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Hot Films in the Making are films that we highly support. They have excellent concepts and brilliant filmmakers, they should be in our finals in the future.


Fall Grant 2018 Hot Films in the Making

And So I Stayed (Documentary)
Produced by | Directed by Daniel A. Nelson
And So I Stayed

AND SO I STAYED is the story of Kim Dadou Brown, a domestic violence survivor who shot and killed her boyfriend when he attempted to strangle her to death in 1991. The price of fighting for her life cost 17 years behind bars. Now a free woman, Kim is fighting for New York’s Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act — legislation that will save survivors of abuse from severe prison sentences just for defending themselves.

As Advised (Short)
Produced by | Directed by Quinn Halleck
As Advised

In a world where technology knows you better than you know yourself, a teen, uncomfortable in his own skin, is willing to disguise his personality to be the person he has always wanted to become.

Aswan, Jewish Temple, Heaven the Dog and Other Things! (Documentary)
Produced by & Skot Barnett | Directed by Mohammed Adel El Safty
Aswan, Jewish Temple, Heaven the Dog and Other Things!

It’s Long documentary film.

The film tells the true story of a girl who works as a journalist. Originally from Aswan in Upper Egypt, she does not like this place praised by many others.

It is a journey from Aswan to Cairo, but also a personal journey to become a journalist – along which she encounters many issues such as conservatism and cultural intolerance.

In this respect, she also dialogues with Magda Haroun, the head of the Jewish community in Egypt. In a rare if not unique moment, we film inside the Jewish temple and its library in Cairo. High security measures surround the temple, shooting is usually forbidden, as Egypt and Israel keep on fighting over the temple.

ATAP (Feature)
Produced and Directed by

A young African American man struggles to find his path as he’s caught between the religious lifestyle of his older brother and the chaotic ways of his best friend.

A Page Intentionally Left Blank (Feature)
Produced and Directed by and Dejha Ti
A Page Intentionally Left Blank

Conversations with a disqualified surrealist muse.

She takes a bath and calls upon scenarios—real or imagined, past or future.

Beyond Judgment (Feature)
Produced and Directed by
Beyond Judgment

This feature documentary exposes the negative impact of society’s judgment on the transgender community. Beyond Judgment is a representation of the heartbreaking reality of a number of transgender individuals who strive to live a normal life despite constant harassment and the pressures of society as a whole.

Chinese Speaking Vampires (Feature)
Produced by | Directed by Melanie Wagor
Chinese Speaking Vampires

A desperate actor becomes a vampire and uses his newfound powers to land a movie role and the girl but then must choose between life and the undead.

Coda for a Captain (Documentary)
Produced by Levi Zini – Doc.Films | Directed by
Coda for a Captain

On his last sail, the old captain watches his hand-made boat rocking on the waves. Like him, the boat is creaky, dilapidated and pushed to its limits. A final passage in the life of a man who refuses to accept that which is less predictable than the wind and more frightening than the waves – growing old.

​The protagonist’s voyage is dependent on no place, time, or destination; his aim isn’t to reach any particular place, and perhaps not even to return. He battles neither massive wave nor great whale; his battle is against the dilapidated body of the boat and his own unwillingly faltering body. This is an intimate, wordless travelogue which develops from the calm into a storm.

De-Escalation (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by

In this time of increased conflict between police and citizens in the United States leading to violence and death, it becomes more apparent that a solution is needed. Understanding the techniques and practice of Body Language Analysis can save future lives.

Deer 139 (Short)
Produced by Emilene Ostlind, , and Kevin Monteith | Directed by Morgan Heim and Jayme Dittmar
Deer 139

Swimming raging rivers, traversing snow-covered mountains, and evading natural killers, she must cross the unforgiving landscapes of Wyoming to reach home. Along her path, she carries nothing other than a baby in her belly. This is the migration story of mule deer 139. Our film follows an all-woman team of scientists, adventurers, and storytellers as they brave the path of 139 to understand why she must migrate to survive and discover the connections between wild people and wild places.

DeSoto 7 (Documentary)
Produced by | Directed by Nychol Woods
DeSoto 7

Both past and present DeSoto NFL players and the DeSoto community rally around seven of their own as they journey the path to the draft. “Path to the Draft:7 DeSoto U Players” will offer the perspectives of the players and their families, learning who they are, their hopes and fears. People are awaiting such a significant story, which can only be told from the genuine perspective of the community actually living it. The small city of DeSoto is a gem, and by sharing this news of our history and accomplishments, a substantial impact could be made on others who also reside in small communities that at times may go unnoticed.

