Mobilize: Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Cell Phones

Most of us know there’s a problem with the electro-magnetic radiation emitted by cell phones, and some of us take some measure of caution in our use of them.

If you are one of those cell phone users who is not taking precautions, that state ofMobilize Still 1 affairs will end after you watch Kevin Kunze’s film, Mobilize. In its brief 84 minutes we learn about the latest research pointing out the long-term health risks of cell phone use, and the telecommunications industry’s battle against bad PR and bad – for them – legislation.

An extra note of caution is added regarding children who are using cell phones at younger and younger ages – including toys for toddlers that incorporate the phones. There was even one for babies.

Hats off to Kunze for his indomitable spirit in confronting the industry and bringing this information to light. Now, the ball’s in our court

I continue to be amazed at the tens of millions of Americans over the last couple hundred years or so who thought they could smoke every day and believed said smoke would not hurt their lungs. Hopefully it won’t take as long for us to change our cell phone behavior and for the industry to be held accountable for the effects of its products.

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