Mind Over Matter

Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne created a Random Event generator (REG) under their Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research program (PEAR).  Their intent was to continue Dr. J.P. Rhine’s work on extra sensory perception using the latest computers to increase the number of studies and manage the outcome through carefully conceived and monitored REG machines.

Jahn and Dunne set their machines to come up with a normal 50/50 average of binary 1’s and 0’s from their computer-driven base.  The rational model held that any deviation from a 50/50 average would be abnormal.  Then they put average people at the machines and told them to visualize and “intend” the machines to achieve more 1’s for 20 minutes then visualize more 0’s for 20 minutes and then nothing for 20 minutes from their computer-driven base.  The researchers were stunned to find a 52/48 average as the result of the trails conducted over 12 years!  This is incredible research proving that our mind is powerful.

And if you think the PEAR research was unusual, another scientist, Renee Peoc’h decided to conduct an experiment to see if this ability to control computer driven machines also applies to other living creatures.  He set up a trial using baby chicks and a robot that he created and programmed to be the chicks’ mother.  It was set to move randomly outside their cage. When the results were tallied, the chicks were actually able to attract the robotic mother toward them.  In other words the robot was not moving randomly, it was moving towards the chicks more often than it was programmed!   Their minds overrode the computer programming.

A similar experiment was created for the opposite result.  Peoc’h put a movable REG with an obnoxiously bright light that aggravated his baby rabbits.  It was programmed to move outside their cage.  The rabbits were successful in overcoming the programming and made it move away from them more than it was programmed to.

Understanding the power of the mind is important for you to know that what we say about visualization and attracting is achievable.  If chicks and rabbits can do it so can we!

If rabbit’s minds can control computers, you can surely attract whatever you want with your mind.

Just know you are a powerful being.


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