Sick to Death!: Ignoring and Mistreating Our Thyroid Glands

Maggie Hadleigh-West’s Sick to Death! is a highly personal film which tells several health-related stories—her own struggles with thyroid disease, and those of the film’s interviewees. The film provides crucial information about conventional medicine’s seemingly willful ignorance of how to accurately diagnose and successfully treat thyroid dysfunction. It is on this basis alone that I highly recommend this film.

However, Hadleigh-West’s thyroid focus serves as a springboard to get to the inevitable source of conventional medicine’s thyroid negligence—our greed-based medical system which keeps costs astronomical, stifles medical practitioners from utilizing non-allopathic treatments, and makes the United States last among 11 developed nations in quality of healthcare, and first in terms of healthcare costs.

The film’s website provides resources for viewers who wish to follow up on the crucial information Hadleigh-West provides.



(Pictured: Maggie Hadleigh-West)

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