How to Manifest Miracles (Part 4)

by Carole Dean

Using the Power and Energy of the God Inside of Us

Author Stuart Wilde has some incredible lessons about manifesting miracles as a means to your personal and professional success.

In my latest video based on his work, I discuss how Stuart believes that God is not just a figure outside of us.  He is a powerful energy inside us all.   

Learning to Use the God Inside of Us to Create Miracles

Stuart says “As you work to expand power, it is almost impossible to do so if you see God outside of yourself.  If you do see God outside of yourself, then what you are saying is, “I do not control my life. Some entity above me or beyond me is controlling my life.” 

There is an Indian greeting you may have seen where people hold their hands in prayer and say Namaste to each other.  My Indian friend explained that Namaste means, the God inside me salutes the God inside you. 

What you want to do is move to the belief that you are the creator of your own future. You are a God.  That tiny part of you that never dies is a God and knowing that you are powerful is important to manifesting miracles.  Your faith in yourself is paramount to creating miracles.

Allow Yourself to Receive

He says “As you push out as a miracle maker and as you begin to get your action plan God Inside of Usgoing, you have to establish in your feelings the idea that, one, you are worthy and two, you can receive.”

So often in our society, we put an emphasis on giving, that it is more blessed to give than to receive but you have to understand, for every giver, there has to be a receiver.

A filmmaker emailed me recently to take me to lunch.  I immediately started writing saying I would love to go to lunch but I would not let her pay….then I thought, how can I keep asking to receive, if I don’t accept? 

So, for once I said OK and I want you to pay attention to gifts offered and say YES!

Keep Working on Miracle Action Plan

In your miracle action plan, you must be very specific on what you want.  Don’t just say you want lots of money soon, but outline exactly what you want.  Have specific dates in mind for achieving it.

Remember to use the affirmations like, I am a power, positive individual.  All events in this day are for my highest good.  You are saying that the power lies with you and not with someone else.

Carole Dean is president and founder of From the Heart Productions; a 501(c)3 non-profit that offers fiscal sponsorship for independent filmmakers. She hosts the weekly podcastThe Art of Film Fundinginterviewing those involved in all aspects of indie film productionShe is also the author of The Art of Film Funding, 2nd Edition: Alternative Financing Concepts.  See IMDB for producing credits.

Keeping Faith

By diane estelle Vicari

I was inspired to make my documentary Imagining a Better World in 2006 when I first read Dr. Nelly Toll’s award winning biography Behind the Secret Window: her remarkable story of hiding from the Nazis in occupied Poland alongside her mother during WWII.

Painting by Nelly Toll

Painting by Dr. Nelly Toll

Still a child during this terrible ordeal, with her mother’s love as her only protection, Nelly created a body of sixty watercolor paintings depicting what her life would resemble under normal circumstances.

Without the kindness of a Catholic family, who risked their lives simply by hiding them, Nelly and her mom would not have survived.

Today, a renowned art therapist and teacher, she believes strongly in emphasizing the positive values she took away from her experience to triumph over adversity as she goes and visits schools, of all levels, across the country to share her story.

The Nelly Toll Story is another example of “one man can make a difference”, a theme explored in my previous work, Sugihara: Conspiracy of Kindness.  This documentary film relates the story of Japanese Diplomat Chiune Sempo Sugihara who risked it “all” acting against government orders during WWII to save the lives of strangers, by writing visas for escaping Jews.

He did so with the belief that somehow these strangers would find their way to safety.  Were it not for his courageous actions, some 60,000 people would not be alive today.

As a storyteller, I am constantly reminded that FAITH is a critical tool in my work as well.   Without it, no matter the value of our vision, it will not bear fruit.  If courageous individuals, like Dr. Nelly Toll and Chiune Sugihara could “imagine a better world” under some of the worst circumstances in our history, well, so can we.

As a filmmaker and a messenger, my subjects teach me through their stories, to have faith in a better humanity.

diane estelle Vicari, Director / Producer is an award-­winning filmmaker and is internationally renowned for her work in promoting the production and advancement of the documentary film genre.  Now in production on Imagining a Better World, her last documentary, Sugihara: Conspiracy of Kindness, won the Hollywood Film Festival Award for Best Documentary and the prestigious IDA/ Pare Lorentz Award. It has also been honored by the United Nations and aired nationally on PBS.