Down With X (Documentary)
Produced by | Directed by Meghan Shea
Down With X

An emerging Guatemalan fashion designer’s journey to become the first artist with Down Syndrome to lead a global clothing brand.

Enigma of Aydin (Working Title) (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
Enigma of Aydin (Working Title)

Filmmaker Tara Aghdashloo’s intimate portrait of her elusive father, the famed and controversial Iranian artist, Aydin Aghdashloo. What begins as a journey inside the mind of a resilient modern genius and a meditation on the creative pursuit, unravels into an honest portrayal of identity, family, love, and legacy.

Aydin Aghdashloo, the maestro of Iranian modern art, has been a father to millions. Captured this time though his daughter’s lens, she examines the father that he is to her, and the man behind it all. An artistic family shaped by change and upheavals, the film takes us to Iran, Azerbaijan, Canada, and London.

Eyes Upon Waking (Feature)
Produced by | Directed by Tim Zwica
Eyes Upon Waking

Logline: A troubled woman must come to terms with her suicide attempts while spending several days in a psychiatric facility.

Synopsis: Taren Foley survives her second suicide attempt within a week, and is sent from the ER to a psychiatric facility for three days of observation and analysis. Quickly realizing she has no intention of taking her life in the future, Taren alienates herself from the patients and staff, biding her time until she can be released. When circumstances force her to remain locked up all weekend, a compassionate Taren makes an effort to help her fellow patients with their issues, unaware she still neglects her own.

Grabbing Back (Documentary)
Produced by , Wendy Missan and Shareen Anderson | Directed by Pamela French
Grabbing Back

Grabbing Back is a film about African American women breaking barriers to run for Congress and change the course of our country.

How To Power A City: stories from the front lines of the clean energy revolution (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
How To Power A City: stories from the front lines of the clean energy revolution

Dozens of people, from all walks of life, are each on an individual quest to power their city, home, or business with clean, renewable energy. In a series of vignettes, “How To Power A City” explores the front lines of the clean energy revolution as these citizens, fed up with government bureaucracies and intransigent fossil fuel providers, take power themselves.

Filmed in Atlantic City, Detroit/Highland Park, Las Vegas, New York City, several towns in Puerto Rico, and Vermont.

In Summer (Feature)
Produced by
In Summer

Opposites attract when Malcolm and Sylvester, two young black men from different walks of life, meet and fall in love during one hot summer in Harlem.

Invented Before You Were Born (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
Invented Before You Were Born

A white man faces his family history of slavery straight on and is amazed to meet a rural black community descended from that same history. Nearly two centuries ago, decades before the Civil War, sixty-five slaves were freed by the will of Major Richard Bibb in Russellville, Kentucky. They inherited land, tools, houses and money – everything they needed to establish themselves as free Blacks in America. A unique and remarkable lost chapter in American history is revealed that has the potential to revitalize this community and change his life forever. Can they come together to untangle a lost story that challenges our perceptions of life for African Americans after slavery?

Leaves Awaken (Web/TV Series)
Produced by Darrell Hillaire and | Directed by Beth Pielert
Leaves Awaken

Naya, an introverted podcaster returns to her ancestral Rez determined to solve the mystery surrounding her mother’s disappearance. There, she discovers an unlikely ally deep in a cedar forest.

Mijo (Short)
Produced by & Paige Herschell | Directed by Johnny Baca

MIJO is a bilingual short film that explores the unconditional love between a mother and child through the drama that unfolds during an unlawful traffic stop along the US/Mexico border.

We see the universal theme of a mother’s love play out as our mother, Carmen, knowing she’s done nothing wrong, tries to reason with the officer. However, Carmen is a DACA recipient, and her uncertainty about where she stands legally, since DACA’s repeal, sends this volatile situation spiralling out of control. Harsh realities, like the possibility of deportation or the horrific trauma of family separation, suddenly collide with Carmen’s world in this politically polarizing & defining issue of our times.

Non Western (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
Non Western

American icons lost in a modern world: Two interracial couples fight to keep their traditions, whilst they question gender roles in their patriarchal communities.

