Night Will Fall: Revealing Nazi Atrocities


Night Will Fall tells the chapter of the Holocaust about what happened when American and British forces discovered the death camps. It also tells the story of attempts to put a massive amount of film footage from that time and place into releasable form.

The primary source material comes from raw footage taken at Bergen-Belsen, Dachau, and Auschwitz camps. The initial title of the attempted film was ‘German Concentration Camps Factual Story’. Seventy years in the making, the Imperial War Museum restored the never-completed film, and released it with the never-before-seen sixth reel.

The film’s title derives from narration recorded for ‘German Concentration Camps Factual Story’: “Unless the world learns the lesson these pictures teach, night will fall. But by God’s Grace we who live will learn.”

Night Will Fall is directed by Andre Singer, narrated by Helena Bonham Carter, and released by Brett Ratner’s RatPac Documentary Films. For more films about the Holocaust, see Moriah Films the link to which is below. I found that their film, Against the Tide, added a bit of insight into the United States’ response to the Holocaust.

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