The Guardians: My parents. Where are they?

The Guardians is an expertly produced film about massive governmental corruption in the guardianship of elders.

Filmmaker Billie Mintz covers middle- and upper-class families in Las Vegas, Nevada, who are victims of a closed-loop governmental system which allows elders to be taken from their homes, and for said government to have direct access to their homes, financial records and resources—including wills and trusts.

The perpetrators, called Public Guardians or Private Guardians, also have access to furniture, valuables—to put it simply, the contents of your parents’ home. Family members have little, if any, recourse. Guardians can walk right into your parents’ home without any notice whatsoever, and whisk your parents away to institutions where they may be heavily drugged.

These ‘guardians’ could not do their dirty work without the crucial help of doctors, lawyers, and courts—an overall governmental structure that supports the legal kidnapping of elders.

Although the focus is on Las Vegas, the film concludes with this cautionary statement: ‘An estimated 1.5 million adults are currently under guardianship across the United States.’

Available from iTunes Store and Amazon Prime, The Guardians is a powerful, infuriating, must-see documentary.





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