Who Made You?: A Cinematic Meditation on AI and Robotics

What are us humans doing with the technologies of robotics and artificial intelligence? What is the impact of AI and robotics on humanity, the ethics and values of the development and applications of these technologies?

These are the questions explored in Iiris Härmä’s Who Made You?. The film goes around the world to Japan, Greece, Sweden, Spain, and Finland to address these questions.

Dr. Michael Laakasuo is the film’s de facto host, appearing and speaking at points throughout the film. In-between his statements we see other commentators, humans and robots communicating with each other, a self-made cyborg who walks around with a device buried into the back of his brain, people having chips placed in their bodies, the inevitable hyper-real sex bots, people performing AI-created music and poetry, and much more.

Two different versions of the film are available from First Hand Films: 58 minutes or 80 minutes. Yours truly went for the 80-minute version. I could easily have watched a two-hour or longer version, I was so captivated with the images and information about AI and robotics.

Who Made You? is a First Hand Films production. You may find the film by emailing your request to: stories@firsthandfilms.com


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