NON WESTERN follows two Montanan couples leading up to their respective weddings portraying what middle class Americans face in a polarized US, but for the first time in History we see Cowboys and Indians fighting in the same corner. Both Thaddeus and Russ struggle with what it’s the meaning of masculinity due to their patriarchal upbringing, whilst both Nanci and Jackie reassess what it means to be a woman in a relationship, having shared experiences of domestic violence. An intimate portrait of friendship and human behaviour.

Our Islam (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
Our Islam

In creating a series of Women’s Sharia courts in India, an unlikely duo sparks a discreet revolution within their religion and community.

Fed-up with the traditional Muslim all-male councils whose interpretations of Sharia law have blatantly discriminated against women, Noorjehan and Khatoon decided to train themselves to become Islamic judges and to officially launch their own courts to help women fight difficult cases, despite pressure from family and their community to remain silent. With passion and determination, this feisty duo empowers the next generation of young Muslim women to make change and reclaim their rights and religion from conservative forces, one court case at a time.

Peridot (Feature)
Produced by Lisa Hall | Directed by

Peridot follows an unconventional protagonist. Martha is an elderly, recently widowed woman, who finds herself taking a subway one night. She is a successful author who is facing writer’s block. She has a chance encounter with Gabriel, a young male prostitute during Christmas eve on the subway (a transportation system she is brand new to). Gabriel has an uncanny resemblance to her deceased child. She strikes up a conversation, and eventually offers to pay him just to be her friend for the night. An unlikely friendship ensues. Both learn the value of caring and being cared for and show us love can take many forms.

Priorities (Feature)
Produced and Directed by

Follow the lives of four adults who struggle as single parents to care for their children. With no support from the other parents, this inevitably leads them too desperate measures.
Monica Sosa is unable properly care for her son and files child support on her husband.
Michelle Johnson has to painfully explain to her daughter, why her father is not returning back home.
Tameka Williams, a single mother living in government housing, financially struggles to feed her child.
David Lee a single father does the unthinkable, as he begins a long journey to get his daughter back into his life.
Their children and the Attorney General’s Office – Child Support Division is now their PRIORITIES.

Running for the Revolution (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
Running for the Revolution

Running for the Revolution is the story of Cuba’s greatest Olympic athlete Alberto Juantorena.

Filmed over the last 3 years against a backdrop of ongoing change, Juantorena shares his remarkable personal journey through a cauldron of sport and politics, and offers some fresh insight into his unique country and its tumultuous relationship with America. Along the way he is reunited with former US Olympic rival Fred Newhouse, and the two men reflect on their great 400m duel as well as the differences between their respective countries.

Segregation and Determination: Veterans of Washington-Escobedo Community (Documentary)
Produced by Tamara McDaniel | Directed by
Segregation and Determination:  Veterans of Washington-Escobedo Community

These men fought three overwhelming battles; racism and discrimination in America, racism and discrimination in the arm services and the enemy combatants during the three wars and yet they fought bravely, heroically, unselfishly and some made the ultimately sacrifice to ensure a better America for all Americans. This is fraction of their story.

Shedding (Feature)
Produced by Erin Brown Thomas | Directed by

“Shedding” is a seminal fantasy film about transformation, loss, and renewal, told through the eyes of a domestic animal and assembled by its filmmakers by combining archival and narrative footage.

In the story, a bored house cat who longs to explore the outside world finds his opportunity when he mysteriously transforms into a human being and escapes from his home. After befriending a grieving mother whose son he resembles, the cat helps both her and her daughter find peace.

The film explores the longing felt by all living creatures, and the healing effect that animals provide simply by their presence.

Signs of Aging (Short)
Produced by | Directed by Tara Gadomski
Signs of Aging

A mysterious young woman tries to stop a pushy skin-cream salesperson from shaming of group of women into buying “anti-aging” potions. But how can the young woman convince the others that their faces are beautiful, when they can’t even hear her?

Stories We Tell Ourselves (Feature)
Produced by Alexandra Siladi | Directed by
Stories We Tell Ourselves

A young woman leaving home to start her own life crashes a
bittersweet reunion of seven longtime friends.

Shown in an unhurried, impressionistic fashion, Stories We Tell Ourselves is a study of eight diverse individuals: one who is just beginning to forge her own adult identity, and seven others, longtime friends who were once inseparable but have drifted apart for reasons ranging from the mundane to the tragic. None of these eight people are perfect, but their lives are shown to us with honesty and compassion.

