.  Tell everyone how good you are at what you do.  Why not?  Use Ali as a guide. He did it and he only got better and better from his belief in himself.  He believed what he said and we did too. We reinforced his beliefs.

Let’s pretend your words are creating your future.  Now, you want to send the most positive, brilliant statements known to man about yourself.  Tell everyone how great you really are.  You need to build your own self confidence.  Why?  Because money and fame do not go to people who have no confidence or who constantly say, I can’t, I am not, I don’t, what if X happens?, etc.

You were born with an immense amount of talent.  Go back to that simple life you had as a child where you manifested what you needed.  Just think about the first three years of your life, you could not talk but you got what you needed.  You were able to communicate with your parents without words.

Then, you learned to talk and you kept your imagination working and you daydreamed all the time.  It is part of childhood.  You daydreamed on getting your first bike, or skateboard and you got it. Then you learned how to use it in a flash.  Was that just coincidence?  No, it was your mind that created your future.

Somewhere in those early teen years controls were put on you and you began to close down your thinking. You started to criticize yourself and say, I can’t do that, I am not good at that, etc.  And, guess what?  You stopped any growth in those areas.  Now, you can undo that simply by starting to say, Yes, I can do that, Yes, I am good at that. You have to really believe it but you can do it.

This is most important to manifesting your film and your future.  You must have the highest vibration to bring what you need and want into your life.  This vibration comes from the words you use.  Look on Dr. Emoto’s web site and see the pictures he has of different words.  ( )

Surround yourself with high vibrational words.

Your greatest manifestor is your mind, next are your words. You see something in your mind, like your film then how do you bring that film from your mind to this third dimension?  You do it with words.

You manifest something from nothing with words.  Each word has a unique energy and you want words with the highest energy in your vocabulary not negative low vibration words.  Get rid of low vibrational words like no, ugly, bad, can’t, impossible, hate, kill, and daily be conscious of the words you use.  They are powerful.  Try this for a week and censor your words.  Use only the high vibrational words: love, gratitude, honesty, integrity, great, greatest, brilliant, joy, happiness, etc.

Ali knew that.  He used words that create images and build futures.  He made things happen with his words.  He is my greatest example of how to use words to create a future.  Copy Ali. He won’t mind, he will love it.  Take on his energy of “I am the greatest!”  That is the first step to manifesting a brilliant future.  Love thyself.  Be worthy of all that the universe can give you.

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