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Hot Films in the Making are films that we highly support. They have excellent concepts and brilliant filmmakers, they should be in our finals in the future.

We give each filmmaker chosen for our Hot Films in the Making the opportunity to add their projects to this list.  It is their choice.

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Summer Grant 2020 Hot Films in the Making

Albina Vision Series

Web/TV Series

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A four part series that explores the history of Portland’s Albina neighborhood, the historic cultural hub of the city’s African American community, and the site of multiple waves of urban renewal and displacement. Using history as a guide, each episode tackles an important lesson from Albina’s past and juxtaposes it with the present-day work of the Albina Vision Trust and its grassroots community to use a new development plan to redesign, reimagine, and reconnect the community to the neighborhood.

Each episode will have a unique visual style, content, and storytelling approach reflecting the work of a local Black director. The series is not presenting one historical truth or perspective.

Allan Schiller: A Concert Pianist

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Log-line: A forgotten world-class concert pianist finds out there is more to life than music.

This short documentary is the re-discovery and biography of one of Britain’s greatest concert pianists; Allan Schiller. Through the duality of animation (from acclaimed animator Majid Adin) and live-action, we will tell Allan’s story from a child prodigy and the cost at which the title comes in early and later life. ‘Allan Schiller: A Concert Pianist’ is the cautionary story that explores the dangers of putting titles, pressures and expectations on talented children and how the search to fulfill the unattainable status ultimately strays them from real success; family.



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Anomaly is a fantastical narrative short film about, MAVERICK a mid-twenties, African American, convenience store clerk who dreams of escaping the ruined world that he was born into. He hopes to find his place in a society where he doesn’t have to constantly fear for his life. This film speaks on social issues within our society ranging from systemic racism as well as social issues within the African American community. I intend for the film to hold a mirror to society to encourage self reflection that will lead to a progressive change within our world.

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Babygirl is based on a true story of an audacious, Italian-American, young mother from Long Island who has settled into the life of a mobster's wife. But, when Adele is forced to go from changing diapers and picking up after her kids, to taking matters into her own hands by running a “job” in place of her sick husband, she finds herself stepping into the role in ways she didn’t expect.

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A Los Angeles-based filmmaker discovers on his 30th birthday that his great-grandfather was one of the most influential director-producers during the Golden Age of Korean Cinema. Upon further investigation, the filmmaker unravels the great-grandfather's shocking relationships with South Korea's first President, international co-producers, and the mafia.

Bella, Citizen Artist

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Described as " of the greatest American dancers of our age," Bella Lewitzky was a talented, strong, out-spoken artist, who dedicated her creative life to protect the rights of every American citizen. Designated one of America's Irreplaceable Dance Treasures by the Dance Heritage Coalition and awarded the National Medal of Arts, Lewitzky’s life demonstrates how a “uniquely Californian” artist with vision and tenacity can change the lives of her fellow citizens.

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Broken “Untold Story” is a film about a native Texan girl , suffering from the trauma of her past. Her story and trauma begin with sexual abuse at the hands of a close friend of her family. As Kim continues to fall victim to her past traumas, she is met with a moment of truth, a moment between life and death, which forces her to begin to revisit her past as it relates to her present life of now self-inflicted pain and suffering. An unstable life in the streets of Houston has led Kim down what seems to be a one-way road.



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Disconnected from her career-focused and family-driven peers, an emotionally isolated 29-year-old woman pursues a relationship with a 17-year-old boy after he mistakes her for a fellow high school student.

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COLORS is a 25 minute shortfilm in which the whole world is united and dances as one in order to create an energetic shield around the globe that will protect our planet and everyone on it from a gigantic destructive energy wave coming from outer space. Everyone needs to join in for this to work, and it has to be voluntarily. These are the two main themes of this shortfilm: Uniting the people in the world and free will. Of course there are some obstacles to overcome before we can succes in this.

CUBANISM: The Revolution Was Not Televised

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A hurricane is heading towards Cuba: where “invention” is a way of life and solidarity is a part of survival. Four distinct Cubans reveal their society, realities and ingenuity; in an effort to learn from this Socialist revolution’s successes and failures.

Meet LEONARDO, a socially conscious urban gardener; MISLEIDIES, an unendingly positive weightlifter training for the Paralympics; ASDRUBAL, an ex-lawyer turned poet, hustler and toy boy; and CANDELARIA, an ex-revolutionary, now an 86-year-old singer; as they share their unique critiques. 60 years after the revolution and climate change on the increase, together they must face both the political and literal hurricanes heading their way..

Dear Tilly

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"Dear Tilly" is a short animal advocacy documentary framed as a letter to Carrie and Ron Shogan's adopted daughter, Tilly, a pig with a tragically short life that inspired the two to open a sanctuary where 70+ animals now reside. While Tilly may not be here to witness the lives saved by her legacy, others can. "Dear Tilly" blurs the lines between human and animal in a time where our definition of family needs to stretch far beyond our own reflection.

