Roy W. Dean Grant Fall 2014 Special Mention

Many excellent films apply for the grant. While these films did not make the finals, their exceptional stories need to be told and the talent of the filmmakers need to be recognized.

Film Title Type Filmmaker Tagline
 A Brief History of Time Travel A Brief History of Time Travel Doc Gisella Bustillos  A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME TRAVEL explores the history and connection between time travel and humanity and how this idea has influenced some of the most prominent thinkers and creators in the 21st century.
A Christmas Dance Christmas Dance Short Pingwen Wang Christmas Dance is a story about an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s enters a dream world during Christmas Eve and meets her long lost family and friends. She must remember her most important memories with her daughter and let go of all her regrets before she forgets everything.
Dear Paulie Jean Dear Paulie Jean Short Shirley Bruno  Pauline Jean is an actress caught in a circular holding pattern. Stuck behind the many faces she has constructed, she must risk giving the scariest performance of her life: being herself.  In the midst of her existential crisis, she writes a letter to her namesake.
 Diamond Diplomacy Diamond Diplomacy Doc Yuriko Gamo Romer  DIAMOND DIPLOMACY will be the first comprehensive documentary to tell the story of how our two nations are connected through the shared love of baseball. U.S.-Japan Baseball has never been bigger.
 Forced Change Forced Change Doc Rennik Soholt Forced Change is a feature documentary that uses the path of destruction left behind by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 as a vehicle to bring to life unique human stories to shed light on what it means to be home.
Graveyard Spirals Graveyard Spirals Short Evelyn Lee After visiting her mother who had a recent heart attack, Nori drives across country and goes on an inner animated journey to her soul to find peace.
Frank Leone Story How Do We Keep The Music Playing? – The Frank Leone Story Doc Art Morrison & Sandy Beck This film is about one man’s 50 year career in Las Vegas and his mission to create public awareness that the arts are the foundation of every great nation.
 Learning to Drive Learning to Drive Short Roderick E. Stevens II A short film inspired by the true story of a spirited young man with Down syndrome struggling to convince his caring, absent-minded brother to teach him how to drive.
 Lila Lila Short Mingyuan Huang  After refusing to go to the hospital on the night that her mother dies, Lila becomes overwhelmed with guilt, blaming herself for her weakness. Unable to deal with issues at school, she runs away, and leaves everything behind.
 Miles for Smiles Miles for Smiles Doc Cynthia Sperry Famous South African chef/extreme athlete/inspirational speaker David Grier ran the length of the U.K. He ran this trek in 25 days for the children’s charity Miles for Smiles, providing facial reconstruction surgeries for children born with cleft palates.
My Mother Short Tarun Jain Believed to have the least possible grey shades, a mother and a son’s relationship is challenged in the name of mere materialistic possessions.
Reset Reset Short Arun K. Vir RESET, a dark drama follows the heart-wrenching journey of addiction and recovery of a young woman, RYLEE MARTIN. After being released from the hospital, mother and daughter navigate their difficult relationship with Rylee eventually entering treatment at a rehab facility. Working through issues around identity and body image, Rylee learns that recovery is a life-long process.
 Shaykha Shaykha Doc Kelly Thompson & Zachary Stuart From NYC, to Istanbul to Senegal, witness the leadership of three women, all of them pioneers in the Muslim world.
 Special Blood Special Blood Doc Natalie Metzger  Faced with a life-threatening rare disease, four patients struggle to lead normal lives. Failed by a healthcare system that is largely ignorant of their existence, they learn to find strength in each other and their small, but strong community.
 Syl Johnson Syl Johnson: Any Way the Wind Blows Doc Rob Hatch-Miller The story of the rediscovery of a great “lost” Chicago soul musician, Syl Johnson, who struggled throughout a 50 year career to get his voice heard. He finally broke through to a wide audience after countless hip-hop artists sampled his work, leading to the release of a Grammy-nominated box set at age 80.
The Dirty, BIG Secret Doc Andrea Palombella
 The Gold Fish Casino The Gold Fish Casino Short Sarolta Jane Cump The queer journey of a plucky Salmon playing for high stakes in the Water Wars.
 The Highwaymen The Highwaymen – This is Our Story Doc Todd Thompson This one-hour documentary tells the historical story and artistic significance of the native Florida artists known as The Highwaymen. This Is Our Story gives voice to the individual and collective accounts of these unique artists and their works.
 The Ladies Almanack The Ladies Almanack Feature Daviel Shy A kaleidoscopic tribute to women’s writing focused on lives and voices of 1920’s Paris, refracted by the words of French 1970’s theorists, and disseminated through the bodies of international contemporary artists.
The Reef Project Doc Jeff Orlowski
The Rukus Doc Andrew Ackerman
 This Might Hurt This Might Hurt Feature Kent Bassett

A documentary film about the mind-body cure for chronic pain.

Violation Violation Short Jevonne Bowman-Bullock A year after returning from war, SHAYLA is still struggling to adjust to civilian life when she is preyed upon by MARK while traveling alone to work in the pre-dawn hours of Brooklyn. With the support of her war forged friends TAMARA and LISA, Shayla finally comes to terms with her combat experience and embraces the path of a warrior.
 We Love Paleo We Love Paleo Doc Caroleen Moise Reimann & Tjard Reimann A group of filmmakers travel the world interviewing prominent proponents and living examples of the Paleo lifestyle. Along the way they meet business owners, doctors, chefs, dieticians, writers, and more inspiring individuals.
 Wisdom Gone Wild Wisdom Gone Wild Doc Rea Tajiri  At 93, Rose Noda Tajiri is a time-traveler. Disparate geographies, slide against one another in a single sentence and within several minutes, we’ve travelled through Rose’s mind to three different states, through several decades and a war.


Special Mention – 2014 Spring Grant

A Wake Up Call Short Barbara Sutton Masry
My Psycho Kitties Documentary Colleen Stratton
The Red Umbrella Diaries Documentary Audacia Ray
India Zuni Man Documentary Annapura Devi Pandley
After 68 Documentary Camilo Silva
Dear Pauline Jean Short Shirley Bruno
They will have to kill us first: Malian music in exile Documentary Johanna Schwartz
RISE Short Dominic Gill
The Surrounding Game Feature Film Will Lockhart
The Zim Feature Film William Barfield
The Lonesome Trail Feature Film Arlette Thomas-Fletcher
The Sounds of Bamboo Master Documentary David Neptune
Sunset Documentary Teal Greyhavens
Still Judy Documentary Lisa Denker
The Big Ponzie Documentary Corinne Mc Afee
The Caregivers—Testing the Bonds of Love Documentary Stephanie Seldin Howard
Least of These My Brothers Documentary Dr. Anthony Raimondo
Abundant Land Documentary Natasha Florentino
Crimson and Clover Feature Sophie Modlin
The Real Trial of the 20th Century? Feature Robert Richer
In Search of America, Inshallah Short Danish Renzu
Strip Short Osaretin Oghomwen
Nine-Story Mountain Documentary Chelsi  Bullard
A Truth in Silence Short Felipe Pina Elizabeth
IRA Short Tiffany  Lebel
La Fuente “The Fountain” Short Marjory E. Leposky
Pave the Road Documentary Kelly Mason
Grandma Gatewood Documentary Bette Lou Higgins
GOSHEN: Seed. Substance. Survival Documentary Sharah Zentz
Bannor on the Moon Documentary Renee Sotile
North of the Grove Documentary William Hobbs
The 32,000 Documentary Valerie Renee Campbell
My country is the world and the world is my stage Feature Arthur Kanegis

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