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Each year I review close to 500 films and trailers from my film grants and filmmakers who hire me. Making films is a long process from research through release can take several years and many times filmmakers get discouraged or stalled and never complete the film or they finish it and then can’t get it released.

It’s sad but true that many films are never seen. Why? Many reasons but one main problem is finances. Most filmmakers need to support themselves while they make their films; they can’t quit their day jobs do the writing, hiring, filming and raise the money for the film. They have to make time around their work and family to create the film.

This can be done with the filmmaker’s total dedication. And it can be much easier when you work with someone. You outline what you want to achieve over the next 3 months and we discuss your goal and set up action lists for your success.

In today’s world you need to distribute your film while you are making it. Understanding how to find your niche markets and creating partners for your doc and audiences for your feature’s release are just as important as making the film and you need to do these together.

After writing, The Art of Film Funding: Alternative Financing Concepts I realized that your mind is your greatest asset in financing films. So I wrote the companion book, The Art of Manifesting to cover the faith and belief that you need in yourself to achieve your goals.

This book is essential to success and it is a free gift with your consultation. I know it works, I used these concepts to take a $20.00 bill and create $9,000,000.00 in sales in my company Studio Film and

If you are interested in a consultation, click on the link below and make a tax deductable donation to From the Heart. Then send me your full package on the feature or doc, your short term goals and email me for a time to talk.

I will review your materials and set up a consultation time and date. 805 984 0098

I met Carole Dean about a year ago with nothing more than my notes, my passion and my profound desire to do my first Documentary. I remember she encouraged me and guided me through every single step in order to accomplish my project. Every time someone asks me how are you doing this? I always respond: It is not just me I have a wonderful Angel who is by my side at all times, guiding me, supporting me and pushing me no matter what happens she is always helping me to keep my focus on things that really matter. I’m so grateful I found her and now we are working together, like she said: ” is all about the journey”. Carole has a tremendous wisdom, faith in you and persistence to keep you going. Be prepared because she will take you on a wonderful journey.
-Natalia Berry, filmmaker

I found Carole’ to truly be the guardian angel for my film. Her knowledge has been the difference in getting this film made. By changing areas in the script from her suggestions has made all the difference to the clarity and flow of the story. D’Nell Bingham

If you are looking for someone who will guide you through the experience of filmmaking she is the right choice. She has been as excited about the process and I have been and taking an interest in my goals and dreams for my life and helping them to come true.-Karen McCann