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DR. PENELOPE is a short movie about a graduate student struggling to finish her psychology dissertation who finds life disrupted by her mother’s feisty, psychic puppet, Dr. Penelope!

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Dreaming in Somali follows the lives of four Somali Americans in the Twin Cities – a police officer during a controversy, an imam and teacher trying to improve educational opportunities for youth, a union leader fighting for better wages and working conditions, and a women’s health organizer promoting self-care and prevention in the Somali community. By depicting Somali Americans’ challenges and triumphs, the film brings to light the complex issues New Americans across the US are facing where changing demographics often engender fear and foster misconceptions about refugees, immigrants and Muslims.

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A short dark dramedy about Amira, a closeted Arab-American Muslim woman, who brings her girlfriend home for her sister’s wedding weekend. Over the course of an evening, Amira grapples between happiness for her sister and the fear she will never live up to her family’s ideals. The act of performance - of dressing up, of hiding under a facade - in front of family is a main theme, one the audience will realize Amira never grew out of in relation to her straight, more traditional sister. Though there may be an intergenerational disconnect between Amira and her immigrant parents regarding her queer sexuality, Layla offers the open mind of a younger generation.

Fudge Queen

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A feature film about a 76 year-old retired dancer's choices after making a botched batch of holiday fudge. Fudge Queen combines documentary and narrative storytelling to take a closer look at aging, memories, and the importance of finding joy in small moments.

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Every summer, hard-working families escape their ordinary routines to live like kings in a scrappy seasonal trailer park. As market forces threaten to turn their shabby Shangri-La into a playground for the beautiful people, the denizens of Inlet View reveal the secrets to a rich life.

Home is a Hotel

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In a city with more billionaires per capita than any other in the country, five families find hope and solace in the 8x10 ft hotel rooms they call home.

Home is a Hotel

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In a city with more billionaires per capita than any other in the country, five families find hope and solace in the 8x10 ft hotel rooms they call home.

In The Dark Of The Valley


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A Southern California mother discovers that an abandoned rocket testing facility called the Santa Susana Field Lab was the site of one of the largest nuclear accidents in United States history, and is located only 7 miles from her home. Concealed from the public eye for 20 years and never cleaned up; she grapples with the idea that the site may be responsible for exposing her daughter and the surrounding communities to cancer-causing radioactive waste. This once-timid mother puts a movement and community on her shoulders, standing up to the major corporations and government agencies responsible for the toxic site.

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JOAN is a feature length dark coming-of-age drama about Joan, a 16 year old girl living in Los Angeles. She plays piano for a music academy that serves as a front for a brothel. Her father is abusive and a drunk, and her mother, Anna, is absent from the family home, but returns throughout the film in disturbing flashbacks and hallucinations of horrific, fractured memories. 

JOAN is currently in pre-production with a goal to begin principal photography in late 2021, pending the outcomes of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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When asked to sing her favorite song, 30 year old Maya has a serious decision to make— reveal her profound love for the classic-rock band Journey or continue to deny her authentic voice just to fit in.

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Mnemosyn is a 10-minute short film about a husband desperately trying to find a cure for his wife’s locked-in syndrome while keeping her trapped in a virtual reality built from her memories.


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The online space is being used now more than ever to perpetrate sexual violence. 'MOLKA' is a crime documentary that seeks to expose how the intersection of unchecked rape culture (a culture that normalises and trivialises sexual violence) and social media technology is creating a silent epidemic in South Korea. Through the journeys of survivors and the culture-shifting work of activists in their ongoing fight for justice we seek answers to two centralised questions: how has this happened? And what will it take to bring about change?

One Last Rose

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One Last Rose is a documentary that exposes the underlying problems of nursing homes across the United States that rarely ever make it to public knowledge. Families across the nation are impacted daily by having their loved ones mistreated by these facilities. Sadly, many of these stories never get told, leaving those currently looking into nursing facilities blind before admitting their loved one.

With these stories, more families will be aware of what they can truly expect, what to be prepared for, and how to fight back without letting a loved one suffer the consequences of abuse, neglect, and sometimes even death. One Last Rose will be the lasting impact that invokes change.

Pieces of Us

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“Pieces of Us” focuses on the intimate survival stories of four very different people from across the globe touched by LGBTQ+ hate crime, whose lives all intersect due to their brave choice to take their recovery public. A date that ends in a near death choke hold, the loss of a child to suicide after schoolyard bullying, a brutal subway platform attack on their 10th anniversary, death threats from your country while disowned by your royal parents. These stories are Pieces of Us. The film culminates at World Pride, New York City in June 2019, where all four march to commemorate the 50 years since the Stonewall uprising. Tragedy brought them together. Love healed them.

