Women Behind the Camera: Special Edition 2-Disc Set

001_STEPHM300dpiIn Women Behind the Camera filmmaker Alexis Krasilovsky covers the emergence and expansion of women cinematographers and Directors of Photography. Through interview and film clips Krasilovsky captures the trials and triumphs of talented women breaking barriers, struggling against heels-dug-in adversaries on the set, in executive offices, in unions and other trade organizations.

Although focused on a particular occupation, the story Krasilovsky tells is emblematic of the overall global feminist struggle for equal rights and opportunity, for respect, for freedom from harassment, abuse, and harm in all aspects of life.

American society, the entire world is still deeply entrenched in a worldview in which females of all ages are subjugated, discriminated against, harmed, and killed. Krasilovsky’s work evokes this global struggle.

And, of course, her film is a celebration of women breaking through gender barriers.

In light of that perspective I cannot over-emphasize that this film is not just for filmmakers and film buffs. Women Behind the Camera is a film for everyone.

Regarding the two-DVD set I viewed:

Disc One is organized into chapters: The Pioneers, The Struggle, Mothers and Cameras, and Vision. There is a separate section of scenes on the main menu indicated as ‘Additional Scenes.’

Disc Two includes ‘Additional Chapters’ and an interview with Krasilovsky.

This set also includes an invaluable 12-page Teachers Guide.

There are many ways to access Krasilovsky’s coverage of women behind the camera. Simply go to her Store and you will find the film, the 2-DVD set, and a 54-minute version of Women Behind the Camera entitled Shooting Women

Note: Krasilovsky has also co-written a book entitled Shooting Women: Behind the Camera, Around the World available at the moment for pre-order from the University of Chicago Press.

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