The Raw and the Cooked

If there was an Academy Award category for best culinary documentary film – which there should be – The Raw and the Cooked would be a winner.

7606587_f520Prolific, if not legendary, documentary filmmaker Monica Treut, tours Taiwan, filming and enjoying a great variety of cuisine – their dishes’ preparation, presentation, and consumption. Her cinematography is utterly sensational. The people she meets – growers, distributors, restaurateurs, chefs, and hosts – charming.

Along the way Treut introduces viewers to several of the nation’s sub-cultures, their histories, and their respective culinary traditions. She briefly explores issues of organic foods, urbanization, pollution, and nuclear waste.

I added Treut’s tour of Taiwan to my ‘bucket list.’

Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel introduced me to this expression: No bad movie can be too short, and no good movie can be too long. Truet’s film is so engaging, I could have taken… twice as much.

Bon appétit!


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