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Three interconnected human destinies intertwine in search of their identity. A young man living in France, is determined to travel to Armenia to find out all the truth about his Armenian roots and his father who was killed in the war which broke out in the 1990s. A young Frenchwoman is determined to search for her Canadian roots reuniting her with her father, a volcanologist living in Iceland, who she has not met for more than twenty years after her parents’ divorce. A well-known French middle-aged professor, a descendant of a Holocaust survivor, is determined to return to Israel, to his abandoned Jewish roots in search of the meaning of life. They have to go through numerous hardships.

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A melancholic tragedy on the near future sea.

Sealand is a haunting poetic meditation that follows a young marine scientist. Living in a house on the ocean - a re-imagining of the Principality of Sealand - she tries to stave off a dying sea as her reality gradually washes away.

Suttee- A good woman


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Decrypting women’s status transformation from ‘Sati’ to ‘Suttee’; seeking answers to my identity conflict as a married, Marwari woman filmmaker reproaching my family’s expectation.

/Sati/- Historical custom in India where a Hindu woman sacrificed herself atop the funeral pyre of her husband, considered as a chaste wife.
/Suttee/- A good woman

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A lonely boy encounters a jackalope at his birthday party in 1952. Following this curious incident, Everett becomes obsessed with catching the uncatchable horned rabbit.

The Job of Songs

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In Doolin, an isolated village teetering on the western edge of Ireland, a community of musicians seeks refuge from a long history of loneliness by turning to the tunes of their ancestors.




Spring Grant 2020 Hot Films in the Making

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#CANCELLED: When "High School Musical" gets particularly heinous.

#CANCELLED is a new pilot where a comeback-seeking-ex-child-star-turned-rapper, her mogul mega millionaire manager, and their social media scheming assistant become the stars of a murderous scandal of their own.

#CANCELLED is adapted from the eponymous 2019 Encore Award Winning Play at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Originally set to film in the spring of 2020, production for #CANCELLED will resume this fall, once the COVID-19 pandemic has passed. #CANCELLED features original pop and rap tunes ( ), fresh talent, and unfiltered fun. Inquiries:

Another Time, Another Place

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As he experiences inexplicable, darkly realistic dreams and visions, truths of past and present collide in the life of a young member of a fictional administration headed by a President with autocratic inclinations. “Another Time, Another Place” is a thoroughly engaging story that dares to explore parallels of the current U.S. political climate to that of pre-war Germany. The story transcends time and place and concludes with a thought-provoking and provocative twist.

Army of Love/Prophets of Change

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Can music overcome borders and walls and bring Palestinian and Israelis together? Army of Love tracks musicians both Israeli and Palestinians through their unique journeys with the intent to inspire change.

There is an astounding grassroots network of artists and musicians, Palestinians and Israelis, Jewish and Muslim, straight and gay who constantly call for change and embody a clear message: we wait for no one, we are the change we want to see, and we believe that music is the way!

Baltic Truth

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Baltic Truth is the deeply personal and intensely moving story of one man's fight to reclaim his birthright, and expose the horrific details of Latvian involvement in the murders of his family and neighbors during the Holocaust. It is a story with deep implications for the present and future, and when society allows the truth of history to be swept aside and responsibility is denied, justice must have a voice. The film will reveal the little known truth about the collaboration with the Nazi regime in the Baltic States; how neighbor turned on neighbor without hesitation, prompting a massacre of unbelievable proportions; how it has all been kept under wraps throughout the last century.

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A six-year-old indigenous girl (Amaya Juan) discovers a Hispanic migrant her age who has lost her father while traveling through the Tohono O’odham tribal lands into the United States.

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In this fable, twin siblings unlock a potent secret about Water’s mystical powers and use it to try to save their mother’s life and their kingdom.

Future Cosmos Flow is the second film in a water conscious film trilogy, Crystals of Transformation, about the power of water to transform, heal and renew our lives. These films feature Fuchsia Lin’s elaborate and sustainably built costumes worn by performers and set in motion through dance.

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From the time we are young, girls are pressured into a set belief of beauty standards. Hair is certainly high on the list and is often labeled as our "crown and glory." Where does this notion fit for females with alopecia (the partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows)?

"I Am More Than My Hair", is a documentary film that includes stories of females who've experienced hair loss due to a health-related condition and how they empower themselves to see beauty beyond the media's standards.

Infamous Characters, Notorious Villains

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Log Line: One Big Happy Family, Roots and All

After her grandmother is diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, historian Heather Andolina begins to uncover her unique genetic past and finds that she is the decedent of a mysterious group of people known as Melungeons, who were a mixed ethnic group of people who settled in Appalachia. Andolina travels all over the east coast in search for answers and discovers the haunting history of the Melungeon people, filled with their own folklore, heritage and heartbreaking tales of discrimination.

