Silenced: How Far Would You Go to Tell the Truth?

SilencedSilenced tells of the investigations and prosecutions of three federal government workers who blew the whistle on governmental malfeasance in post 9/11 America. Instead of being honored as patriots, two were accused of treason and one was investigated—their lives were shattered.

Writer/director James Spione follows the three whistle-blowers—Jesselyn Radack, John Kiriakou, and Thomas Drake—who speak of their struggles with federal authorities.

The truth tellers speak of treason at the highest levels of government: torture, domestic spying, tampering with evidence, and the squelching of public information. One whistle-blower uncovered overlooked information warning of 9/11. Was that human error or an act of omission? In any case, the information was effectively hidden from the 9/11 investigators.

Silenced had a strong festival run, but it needs to be seen by every American. It was only by chance that I found this incendiary documentary, and this is my humble contribution to bringing the film to more hearts and minds.



Jesselyn Radack’s book, Traitor 

John Kiriakou’s book, The Reluctant Spy


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