Empowering Voices through Social Justice Filmmaking

by Carole Dean


Melinda Raebyne, Stories of Us, and Ellos Gritan Libertad, is a filmmaker who “is able to give voices to the voiceless and, through her films, allows her audience to hear those voices loud and clear.”

Melinda is the Manager of Meaningful Movies Project or MMP, a non-profit organization that assists neighborhoods, groups and individuals organize, educate and advocate using the power of social justice documentary film and relevant conversation to build positive and meaningful communities for a more just and peaceful world.

The Role of Meaningful Movies Project (MMP) in Social Change

MMP, has around 20 different groups throughout the northwest and beyond. And their mission is to use social justice documentary films to bring communities together and to engage, encourage and support open conversations and look at ways to improve and move forward.

Example, how can we come together as a society and grow a little closer to peace? I think that is through understanding issues and being open to hearing other sides to issues.

MMP looks at giving a voice to many different topics. They have been working with inclusion and diversity from its inception in 2003.

Empowering Neighborhoods for Positive Transformation

If you have a social justice film that you would like to screen to communities, go to https://meaningfulmovies.org and send an email.  Melinda will answer you. She has a film review committee who watch your film and get back to you with information on how to share your film through their community.  Most of her groups are still doing online screenings through zoom and some are now opening in person screenings.

Example, MMP is attached to an environmental group in Las Vegas who want to look at environmental issues films from a wide spectrum.  They can put you in contact with this organization. Melinda stays with you and helps as your manager to find and negotiate with them.

Some of the current films they are screening are Love in the Time of Fentanyl, Bring them Home, about our veterans and The Call we Carry about Firefighters.

Depending on the content of your film, Melinda and MMP will connect you with the organization that has an audience for your film.

These screenings are normally free to the viewer and the communities work out a fee with the filmmaker.

I highly recommend Melinda and MMP for your social justice film screenings. 

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