The Melungeon people‘s history shaped an entire culture, and showcases the disturbing account of the strange and unforgiving history of race in America.

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Trapped in a high cost, low wage nation, several Americans seek to survive—and thrive—on wheels. A 60-year-old woman desperate to escape a toxic marriage moves into a minivan, and sets out on a quest for belonging. A young girl comes of age in an RV after her parents sell their suburban home and embrace “roadschooling.” A self-made YouTube star saves others from homelessness—one van at a time. As each of these characters embarks on an unforgettable road trip across a strange new America, hopes and expectations confront hard realities. They seek true freedom, but at what cost? How will this radical experiment change them? How will their journeys change the way we see America?

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Without a defined legal path to citizenship, many migrators live every day in fear of deportation and separation from their families. At risk to lose it all, Out of the Shadows tells the story of two undocumented immigrants whose stories, like many others, have been lost in mainstream media. A brother and sister who are undocumented immigrants from Guatemala living in the United States. Their journey is admirable and heart wrenching as Yessica and Antonio describe their month-long border crossing experience.


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You buy a home only to realize you are sharing your backyard with a nuclear superfund site. ROCKY FLATS is a feature documentary that tells an under-the-radar but urgent environmental story about nuclear waste left in the American landscape by the Cold War’s nuclear weapons production. Throughout the country, former nuclear weapons plants have been remediated or left to crumble, and in some cases are still in operation, posing significant threats to surrounding communities and its residents.


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A Question of Belonging. Roots/Raízes is the story of an artist and a filmmaker, a New Zealander and a Brazilian, two people shaped by different cultural and social mores, which threaten to destabilize their capacity to live as man and wife. While Bruce documents life in Fabia’s village in northeast Brazil, Fabia, through Bruce’s photography, comes to see her own culture for the first time with fresh eyes; to see the beauty, simplicity and modesty of the people she grew up with, and their (threatened) traditions as part of an ancient and inherently sustainable way of living. The film takes place over five years as Fabia turns her camera on Bruce and they negotiate work, love and belonging.

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At the beginning of the 19th century, Germans from Europe and Germany moved to Azerbaijan. Their role in the history of Azerbaijan was outstanding. For example, while people were lighting a candle in Tsardom of Russia, Azerbaijanis were using electric lamps owing to Germans. Furthermore, they brought the first railway, asphalt, and telegraph to Azerbaijan as well. But during World War II 22841 Germans were exiled to Kazakhstan and Siberia. One of these families was the Shollers. Sholler gave his granddaughter who was 6 months old to an Azerbaijani family due to the harshness of conditions of exile. We-SSP Production has shot a feature movie about this girl’s life and German’s culture.



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At the Los Angeles County Fair, setting a table is more than a domestic affair. It’s a knife fight.

Tablescaping is defined as the “art of setting a table,” but at the L.A. County Fair, it’s much more than that. More performance art than culinary art, the tables are elaborate displays of home-ec fantasy.

Tablescape! delves into this unique world that brings together ladies from the Inland Empire and gay men from Palm Springs. It’s a colorful, visual comedy with heart.

The Battle of Henry Johnson

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In May 1918, in the Argonne forest, France, Henry Johnson, an American soldier of the 369th black infantry division, changed the outcome of the war. With the help of his fellow soldier Needham Roberts, Johnson fought and defeated a raid of thirty elite German special forces. If the 369th, also known as the Harlem Hell fighters, did not help the French fill the gaps in their line, the entire French army and maybe all of Europe could have fallen. That night has been immortalized historically as “The Battle of Henry Johnson” and the significance of this event needs to be told and be told as accurately as possible. This film will not only be action packed but do right by these brave men.

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When a Hawaiian poet living on the street to protect his addict daughter comes to the aid of a socialite overcome by loss, the course of many lives are changed as they experience newfound purpose redefining what it means to be family.

We Remember: Songs of Survivors

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"We Remember: Songs of Survivors" celebrates the lives of five Holocaust survivors as they partner with professional songwriters to craft songs to help them shed light on their experiences, turning them into uplifting songs of healing, resilience and pride. The survivors then join their songwriters as they perform their final creation in a rare and highly emotional live concert attended by family, friends and the community. Our crews document the entire process from their first meet-ups, through months of intimate and difficult soul-searching sessions, as together they create a very powerful and personal song. The process was life-changing for all involved.

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In the 1980s and ‘90s, amidst rampant fear and confusion, women took a risky stand to fight against the stigma and discrimination experienced by people caught in the AIDS epidemic while giving care and dignity to those who were dying. The pragmatic nurse, the fierce lawyer, the open-hearted therapist – these are simple words that describe the three women in this documentary short, but there is nothing simple about their stories. When the AIDS epidemic came to Boston, these women found their way to the front lines of the crisis. Through the sadness and desperation of those dark times, they found meaningful moments of resiliency and have messages for us all that flow from their experiences.




