Pet Fooled: They Deserve Better

A confluence of factors have induced me to cover this revealing documentary about the pet food industry. The deepest factor is having found myself an unofficial member of the animal rights movement—including the legal initiative to secure personhood rights for non-human animals. Added to that are my friends with pets who speak frequently—and with passion—about the food they provide to their animal companions. Finally, in the midst of my second half-century of life I find myself bonding with my friends’ dogs. My inner Jewish Mother has been evoked.

Like our national media, the pet food industry is dominated by five multi-conglomerate companies—including the ever-evil, water-mongering Nestle corporation. The industry is virtually unregulated. (I don’t view our human food industry regulations all that effective in the first place.)

Kohl Harrington’s Pet Fooled exposes massive malfeasance in the $63 billion dollar a year pet food industry. The bottom line is that we are feeding our canine and feline companions a poor, unhealthy, and sometimes lethal diet. The healthy diet is untainted raw meat from clean, ideally organic sources. Cats’ needs are, of course, slightly different than dogs needs.

Harrington provides a plethora of facts and figures, and interviews heroic, dedicated veterinarians who champion a healthy diet for our non-human companions. For those in the know, this film is old news. But, only a small percentage of us Americans are in the know. If you are one of those Americans I urge you to buy this film to share with as many human animals as you can—and you just might find out some new information for yourself.

If you are not aware of the unhealthy pet foods purchased for that $63 billion each year, Pet Fooled is an absolute must-see.

Pet Fooled is a Sponsored Project of the International Documentary Association, and is distributed by Kino Lorber.



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