The Film is In the Blanket

by Carole Dean

Look at this scene from I Heart the Huckabees

Dustin Hoffman explains one of the most complicated ideas in a very simple way.  You are connected to your art like you are to your loved ones.

Our job is to see the big picture through the blanket.  We need to remember we are all connected, that’s something we can begin to accept but the hammer and the Eiffel tower are in the blanket too?  That means we must move to the next level of consciousness, ok, we can do that.  Dustin told us once we are there we find that everything we want or to be we already have and are.  So how do we do it?

First we start each day with our daily mantra: “Move over Ali, I am also the Greatest! I can make movies, and support and nurture everything around me.  I know that confidence and faith in me are paramount to receiving and understanding the blanket truth.”  Never ever put yourself down.  Always support and nurture yourself.  Remember, you are perfect.

Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich says that a major characteristic of people who achieve their goals is that they are living at a higher level, enjoying richness in their life and they have a burning desire to achieve.  That’s us.  We have burning desires to achieve our art and we need to move to a higher consciousness to realize our full potential as human beings.  Why do some people achieve great success and others struggle?  We need to find that highway to success because we have seen others zoom ahead in the industry, so where is the on ramp?

Focus.  We must remain focused and continually send visuals of our goals as completed to the universe.  We need to treat our art as if it exists because it does on another plane.  We see it in our heads so all we have to do is bring it into this dimension and we do that through our words and visions.

We each have a Higher Self.  Get in touch with that part of you.  Pay more attention to the quick thoughts that come to you.  Did you ask for guidance?  If so, it may be an answer to that question.

Often our Higher Self gives us ideas and ways to make each day easier.  Give that information attention; believe what the Higher Self says.  Take an umbrella on a sunny day.  Take that invitation to a networking event, listen to this Inner Voice. I work with mine each day and it gets stronger the more you believe in it. Always give thanks for the information you get, be grateful for what you have and for your guidance.

I watched a documentary called Clint Eastwood: Out of the Shadows.  One comment often made about Clint was he stayed on the set; he seldom left because he wanted to stay focused on all aspects of filmmaking.  Clint said he liked to work from a quiet, relaxed place, that’s where you hear the Inner Voice.  His peers said he had an inner knowing about directing and seemed to be able to make quick decisions accurately.  That’s what it’s like when you are “in the field” where you are connected to your Higher Self, working inside the blanket.

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