Fall Grant 2019 Hot Films in the Making

2020: A Van Odyssey (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by Ola Kalejaye and Rachel Severein
2020: A Van OdysseyTwo filmmakers embark on a 20,000 mile journey across the North American continent, following one momentous year in the lives of an eclectic group of people within the millennial countercultural movement known as “Vanlife”.
A People’s History of Chicago (Web/TV Series)
Produced and Directed by Mark Blottner and Olivia Pearson
A People's History of Chicago

Based on poet Kevin Coval’s recently published, “A People’s History of Chicago”, this documentary web series focuses on the struggles, actions, and hopes of the oppressed throughout Chicago’s history. Celebrating victories won by collective action and artistic achievements via poetry and interviews, we inspire our audience to actively participate in shaping their own history. Each episode is based on one poem with stanzas woven throughout each storyline.

Always Love (Short)
Produced and Directed by Eric Casaccio
Always Love

During a public shooting tragedy, a troubled marriage faces the hardcore truth while loved ones lose their lives.

Creating Zinzi (Feature)
Produced by Hands in the Clay Films | Director TBD
Creating Zinzi

A late-blooming playwright seeks to ensure that her musical’s African characters are authentic and, defying the producer who is backing her, she takes her Broadway actors to Cape Town to work with indigenous artists. There, her dreams of collaboration vanish when she encounters clashing cultures, real life perils, and ancestor spirits who are threatening the production she struggles to put on.

Dear Doris (Documentary)
Produced by Kanani Koster | Director Scott Braucht
Dear Doris

Dear Doris is a wickedly fun documentary exploring the infamous San Francisco drag queen, Doris Fish, and the making of her cult film, Vegas In Space; which took 8 years to raise the funds for and over 18 months to shoot. With Doris Fish’s tenacity and symbiotic partnership with Phillip R. Ford, the film’s dramatic production behind the scenes rivals the campy Sundance cult classic. By the film’s completion in the early 90s, Doris Fish passed away after becoming infected with AIDS never knowing that the film would go on to screen at Cannes and Sundance. The documentary is a bittersweet letter to both her legacy and San Francisco gay community of the 80s.

Delivering Justice: A Movement Is Born (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by Jen Gilomen
Delivering Justice: A Movement Is Born

In the U.S., more and more women, especially women of color, die in childbirth each year. “Delivering Justice: A Movement Is Born” will investigate why, and will follow women across all walks of life – pregnant mothers, midwives, researchers, and leaders — who are building a movement to achieve “birth equity.”

Eight (Short)
Produced by Lyndsay Rowan | Directed by Keith Farrell – Old Hall Films

Loose tongues cost lives. Choose your words carefully.

Short description:
Mary’s internal conflict is between her desire to let her voice be heard and the fear of imprisonment that will occur if she utters more than 8 words a day. In this short drama, the camera will often be hand held and close on Mary, oppressively as she struggles from day to day. Wide angle lenses used in extreme closes ups, showing how our characters are trapped in their daily lives, desperate to escape and unable to say whatever is on their mind.

Embraced (Documentary)
Produced and by Joel Sheagren
Logline: Embraced: Truth About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, also known as FASD, is a comprehensive portrait of the Western Hemisphere’s number one birth defect and its impact on every aspect of society.

Synopsis: Embraced: Truth About Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, takes us on a remarkable journey that
crisscrosses the US and Canada in an effort to raise public awareness of FASD, the number one birth defect in the Western Hemisphere, and ask why FASD often finds itself an outsider among the cadre of mental and physical disabilities when it is 100% preventable.

For Rosa (Short)
Produced by Ashley Flores and Sabrina Ehlert | Directed by Kathryn Boyd-Batstone
For Rosa

For Rosa is a fictional film inspired by the Madrigal Ten, a group of women who were ten of many Latina immigrants sterilized without consent while giving birth at Los Angeles County USC Medical Center during the 1970s. This story follows Eva, a fictional mother, who after being informed of her sterilization, is faced with the life altering decision of joining Jessica, a 26 year old fierce Chicana attorney, and nine other women in a lawsuit against the hospital despite the shame she might receive from her community and family.

HERbeat (Documentary)
Produced by Jennifer Weir | Directed by Dawn Mikkelson

Taiko drumming has thundered throughout ancient Japanese art and culture, traditionally reserved only for men; now resounding as high art on the contemporary world stage, taiko is both ancient and modern, ever-evolving. The HERbeat film project follows the top five women in taiko from the United States and Japan as they prepare to perform together for the first time, each forging her own path, pursuing art that fuels her soul despite seemingly insurmountable cultural, financial, and personal barriers.