The Disease Detective Looks at Sarcoidosis (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
The Disease Detective Looks at Sarcoidosis

Diseases can define lives. “The Disease Detective Looks at Sarcoidosis” is the first in a three-part series on mysterious diseases that affect Americans. Directed by Laura P. Valtorta

The Grieving Circle (Short)
Produced and Directed by
The Grieving Circle

The Grieving Circle is a short documentary which follows two Kenyan women, Vivian Gaiko and Joyce Wachira, who are working to support other women who like them, have lost a child through infant or pregnancy loss, while raising awareness on the dangers of ignoring their grief.

The Memory of Oblivion (Documentary)
Produced by Paola Herrera & Gabriel Nagore | Directed by
The Memory of Oblivion

As he waits for opportunities to work as a clown at children’s parties, Francisco González, “Clavitos”, a homeless man of eighty-four, struggles to survive on the streets of Mexico City. The harsh reality gets in the way of his longings, forcing him to run errands for tips while he seeks for a rooftop terrace room to be protected from the weather.

“Clavitos” guides us in a journey toward his past: his story of migration and his golden years as a clown. We dive into the past of an old man to better understand his complex present.

After 4 years on the streets, his quest for a room has been unsuccessful. A casual encounter changes his uncertain destiny. New challenges appear on the horizon.

The Molok (Short)
Produced by | Directed by Sam T. Wilson
The Molok

10-year-old Micah struggles to cope with the steep decline of his community. His once thriving and proud Puerto Rican family has been ravaged by tragedy, illness and the acidic decay of gentrification; the deck has been stacked against him. While fleeing the news of his mother’s worsening health, Micah finds his way into the condemned remains of the fire that claimed his father. There, he discovers an ancient and mysterious creature collecting and drawing strength from lost, cherished objects from the surrounding population. Micah boldly challenges the monster, hoping to halt the rapid dissolution of his world. But, The Molok is old and clever and has plans of his own for Micah…

The New Extinction (wt) (Documentary)
Produced by | Directed by Kyle Arpke
The New Extinction (wt)

The commercial sale of dinosaur fossils is a deep -seated issue that paleontologists have debated for decades. For academic paleontologists each fossil unravels new information about the past. For commercial collectors the fossils are prehistoric gold. The New Extinction covers the topic from all sides of the issue, while posing a question for the viewing public: will we value our planet’s historical resources as a means to live or a means to understand our place in the annals of time?

Our crew follows paleontologists in museum collection labs, home offices, classrooms, and into the beautiful prairies and rock formations of the American West… to capture the lifestyle of these bone diggers.

The Spotted Sphinx (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
The Spotted Sphinx

Cheetahs chirp like birds, pant like dogs and purr like cats. Apart from being the fastest and most successful predator, the Cheetah is the the oldest cat on the planet and it is actually half cat and half dog with an impossible genetic structure.

This feature length documentary will answer these questions and explore the spiritual and metaphysical nature of this mysterious yet utterly charismatic creature through contemporary interviews with cheetah conservationists and The famous Joy Adamson’s experiences with her beloved Cheetah Pippa.

Watch Trailer »

Trumphobia: what both sides fear (Documentary)
Directed by
Trumphobia: what both sides fear

Donald Trump’s fervent supporters and scared opponents were influenced by Trump’s rhetoric and the media’s interpretation, increasing a dangerous political division. Now, It’s time for them to stop and listen to one another or push harder until they crash democracy as we know it.

What Women Ate (Web/TV Series)
Produced by | Directed by Katherine Knowles
What Women Ate

Hilarious, informative, and subversive, WHAT WOMEN ATE is a new digital show hosted by Megan Giller, a food writer and history nerd, who looks at history from the perspective of the kitchen and the people who have always made meals happen: women. Along with a female comedian guest, Megan invites viewers into her modern-day kitchen, where the audience sees the comedic duo rewrite culinary history through a feminist lens. It’s Drunk History meets Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee — but with women!

When Bodies Talk (Documentary)
Produced by | Directed by Hernán Vilchez
When Bodies Talk

After months of a spiraling set of physical and emotional symptoms, Florencia, a happily married Argentine mother of two, discovers that the source of her ailments is the contraceptive method recommended by her obstetrician: the non-hormonal IUD.

