The Winding Stream: The Big Bang of Country Music

Documentary films have the power to bring us into worlds we never heard of, or barely know of—worlds we may have no interest in whatsoever.

indexBut if we follow the filmmaker’s Yellow Brick Road we are amazed at how much fun it was, how fascinating and engaging—grateful we took the first step and kept walking.

Directed by highly accomplished filmmaker Beth Harrington, The Winding Stream tells the story of the Carter family who are considered ‘The Big Bang of Country Music.’ The three family members who started it all were A.P., Sara, and Maybelle, from Maces, Virginia, in the Appalachian foothills.

The story takes us from the late 1800s to present times, with interviews of and performances by a handful of performers paying tribute to the three seminal members who are referred to as ‘the Original Carter Family.’

This is a stunning, expertly crafted film—one yours truly has viewed many times. Each of the three Carter family members could have their own documentary or narrative film. Their personal lives were quietly epic, their contributions to American music, incalculable.



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