High Her Frequency (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by Annette Brown
High Her Frequency

The embodiment of the art of revolution…female artists, visionary creators of future, lead the crusade for social and environmental justice.

Hyde Park (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by Michelle Hansen
Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a groundbreaking documentary spotlighting the deadly, but often ignored, problem of environmental racism. Of all racial inequalities in the U.S. today, one that is often overlooked, but is perhaps most insidious, is environmental injustice—the fact that blacks are more than twice as likely as whites to live in neighborhoods with uncontrolled toxic waste. Throughout the last twenty-five years, study after study has confirmed this statistic. Environmental racism is pervasive.

In Hyde Park, an African American community in Augusta, Georgia, residents fall ill from industrial contaminants. Surrounded by seven industrial facilities and without funds to relocate, citizens-turned-ac

Inner Wound Real (Short)
Produced by Sour Peach Films (Chelsea Moore and Erica Rose) | Directed by Carrie Hawks
Inner Wound RealInner Wound Real tells the story of three people of color who used self-harm in order to feel better, then seek out new methods of coping. This animated documentary short takes you inside their emotional journey.
Lee Fields: Take Me Back (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by Jessamyn Ansary and Joyce Mishaan
Lee Fields: Take Me BackLee Fields: Take Me Back tells the story of a legendary soul singer, 5 decades in the making. Through his incredible journey, we’ll also tell the story of soul music – how it began, and why it endures.

His voice has been compared to James Brown, but Lee Fields is no knockoff – he’s the real thing. In the 60’s and 70’s, he made his living touring the Chitlin’ Circuit alongside some of the greatest names in blues and soul history. He sang with Kool and the Gang before they were famous. But, as the 70’s came to a close, disco began its reign and Lee’s soul career plummeted.

For decades, he thought his music dreams were dead. But with one phone call, everything changed…

Leveling Lincoln (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by Arden Teresa Lewis
Wissam: an Iraqi story

“Leveling Lincoln” brings back to the forefront the first case in the Northern USA, where a school was torn down in the quest for equal rights in education. Mrs. Taylor vs. The Board of Education of New Rochelle, NY 1961 – was a landmark case brought by Lincoln School parents and 12 of their children and began busing in the North. Many still remember the fight against redlining and school segregation. The techniques used by the NAACP lawyer Paul Zuber spread to New Jersey and Chicago. The changes still affect the city today. Amid archival photos and newsreels our interviewees reflect on their childhood after the case, and how it relates to today’s educational struggles.

Li’l Liza Jane: A Movie About A Song (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by Emily Cohen and Dan Gutstein
Li'l Liza Jane: A Movie About A Song

There is no film dedicated to a single American popular tune, and there is no tune like “Li’l Liza Jane.” The song has transcended slavery, race, poverty, geography, and musical genres to become one of the most recorded, recited, and beloved songs in the popular canon. This documentary will present the cultural history behind “Li’l Liza Jane,” coupled with an original soundtrack by star musicians.

Can the story of America’s favorite poor gal brighten a fractured country?

Lifesaver (Feature)
Produced by The Great Griffon, Blue Slate Films | Directed by David Beck

Fired from her teaching job at a Catholic school after 22 years, a transgender woman contemplates suicide until she meets a young girl who has two fathers – one of whom recently left with a woman – and they have a profound impact on each other’s life.

Limping Towards Babylon (Feature)
Produced and Directed by Julius Galacki
Limping Towards Babylon

In the comedy drama, “Limping Towards Babylon”, five college roommates are all secretly in love with the wrong person, until a professor’s theft lights the fire that ignites their contained passions.

Lucky Milo (Documentary)
Produced by Donald Marcus and Lisa Milligan | Directed by Edmund Milligan Marcus
Lucky Milo

Lucky Milo is a feature length documentary which tells the extraordinary true story of Marine Lance Corporal Milo Imrie (1989-2018) through his extensive video and written diaries and by intimate, heartfelt and sometimes shocking interviews with friends, family and fellow Marines.

The film will delve deeply into the current suicide and mental illness epidemic sweeping our nation’s Veterans by exploring its effects on one astonishing life, while examining the inspiring, innovative therapies and organizations leading the charge toward recovery.

The film is edited and directed by a close childhood friend of Milo’s and produced in full cooperation with his family.

Machine (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by Becky Beamer

90 minutes, Documentary Feature Film
The Theta Nu Epsilon secret society, otherwise known as the Machine, hides in the shadows of folklore and fraternity at the University of Alabama. The Machine embodies power and intimidation through the University of Alabama Student Government Association, which acts as a political proving ground that breeds racism, corruption, and economic disparity within the community. Historically, Machine leaders funnel into Alabama’s local, state, and national politics, completing the cycle that is the greater Alabama Machine.

