Empowering Your Future with Daily Affirmations

How to use repetition and the magical words “I am” to manifest your success

by Carole Dean

In our biweekly Film Funding Class for our fiscally sponsored filmmakers, we cover books on the power of your mind.  Currently we are studying Project 369: The Key to the Universe: Evolved Consciousness by David Kasneci. It is an excellent book and I highly recommend it for filmmakers.

manifest your success

Writing your manifestation out as an affirmation is a proven way to achieve your goal.

The Power in the Two Words “I Am”

This book suggests you can create your future by writing manifestations that you want to achieve. David suggests that you begin with the two magical words I am and finish with what you want to achieve.

Here are some examples you could use:

  • I am an award-winning filmmaker.
  • I am a successful director.
  • I am an award-winning producer.
  • I am receiving large donations weekly.
  • I am winning grants.
  • I am most successful with my crowdfunding campaign.

David says that success comes through repetition. He wants you to write your I am many times a day. He believes that all limitations are illusions that happens when you think, this doesn’t work!!!! That is an illusion!

He says this because he has seen people be very successful with writing and believing you can manifest your future daily.

Creating a Manifestation Book

David wants you to get a manifestation book where you start writing your affirmation. Your goal is to believe your affirmation is true. Your affirmations and your manifestations should be interchangeable.

Belief is the key element in this process. The fact that we can believe anything we want is an important asset in the creation of your future. This is the critical step. Understanding that you can believe anything you want, and with enough focus and intent, you can achieve it.

Writing your manifestation out as an affirmation is a proven way to achieve your goal. You must overcome the naysayer within you. Belief is the key to creating your future. We learned in our class when we discussed Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich. He starts out telling us that your faith and your belief in yourself are critical to achieving the future you want. You must believe in yourself and your film!

It’s the power of the mind. We have this infinite power within us. Acknowledging this power and using it to improve our lives is very important now, above all other times when the world seems to be upside down.

The Power is Within You

We cannot lose sight of our own internal power to achieve what we want.  Ther are things in the outside world causing strife for everyone.  But that is not going to affect your success in any way, that is the outside world. With this practice, you’re working on your inner world, which is where creation begins. This is where you want to focus. This is where the power is, inside you.

Start with what is it you want. Do you want to finish the film you’re working on? If so, what’s the first thing you really need to focus on? Take that and start working on it through the following steps:

  • Choose what you want to achieve.
  • Choose a time limit to achieve it. That is month day year.
  • Make a commitment to give yourself time to do the things that will bring this desire into our third dimension.

This becomes your To Do List. It is important that you focus on this list. This movement along with your belief and your faith in yourself will create your success.

The Way to Achieve It is to Feel It and See It

Now is when you start writing. Please find a blank book.  Amazon sells them and they’re at your local drugstore.

Get a book and start writing what you want to achieve. Use what David is suggesting, writing the I am affirmation continuously to achieve the manifestation of your affirmation.  Those that believe they can become the ones that achieve their affirmations.

We’re back to the old saying from Henry Ford, “if you believe you can, or if you believe you can’t, you’re right.”

David also says that since our feelings create our beliefs, it is how we feel about what we write that helps us manifest.

We know that feelings are powerful. Feelings and emotions attached to what you write will help you manifest 10 times faster.  As you write your affirmation you want to feel that it is true. You want to feel that your affirmation exists in this very moment.

Child-Like Belief Creates Miracles

You want to pretend like you did when you were a child, that you are living with the affirmation completed that it is true, and you already have it.

These are things that will bring your affirmation into this reality faster because belief is the key.  Emotions heighten belief.  They are the power to supercharge your thought process and bring it to this dimension.

As you start to write with feeling and belief, your brain starts to create millions, possibly billions of new neural pathways. This is one reason that your affirmations work.  The brain is creating pathways that help you believe and achieve.

Meditation Connects You to Your Source of Power

David also suggests that your meditation will deepen your connection to the universe and the source of it all.  

On the first page of From the Heart Productions website, there is a free meditation that I wrote and Claire Papin did the voice over. Please use this meditation. It is exactly what you need to get you into a relaxed state where you can take your goal and see and feel it completed. Please check it out.

“As you begin to imagine and feel the fulfillment of your desires,” David writes, “you will realize you need nothing outside of yourself. You will realize your inner world is the cause of it all.”

I truly believe this. However, the only way for you to believe it is to use this information to create your future. Start with something small and obtainable.  There is power in completion.  You need to be successful with this, just once and then you will realize that the powers are within you.

This success will remove insecurity and fear.

We Each Have this Magnificent Ability to Create our Future

We need only to focus on our affirmation intently.

“This journal should only be used as a tool to detach yourself from all things external and satisfy your desires by feeling the possibilities within you,” David explains.  “Learn to use your personal power.
Realize that there is no power outside you.”

This is one heck of a statement. I’ve never looked at it that there is no power outside you.  It is all inside you. “This is where everything begins and ends.”

Put Your Attention on Your Intention

He is saying that we have total control over our future.  That once we begin to focus on our future, we can achieve it.

And he’s making sure we understand that the act of writing by journaling what you want as a way we can use our power to achieve our future. That truly comes from our belief in ourselves. Knowing what we journal can happen. Our belief is what brings our desires into this reality.

He also proposes that you meditate to get closer to the source for advice, guidance, and information.

This is all available to us free, this is one of the greatest parts of life.

I have been meditating since 1974. It is a wonderful way to solve problems and refresh your body. Every organ in your body gets a rest when you meditate 15 minutes to 20 minutes a day. Meditation is a great way to center yourself and move forward with your objectives.

“Your feeling is the secret that decrees a thing,” David writes. “Do what feels best, how it feels best and when it feels best. You are the creator.”


Carole Dean is president and founder of From the Heart Productions; a 501(c)3 non-The Art of Film Funding Podcastprofit that offers the Roy W. Dean Film Grants and fiscal sponsorship for independent filmmakers.

She is creator and instructor of Learn Producing: The Ultimate Course for Indie Film Production.  26 classes which will teach indie filmmakers how to produce their films.

She hosts the weekly podcastThe Art of Film Fundinginterviewing those involved in all aspects of indie film productionShe is also the author of  The Art of Film Funding, 2nd Edition: Alternative Financing Concepts.  See IMDB for producing credits

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