This becomes the first step of a challenging odyssey that unravels a controversial global reality around female contraception.

Why Was I Born (Documentary)
Produced by | Directed by Jason Howard
Why Was I Born

Why Was I Born
Imaginative Insight
Storytelling is a powerful tool that I use to harness your ideas, and display them as unique visual representations. I work with my clients to carefully craft their message and shape audience perception. Browse my site to learn more!

Yogma (Web/TV Series)
Produced by by | Directed by Demetrius Barry

Karla, is a young smart yoga instructor with dreams of becoming a celebrity in the culture. Her starry eyes and optimism are met with conflict, confusion, and trouble in her rise to the top. She and her best friend Pasqual devise a plan for becoming the hottest thing on the yoga scene when they learn that traditional studios just won’t support rising stars who don’t “stay in their place. Sheila and Hillary are old school teachers who make it a point to see that the girls stay in their place.


Summer Grant 2018 Hot Films in the Making

A Life Derailed (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
A Life Derailed

A Life Derailed:
A Young Adult Cancer Documentary

When three millennials are stalled in the prime of their lives by advanced cancer diagnoses, they were not prepared for the tremendous psychological impact this disease would cause. Unable to find the resources they needed, Emily, Jesus and Elly are inspired to create communities for this growing yet underrepresented population, so that no young adult has to feel like that are suffering alone.

Amen (Short)
Produced by Kristen McCullough and Stephanie A. Hancock | Directed by

Amen is a dramatic short film about a young girl named Louise who is unable to continue to take the pressure of not knowing if the ill-fated one night stand will have lasting results, she cannot go a second
longer without knowing whether she is pregnant or not. Compounded by the fact that she is in her parent’s house on Easter Sunday, Louise comes face to face with her own immaturity and the kind of person she wants to be.

This film takes place almost entirely in one room creating a claustrophobic feeling to the situation. At its essence, it is a coming of age story. Louise experiences a moment of complete messy honesty. And that is a story worth telling.

At the Same Time (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by Lauren Veen
At the Same Time

From the outside, José looks like many other 60-something goateed Mexican-American men in San Francisco. But José (a.k.a. Angel) secretly identifies as female and has since childhood. After learning that two of her sisters have cancer, Angel is forced to face her own mortality and the question she’s avoided all her life: Stay in the closet and remain loyal to her family, religious beliefs, and acting career (playing men) or come out as transgender and live her life authentically?

Breaking The Mold (Documentary)
Produced by Monte Gast | Directed by
Breaking The Mold

Come with me on a journey from Los Angeles to Alaska as I meet a diverse group of female adventure seekers. Let’s learn how each woman overcomes stereotypes and boundaries in pursuit of her sport. Discover with me what it’s like to be on the road in today’s America as a woman of color.

Code Blue – Water Security Conflicts and Solutions, Maine (Web/TV Series)
Produced by | Directed by Ramona du Houx
Code Blue - Water Security Conflicts and Solutions, Maine

We are committed to protecting our planet and resources. As the world heats up with climate change, the increasing lack of fresh water is causing conflicts around the globe that are affecting our energy and food supply. But there are inspiring stories — real solutions already making a difference.

In Maine offshore floating wind turbines are being developed that can withstand gale force 5 winds, grow a million dollars of muscles, and create enough clean energy to power the east coast.

Our mission is to film short videos and a documentary on water security as it relates to water, food and energy. By creating empathy through storytelling, we aim to inspire community action.

Dakota Territory (Feature)
Directed by
Dakota Territory

The Dakotas were named after the Sioux word for friends or allies…

Set in present day Western North Dakota where the oil boom is a backdrop to the stories of a white rancher, Adam Carver, who is slowly losing his family business as he takes care of his ailing father and of an indigenous social worker, Diane Fox, who’s creating a database for missing and murdered indigenous women to combat the erasure of her culture.

Their stories converge into one about how we establish boundaries (figuratively and literally) between our land, our communities and our legacies.

God Ego Who’s Speaking? (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
God Ego Who's Speaking?

Priests, Cardinals, Rabbis, Shamans, Imams, Buddhists, indigenous leaders, and other major world religious leaders answer the question: How do we discern between the voice of our own minds, our ego, and the voice of the Divine?