Narcissus (Feature)
Produced by Siyu Lin | Directed by Grace Gao
NarcissusAn Asian American actress in New York city takes her own life after slumping into plastic surgery addiction.
Nowheres Wolf (Short)
Directed by Suzanne Moulton
Nowheres Wolf

Longing to belong – Lone wolf OR-7 wanders into lands unfamiliar searching for a new family. We follow him on a journey where he is hopeful and playful and even finds a snack that reminds him of happy pup days. He bounds with excitement as he discovers a partial wolf pack. Will they accept him? And will we accept him too?

This is a stop-motion animated glimpse into his Journey.

Peg Murray: A Legacy of Inspiration (Documentary)
Produced by Amie Sponza | Directed by Catherine Tatge
Peg Murray: A Legacy of Inspiration

“Peg Murray: A Legacy of Inspiration” is an interview style documentary of the Tony Award winning actress, her life and career in the theatre, TV and film spanning her 95-year life. Peg shares how she built her career starting post WWII, started her own Touring Players company and landed on Broadway and soap operas. It is directed by Emmy Award winning producer/director, Catherine Tatge.

Pocahontas Returns (Feature)
Produced and Directed by Nadja Verena Marcin
Pocahontas Returns
Feature film, 90 mins, digital cinema, 2020
New York, USA & Santa Cruz, BoliviaThe feature film Pocahontas Returns explores lost values inside our contemporary world and the search for ancient wisdom via the mise-en-abyme of hypermodern New York and neo-baroque Santa Cruz in Bolivia via an interracial love story blended with Telenovela and performance art.Nadja Verena Marcin’s first feature film “Pocahontas Returns” has been awarded funding for the Fiscal Year 2019 by the New York State Council on the Arts and is fiscally sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts.
Punderneath It All (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by Abigail Hagan
Punderneath It All

What do wedding hashtags, dad jokes, and epic rap flows all have in common? Puns! Exposing the punderbelly of wordplay culture in the US, this film follows multiple individuals as they participate in pun competitions across the nation, while exploring puns in pop culture and their popularity that spans generations.

Redneck Games (Feature)
Produced by R.H. Elkhatib | Directed by Kevin B. Smith
Redneck Games

A sleazy attorney tricks three redneck brothers into the service of a billionaire in the hopes that their shenanigans will cause a fatal accident that will allow the attorney to inherit a fortune.

Resist (Documentary)
Produced by Susan O’Brien, Dasha Kova, and Jillian Goldstein | Directed by Susan O’Brien

RESIST is a short documentary capturing the all-women identifying collective Resistance Revival Chorus, whose mission is centered on addressing inequality around the world by advocating for social justice through joyful protest and spiritual song. The film’s mission is to intimately profile the group and its individual members as well as reframe the concept of “resistance,” exploring how protest can be as simple, beautiful and impactful as raising your voices together in song.

Rocky Flats (Documentary)
Produced by Livia Perini | Directed by Nancy Wolfe
Rocky Flats

What happens when a huge nuclear weapons plant closes down in your neighborhood? ROCKY FLATS tells the story of the decommissioning of our atomic weapons plants, through events now unfolding in Colorado – where communities are facing off with big government over the toxic legacy of the Cold War in their backyards.

ROCKY FLATS is a feature documentary about an under-the-radar yet urgent environmental story – of the massive amount of nuclear waste left in the American landscape by our Cold War nuclear program.

Rosie (Short)
Produced by Kaylin Stewart | Directed by Tessa Germaine

In 1943 America, factory worker Rose Donnelly must stand up for her female co-workers when their supervisor ignores blatant harassment and refuses to treat them as equals to their male co-workers, regardless of the risk to the women’s safety, and the war effort.

Inspired by true stories from the “Real Rosies” of WWII, this film gives a fictionalized backstory to the iconic Rosie the Riveter character depicted in the “We Can Do It!” poster by artist J. Howard Miller. This film intends to honor the real working women from WWII, as well as promote safe working environments for women today.

Sándor’s Oregon Trail: The Barlow Road (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by Sándor Lau
Sándor's Oregon Trail: The Barlow Road

Find the center of the universe in the middle of nowhere. Without dying of dysentery.

Writer, filmmaker, and raconteur Sándor Lau walks most perilous path pioneers faced in the 2,000 miles of their journey from Missouri to Oregon in feature documentary film, Sándor’s Oregon Trail: The Barlow Road.

On his journey Sándor meets cultural descendants of early pioneers living their history in new ways. He also learns from Native Americans who belonged to this land long before there was an Oregon Trail, and learns the lessons of their traditions and resilience.

