Film Grant Services

If you are seeking a government, foundation, or corporate grant for your film, From the Heart Productions is the perfect partner to help you make a successful submission.

Through our fiscal sponsorship program, we’ve helped filmmakers and media creators win hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants for their projects.

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded a grant of $750,000.00 to our fiscally sponsored project “The Clifton House” to help them complete their project

“Thank you for being a blessing on this journey!” Sydney Clifton, President, The Clifton House, Inc

Why Filmmakers Should Work with From the Heart Productions to Apply for Grants

We know from 3 decades of experience what grantors are looking for in a grant application.  

From the Heart Productions is a grantor for our own Roy W Dean Grant.  Now, in its 30th year, we’ve read thousands of submissions for film projects.  

We will review your application and assess your chances for success.  

We’ll know what you’ve included that will make a grantor say “I want to fund that!” and what the application is missing be considered as a grantee.

Grantors fund stories. Give me a good well written compelling story and you will get funded.  That’s the most important thing.” Carole Dean, President, From the Heart Productions.  

From the Heart Productions is a 501(c)3 non-profit.   Many foundation and government grants require working with a non-profit in order to apply for one of their grants. 

How From the Heart Productions Works with Filmmakers to Win Grants

Once you are fiscally sponsored and chosen to apply for a grant, contact us to let us know the grant you are seeking.  

Email the grant application to us at least 7 days before the deadline.  (Do not wait until the day before the grant is due!)

We will review the materials, view the trailer, read the proposal.  We want to read and view everything so we have a thorough understanding of the film and how it fits the grant to which you are applying.   

Then, we will read the grant application and look for anything important may have been left out.  It’s amazing how film makers sometimes miss important issues of their films that grantors want to know.

“For distribution you really need to consider self distribution and community screenings rather than 10 film festivals where you intend to find a distributor. That is happening much less now you cannot depend on finding a distributor at a festival.” Carole Dean, President, From the Heart Productions

We will set up a time for a consultation for you to go over how you need to improve and fix your submission. 

Winner of 2020 $22,680 Mississippi Delta National Heritage Area Grant

“From The Heart has never hesitated to provide what we needed to apply for some of those grants. And some of the requests, I know, have been last minute and stressful. But your organization always comes through for us. Without fail. I so greatly appreciate that.” Monica Land, Producer, Fannie Lou Hamer’s America

How to Get Started Working with From the Heart Productions on Submitting Grants

First, you need to be fiscally sponsored by From the Heart Productions.  

Click here for more information on our fiscal sponsorship program.  Click here to apply. 

Get a FREE Consultation on Our Fiscal Sponsorship Program

Take advantage of a free 15-minute consultation that will explain the benefits of fiscal sponsorship and the advantages of working with a top-rated non-profit like From the Heart Productions. 

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