Reach Donors, Strategic Partners, Sponsors and Fans!

From the Heart can help you research a custom targeted outreach list

In “crowdfunding”, “crowd” comes before “funding”. In other words, you need to build your crowd, your audience, in order to generate the funds you need. The success of your fundraising or crowdfunding campaign depends primarily on the size and quality of your network, and that comes from outreach and marketing.

The first step in planning your outreach and marketing campaign is to identify your demographics. Who are the kind of people who will want to see and support your film? Are they Farmers? Doctors? Comic Book Nerds? What are they interested in? What are their most important groups and key figures? How do they communicate?

When you are clear about who you want to reach, let us help you reach them with our custom marketing database research.

 1000 RECORDS FOR $170

2500 RECORDS FOR $410

5000 RECORDS FOR $790

10000 RECORDS FOR $1490

Basic Data Includes: Full Name, Title, Company Name, Email, Phone, Website, Full Address & Description

You can help us build a master library of crucial contacts to help all From the Heart filmmakers make their films, and by sharing your lists with us.

If you would like to research a custom list, or contribute an existing list, please email Adam Heyes at

*Prices may vary depending on complexity of research and data required. Additional information such as social media links, bios, etc. can be researched for an additional cost. Contact Us for a quote for your specific project.