Since I Been Down (Documentary)
Produced by June Nho Ivers, Saman Maydani, and Gilda Sheppard | Directed by Gilda Sheppard
Since I Been Down

In 1993, we allowed a law to pass that sent children to prison for life as irredeemable. What happened to them during this legacy of captivity?

Short Synopsis
In America’s backyard, a community held captive by policies targeting gangs and drugs, sacrifice their youth for a false sense of safety, security, and prosperity. Nearly forty years later, a true path to justice and healing is led from inside their prison walls.

Submittan (Short)
Produced by Samantha Wessel | Directed by Susumu Kimura
SUBMITTAN is a sci-fi short film about Chase, a Japanese immigrant graphic designer and a single mother of two daughters, struggling to survive in a future city called Submittan. Facing eviction, she takes a job interview to design a poster for the city’s campaign… a dark plan for the city’s own inhabitants.
Submittan (Feature)
Produced and Directed by Travis Mills

Texas Red tells the amazing true story of an African-American outlaw who was chased by hundreds of men in the winter of 1940 through the Mississippi wilderness. Texas Red was a juke joint owner and successful businessman in the segregated South. When angry locals raided his cabin one night, Red went on the run with his partner the Oklahoma Kid, leading to an incredible chase and struggle for survival.

The Donation trailer (Other)
Produced by Bailey Heesch | Directed by Tom J. Post
The Donation trailer

When a young couple decides to donate their eggs and sperm without telling each other, what could possibly go wrong? “The Donation” is a comedic and daring story of two families who’s lives are intertwined by a moment of struggle, hope and love.

The Sum of Our Parts (formerly Free Agent) (Documentary)
Produced by Roseanne Malfucci | Directed by Roseanne Malfucci and Joy E. Reed
The Donation trailer

While supporting her partner Kelly in his gender confirmation surgery, Roseanne is triggered by her sexual trauma and faced with an unexpected opportunity to pursue legal action against her abuser. THE SUM OF OUR PARTS follows the couple on a quest to reclaim their identities and help each other heal.

The Transhumanist (Feature)
Directed by Anna Arlanova
The Transhumanist

A person is diagnozed with a rare genetic disease. The existing medicine is unable to help him — so he decides to become the very first experimental subject of a head transplantation.

Too Soon: The Comedy of 9/11 (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by Nick Scown and Julie Seabaugh
Too Soon: The Comedy of 9/11

When it seems incomprehensible to laugh again in the aftermath of 9/11, comics struggle to tell jokes in the turbulent days, weeks, and years that follow. They ultimately discover that humor is in fact more vital than ever before as a force for uniting and healing audiences – and themselves – in the face of tragedy.

Uncommon Scents (Documentary)
Produced by Kristina Bauer and Angela Jensen Ehmke | Directed by Kristina Bauer, Angela Jensen Ehmke, and Pierre Thiebaut
Uncommon Scents

A passionate aromatherapist sets out to teach over-eager essential oil consumers about the need for education and safety and learns the most important lesson is that everyone, including educated aromatherapists like herself, need to change their ways.

Voice of Vanilla (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by Maureen Maloney
Voice of Vanilla

A Malagasy mother, whose livelihood depends on vanilla, will do whatever it takes to give her daughter a better life, but there are many challenges that threaten to destroy her chances…and possibly her world.

Voice of Vanilla is a documentary that follows one woman through her journey of vanilla cultivation, walking deep into the jungles and experiencing the day-to-day struggles of raising a child, growing her crops, battling storms, and defending her livelihood. This is a film that connects people across great distances through the shared experiences of humanity, and builds empathy for the many challenges women farmers are facing.

Water and Fire: Painting as a Paraplegic (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by Stephen J O’Shea
Water and Fire: Painting as a Paraplegic

Water and Fire is a film about Kathyna Hatla, a painter turned paraplegic, who embarks on a cross-country pilgrimage to exhibit and display her artwork for the first time. The gallery of her exhibition is in Galveston, where she had her last fond memory as an able-bodied mother of four. It’s been 20 years since Kat has visited the beach, and it’s been her dream to launch her career as an artist for even longer. This film will capture both of these milestones, showcasing her drive and perseverance throughout.

Wissam: an Iraqi story (Documentary)
Produced by Taif Alkhudary | Directed by Mend Mariwany
Wissam: an Iraqi story

Iraq currently has between 250,000 and one million missing persons, estimated to be the highest number in the world.

Wissam follows the heart wrenching and sometimes absurd stories of the disappeared, families’ search for their loved ones and activists’ tireless and often treacherous work for justice and accountability.

Narrated by Salam, whose son Wissam was abducted by US forces in plain sight just 300 metres from his house in Baghdad in 2005, the film uncovers the impenetrable web of government officials, international institutions, global militaries, and paramilitaries that families and activists must navigate in order to find even the smallest traces of the missing.