Player’s Network Cannabis Media Grant – Guidelines

Please review the Player’s Network Cannabis Media Grant guidelines in full prior to applying. Contact info@fromtheheartproductions with any questions pertaining to your project’s eligibility.

Mission and Purpose

The Player’s Network Cannabis Media Grant supports the creation of cannabis related Player's Network Cannabis Media Grant Application Guidelinescontent that showcase a forward thinking view in the cannabis industry.  

It seeks sincere, heartfelt documentaries, short films, features, and web series that show how cannabis has benefited and changed people’s lives, lifestyles, or health. 


  • Budgets for the projects must be under $500,000
  • Application Fee is $35.
  • Applicant must be the director and/or creative producer and must retain creative and editorial control.
  • Applicant must be 21 years of age.
  • There are no restrictions on style, aesthetics or treatment.
  • Projects can be documentaries, short films, features, or web series.
  • Subject may be domestic or international.
  • Employees of Player’s Network, Green Leaf Farms, WeedTV, and From the Heart Productions are not eligible for the grant.


Not Accepting Applications

The Cannabis Media Grant is not accepting applications at this time.  No future grant is planned


Application Requirements

  • On the application, you will be asked to upload a Cover Letter, Work Sample, Proposal/Synopsis, Marketing/Distribution/Social Media Plan, Crew Bios, Budget,
  • The cover letter should explain where you currently are in production and answer the following questions:
    • Are you in research, pre-production, production, or post?
    • Approximately how much money do you need to finish the film?
    • If your project is a documentary, do you have releases or good access to the subjects?
    • If it is a feature, who have you attached?
    • Do you have coverage on your script?
    • Do you have potential investors/donors?
  • The work sample should be of work-in-progress or previous work. If applicant has not done a prior film and has no work sample, a sample of work of their director or their DP can be submitted.
  • For documentaries, please send us 2 to 6 pages on your proposal.
  • For short films, features, and webseries, we want a 1-2 page synopsis (or outline) of the film and the first 10 pages of your script.
  • When submitting a proposal or synopsis, please include photos if possible.
  • Please include a budget. If you do not have a budget, please include an estimate.
  • Please be sure to tell us the following:
    • Style, format and approach to the material, including any distinct visual or technical elements.
    • What are your plans for distribution?
    • Are you the producer, director, what?
    • How does your project apply to the mission and purpose of the grant?
    • What is your relationship to the material? Is there a connection, personal or otherwise to the subject or people portrayed in the film?
    • Why are you making this film?
    • List name and position of proposed key production personnel (producer, director, cinematographer, editor, etc.) List their relevant experience or credits.

Deadline August 31st, 2018

Click on the application and fill out form online. 

Attach and send proposal, script, budget and other documents required.   There will also be a section where you can include a link to a video sample.

After filling out application, you can submit payment via credit card.   Then, submit application for processing. 

Evaluation Criteria

Staff members from the Player’s Network, WeedTV, From the Heart Productions, as well as filmmakers and cannabis industry professionals will be involved in the selection of the grant finalists and winner.  They will review applications and accompanying material.  

Evaluators will take the following into consideration:

  • Does the project, as presented, meet the mission and purpose of the grant as well as the eligibility requirements?
  • Will the project benefit from additional resources provided by the grant?
  • Does the project take an innovative approach to the subject matter? Has the story been told before, and if so, does this project’s approach bring something new to the story?
  • Does the work sample support the written materials, and is it clear what the sample represents?
  • Is the proposal well written? Does it provide a description of how it will be interpreted visually?  Does it clearly illustrate the story and narrative structure, the filmmakers’ vision, and the contemporary relevance of the story to the mission of the grant?
  • Do the applicant and production team have the experience and dedication to complete the project as described?
  • Does the proposal identify an audience and a realistic plan for reaching that audience? Is there a reasonable chance of achieving the distribution goals?
  • Does the project have a realistic plan for raising the remaining budget? Is the budget thorough and reasonable? Are line items in the budget within industry norms and standards?


Not Accepting Applications

The Cannabis Media Grant is not accepting applications at this time.  No future grant is planned