Neurons to Nirvana: The Benefits of Psychedelic Substances

Although the film’s title has a spiritual connotation, Neurons to Nirvana covers a broad spectrum of benefits of what are commonly known as ‘psychedelic drugs’ (I prefer the word ‘substances.’) The film is densely packed with crucial information and ideas.

resize.phpI call this film a ‘hub’ documentary—one which refers to a variety of subjects any one of which us viewers may find documentaries focused on just that subject.

Neurons to Nirvana also covers the massively damaging ‘war on drugs,’ as well as past and current governmental suppression of information about and access to psychedelic substances for clinical research and therapeutic applications.

The most surprising information to me was about the successful use of MDMA (ecstasy) in the treatment of military personnel suffering from PTSD.

The proper use of psychedelic substances for therapeutic purposes holds great promise for the relief of suffering and the optimization of life for countless millions of people. Many psychological maladies may be cured—not just ‘managed.’ Of course, that means pharmaceutical companies could lose a lot of customers—and we all know that would make the companies very unhappy. Maybe their CEOs would benefit from psychedelic therapy.

Neurons to Nirvana is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Mangu.

Access a complimentary Vimeo file of an extended version of the film here.

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