Who’s Got The Power

by Carole Dean

The Divine Record: Within the Divine Record of every individual there is registered all constructive experience.  Therefore when a necessity requires it and the wisdom is there to be used, naturally that is the first place to draw from.  For instance if you had a book giving certain formulas of activity, you would not go to another individual who had the same kind of book, but you would look into your own book and save the time and energy.  If mankind had not forgotten the Wisdom and Force stored within their consciousness, they would much more readily call upon that which is already at hand.

Ascended Master Instructions by St. Germaine Volume 4 (Page 33)

The answers to our specific questions on our personal needs are waiting for each of us.  We have only to go inside to find it.  I have been successful in getting answers for many problems because I know that the universal knowledge I need is available.

It’s also a great way for filmmakers to solve the myriad production, artistic, and financial decisions they need to make every day.

All you need to do is ask.

The secret is to know that you can get the information you need by asking.

The secret is to know that you can get the information you need by asking.

For me, this means that I take the issue with at least two solutions and go to a quiet place. It could be a major decision or just a small decision that I need help with.  The secret is to know that you can get the information you need by asking.

Like all practices, it works better if you put yourself into a relaxed state.  That may be hard to do on a film set so find a quiet place off somewhere.  First I do some regulated breaths to clear myself.  I inhale to the count of 8, hold my breath for the count of 8, release my breath for the count of 8 and begin again.  After three rounds I can feel my body relax.   You have much greater access when you still the mind and relax the body.

Now focus on the issue you need to resolve.

State the issue as you see it.  Maybe you can’t decide on an ending for your script or you’ve got an investor offering money, but with lots of strings attached.  Now, state two possible solutions. Then leave it.

Give the universe time to analyze it.  Stay relaxed for a while then go back to your work.  The answer will come.  Most of the time it will be a third way to solve the problem or handle the situation and it will be much better than what you had offered.

Sometimes it comes when you are doing the dishes or walking the dog.  It just comes into your consciousness and you know that’s the answer.  You feel excited when you get it and you feel joy in the knowledge that you have this power inside you.  It is your own force that can seek out answers.

Once you have your answer you will feel empowered.  Yes, you now realize that you have an abundance of wisdom inside of you.  You feel humble knowing that all your questions can be answered.  You will find great confidence through the act of going inside for knowledge.

Always know that you are more than your physical body.

You are spirit.  As such you have much information stored inside you.  You have complete access to information that can serve you well.  Simply go inside for the answers because you do have wisdom and force stored in your consciousness.

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