After 9.11, I learned there were 54 wars being fought in the name of God. When Joan of Arc heard “Save France” was it the word of God or delusion? When George Bush sent soldiers into Iraq was it his “Divine Father” (as he said) who sent him to war, or was it greed and arrogance?

When we are moved to act, when we have an idea that compels us, when we speak – are we being led by Divine Wisdom and guidance or by our egos? Do we even ask the discernment?

I believe in you, Salomé (Feature)
Produced by Sarah Gamazo | Directed by
Unteachable (formerly known as Intuition)

A radio host must go on a quest to find the elusive singer who holds the key to his entire future.

Knots: A Forced Marriage Story (Documentary)
Produced by | Directed by Kate Brewer
Knots: A Forced Marriage Story

Knots: A Forced Marriage Story is a feature-length documentary film that examines the truth about forced marriage in the U.S. and English-speaking western world through the complicated experiences of those who have survived it.

Through a series of interviews and creative visuals, we follow three forced marriage survivors – Nina, Sara, and Fraidy – whose stories demonstrate the human cost of this problem while providing important context to the national debate about forced and child marriage.

Light in Dark Places (Short)
Produced by and Valeria Lopez | Directed by Lagueria Davis
Light in Dark Places

A mother makes a shocking discovery when she’s left to pack up her daughter’s house after a tragic car accident.

My Dear Kyrgyzstan (Short)
Produced by | Directed by Alex Pritz and Noam Argov
My Dear Kyrgyzstan

A Kyrgyz man takes it upon himself to transform his abandoned Soviet mining village into an international tourism destination.

Queen of the Road (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
Queen of the Road

Queen of the Road is about the world of women truck drivers and how they are radically reshaping what it means to be a trucker. Fighting for equality and personal safety in an industry often hostile to their presence, straight, gay, cis and trans women are creating communities that defy the dominant white male trucker paradigm. Queen of the Road follows four women truckers as they negotiate discrimination, harassment, and the everyday challenges of being a truck driver; it celebrates the spirit of their struggle as they claim the freedom traditionally associated with life on the road—to be who they want to be and live the lives they want to live.

Second Acts (Short)
Produced by and Kerry Mondragon | Directed by Anya Adams

In spite of prejudices impressed on them growing up, Lee (70s, Caucasian) and Ben (70s, African American) strike up a charming love affair over the course of an evening to discover love conquers all.

Send Me Home (Documentary)
Produced by and Roger Moran | Directed by Cassandra Evanisko
Send Me Home

Send Me Home is a 360 portrait of Rickey Jackson, one of the longest-serving exonerees is U.S. history, in his surreal, new life post-prison.

The New Extinction (wt) (Documentary)
Produced by | Directed by Kyle Arpke
The New Extinction (wt)

The commercial sale of dinosaur fossils is a deep seeded issue that paleontologists have debated for decades. For academic paleontologists each fossil unravels new information about the past. For commercial collectors the fossils are prehistoric gold. THE NEW EXTINCTION covers the topic from all sides of the issue, while posing a question for the viewing public: Will we value our planet’s historical resources as a means to live or a means to understand our place in the annals of time?

From beautiful prairies and rock formations of the American West to collections labs, our crew follows paleontologists and the specimens they collect in order to understand how everything is connected.

The Unimaginable Journey Of Peter Ertel (Documentary)
Produced by and Joseph Cahn | Directed by Joseph Cahn
The Unimaginable Journey Of Peter Ertel

An introverted music student is drafted into Hitler’s army and becomes an unlikely Platoon Leader during World War II. He survives both the Eastern Front and the Battle of Normandy, and ends up being recruited by his American captors to be a U.S. Government agent in postwar Germany. He eventually immigrates to America where he forges a 25-year career working for a small company owned by Orthodox Jews. Peter Ertel, 95 at the time of filming, tells his own story.

Transmission-Roots to Branches (Documentary)
Produced by | Directed by Khadifa Wong
Transmission-Roots to Branches

Transmission- Roots to Branches is a feature length documentary about the history, lineage and future progressions of jazz dance.
Our aim is to create an understanding and awareness of where this extraordinary and complex art form came from, and
therefore give Jazz Dance the platform it deserves by showing it’s history, diversity and potential and how it is evolving.
So far we have filmed in London, New York, Chicago, Charlotte, Providence, Greensboro and Los Angeles.
Our stellar cast of award winning dancers, choreographers, directors and scholars include ; Chita Rivera, Graciela Daniele, Susan Stroman, Mandy Moore, Al Blackstone, Joshua Bergasse, Andy Blankenbuehler and many more.

