the Breast Archives: Nine Women Tell Their Stories

Meagan Murphy’s idea is deceptively simple: a documentary about women’s breasts. Yet, what emerges from the Breast Archives is complex, deep.

By interviewing nine women speaking about their breasts, Murphy’s film addresses a multitude of psycho-social issues regarding women and American culture.

The women share their pain, confusion, discoveries, realizations, and healing. Their words are a doorway to issues of beauty, femininity, self-esteem, sexuality, sensuality, feminism, abuse, cultural oppression, and cancer.

The film is relevant to women, of course, yet the more teenage and adult males who see the the Breast Archives, the greater its social impact. I would have found more compassion and empathy had I seen this movie as a teenager.

Murphy’s personal story in making the film is also moving. Here is the link to her story.





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