On Her Own: Family, Loss, and Resilience

Directed by Morgan Schmidt-Feng, On Her Own is both a character study and a eulogy. The character is Nancy Prebilich. The eulogy is for the ongoing massive loss of family farms in the United States.

Using primarily cinema verité coverage, Schmidt-Feng follows Prebilich and her family on their 5th generation northern California farm known as the Gleason Ranch.

The family is raising the full spectrum of domesticated farm animals. It is last decade’s ‘Great Recession.’ Their struggles are physical, financial, and emotional. Prebilich, the de facto matriarch, battles heroically with all of these forces.

Although the point about our loss of family farms and ranches is well-made and well-taken, it is Prebilich’s powerful character the keeps our hearts and minds engaged in this film’s narrative. Whether or not you remember details of this story, you will never forget the tenacity and passion of Nancy Prebilich.


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