Troubled Water (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
Troubled Water

The feature documentary “Troubled Water” weaves together a trio of stories of true heroism, each with the potential to inspire other ordinary citizens across the world. Máxima Acuna refuses to sell her farm to a mining operation, protecting the sacred lake on her land atop a 12,500′ mountain in Peru; Salvadoran farmer Francisco Piñeda pulls the curtain back on a cyanide-water poisoning mine, and despite the murders of four of his fellow activists, prevails in getting his government to ban all metallic mining; and in Honduras, Indigenous leader Berta Cáceres gives her life protecting her people’s sacred river from a Chinese dam and a Honduran gold mining corporation.


Spring Grant 2018 Hot Films in the Making

After the Vote (Documentary)
Produced by Dawn Scibilia, Beth Lauren, and TC Rice | Directed by

After winning the vote, women emerged from their suffrage networks to run for office, gain footholds in political parties and advocate for progressive reforms. They left us a legacy of major societal change from Social Security and child welfare, to the minimum wage. AFTER THE VOTE looks at powerful behind the scenes political strategists Belle Moskowitz, Frances Perkins, Eleanor Roosevelt and reveals an important and overlooked transition point in American women’s political history.

Coming Home (Documentary)
Produced by | Directed by Matia Karrell
Coming Home

Coming Home is a stirring celebration of America’s first female military pilots, the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP). It is a living History, a tribute and exploration into the courage of these women. Taking place over Memorial Day Weekend at the National WASP WWII Museum at Avenger Field in Sweetwater, TX, Coming Home introduces the audience to eleven WASP who have made the journey from all over the country for this celebration.

Delight in the Mountain (Feature)
Produced by | Directed by Francisco C. Torres
Delight in the Mountain

Delight in the Mountain is a comedy based on true events.

After spending most of her career as a lawyer defending the mob, Anna Maria decides to take a break after losing her last case. Trying to hide from the rough characters which have surrounded her, she moves in with her mom.

Eventually the mob tracks her down, kidnaps her mother, and demands that she argues one more case for them where Anna Maria needs to defend the son of the mafia boss.

The women navigate their lives through a host of illegal activities, the mob, a kidnapping, raising chickens and growing weed.

It’s a cross between Thelma and Louise and the Godfather but funny.


Diwa (Short)
Produced by , Bru Muller, and Corey Cooper | Directed by Aina Dumlao and Bru Muller

An unflinching look at the plight of immigrants victimized by violent crimes and the obstacles they face – told thru the eyes of one victim.

Forgotten Fields (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by and Jesse Soursourian
Forgotten Fields

Fighting for the future of a country unrecognized by much of the world, a group of women spend their days in the minefields of Nagorno-Karabagh. They are clearing explosives left by a bloody war that began with the fall of the Soviet Union, and has continued to pour over the borders for 20 years.

Forgotten Fields follows three women – Varduhi, Varditer, and Lilit – who have chosen to take a job as a deminer. With them, we explore not only their dangerous work, but their lives as they wrestle with the pain of their pasts, their dreams for the future of their country, and the immense joy and bonds they share together, as a team.

Her Justice (provisional title) (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
Her Justice (provisional title)

In creating a series of Women’s Sharia courts in India, an unlikely duo sparks a discreet revolution within their religion and community.

Fed-up with the traditional Muslim all-male councils whose interpretations of Sharia law have blatantly discriminated against women, Noorjehan and Khatoon decided to train themselves to become Islamic judges and to officially launch their own courts to help women fight difficult cases, despite pressure from family and their community to remain silent. With passion and determination, this feisty duo empowers the next generation of young Muslim women to make change and reclaim their rights and religion from conservative forces, one court case at a time.

Kionte Storey – Athlete (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
Kionte Storey - Athlete

The true story of a young wounded Marine, his life’s challenges and triumphs, and the documentary that will not give up!

