Talent Has Hunger: Seven Students, Seven Years

jackie-plays-at-the-juries_cuJosh Aronson’s Talent Has Hunger follows legendary cello teacher Paul Katz and a group of students over a period of seven years. The film is a rare opportunity and treat to experience the depth and breadth of skills required to master an instrument, and the dedication it takes to stay with the challenges of learning and changing over so many years—let alone making your instrument a life-long occupation and livelihood.

The students are charming and charismatic, Katz’s teaching skills and sensitivity are jaw-dropping. He does not subscribe to the stern school of teaching. Instead, he converses person-to-person, very much like speaking with a friend who’s asked him for some help with this or that challenge.

Of course, there is plenty of music to be enjoyed, and mind-boggling playing to see. But, the hero is Katz, a dedicated teacher with a lifetime of service—and students-turned-masters playing and teaching around the world.

Talent Has Hunger is a First Run Features release.

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