Lady Buds (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
Lady Buds

LADY BUDS follows six women as they transition from the illicit market to the regulated market in the California cannabis industry. Cannabis has a complicated history in the US, and the process of legalization brings some of America’s oldest traumas to the forefront after years of neglect. From farmers to entrepreneurs to activists, these modern-day superheroes battle corporate interests and risk everything in order to fight for restorative justice, social equity and for the rights of small farmers who stood by the community during a time when it was unsafe to do so.

Lady Buds (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
Lady Buds

Listen Closely is a feature length documentary that examines why listening matters, why most of us don’t do it as well as we think we do and why we desperately need to get better.

Motorcycle Man (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
Motorcycle Man

Motorcycle Man is a short documentary about a man who has pursued a single passion in life: motorcycle racing. Dave Roper has raced every year since 1972, competing on exotic vintage bikes at racetracks around the world and winning a reputation as a folk hero of the sport. As he enters his twilight years, Roper reflects on the unconventional path he has followed in life, the dangers he has faced and the choices he has made. Motorcycle Man celebrates the speed, sweat and thrill of motorcycle racing, while offering a meditation on craft, obsession and what it takes to pursue your dreams.

Ruth’s (Short)
Produced by

Ruth’s follows a family’s visit at the grandmother’s house on the night of the Seder. Later that night the granddaughter, Lizzy, finds her grandma, Ruth, watching a news story about newfound facts of Anne Frank’s death, and confronts her about something she’d suspected for years – her grandma is Anne Frank.

Stroke of Genius (Documentary)
Produced by | Directed by Liam Alexander
Stroke of Genius

We capture unique stories from people who turned a traumatic event into a success by “not giving up” to inspire those who have lost hope. We find, create, and share stories of incredible people who have overcome life changing traumatic injury to now live a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life. Collection of stories triumph over adversities including stroke, cancer, blindness, deafness, amputee, cerebral palsy, brain aneurysm, heart transplant, severe burn, myasthenia gravis, brain tumor, Guillain-Barré syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy, etc.
#talkingGenius #ShareyourStrokeofGenius

Stronger Than Pretty (Feature)
Produced and Directed by
Stronger Than Pretty

A young mother’s “American Dream” turns into a living nightmare, until she finds the inner strength to listen to a voice she hadn’t heard before: her own.

As an artist, I create projects that make a difference in the world and shed light on subject matters deserving of more attention from society and the filmmaking community. In particular, I am compelled to tell stories where women are the heroes who save themselves. Stronger Than Pretty is an empowering film about the journey of a woman finding her voice. Women often must fight for social and economic equality. This was my mother’s reality and the inspiration of Stronger Than Pretty.

-Jaret Martino

Trauma Queens (Documentary)
Produced by | Directed by Renee Topper
Trauma Queens

TRAUMA QUEENS is a documentary series that exposes a hidden epidemic that directly affects 80% of the population Each episode follows a woman on the front line who takes a trauma-ridden child into her care. Through revelations, lessons, and hardships we connect her story to the national issue and examine tools for prevention and management.

Trumphobia: What Both Sides Fear (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
Trumphobia: What Both Sides Fear

Trumphobia: what both sides fear is a feature documentary about the political division in the United States and how Donald J. Trump’s rhetoric increased that division with the help of the mainstream media. On one side, he gave strength and safety to his supporters and, on the other side, he imposed fear and anger on his opponents, which led to major confrontations, protests, and counter-protests across the country. Trumphobia analyzes the reasons for the political division, provides a moving description of Trump’s supporters along with the people who are most affected by Trump’s policies, and proposes empathy and compassion for all as a possible solution to the turmoil.

When Porgy Came Home (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
When Porgy Came Home

Since 1935, the opera “Porgy and Bess” has received national and worldwide acclaim yet it did not debut in Charleston, SC, the city of its birth, until 1970 due to racial tension. “When Porgy Came Home” tells the story of how a group of singers united their segregated city in the name of opera.

Women Behind the Wheel (Documentary)
Produced and Directed by
Women Behind the Wheel

The Pamir Highway traverses national, ethnic and cultural borders, meandering its way through Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. This Summer, we – Catherine and Hannah – embarked on the 3000km drive along the Highway, investigating what life is like for women in this under-explored region.

Our decision to take on the challenging road-trip confronted gender stereotypes about driving. But it wasn’t just us defying gender norms – women living in the Pamir mountains are some of the most isolated on our planet, surviving in altitudes of over 4000m. Our documentary uncovers their rarely-heard stories of resilience, determination and generosity.