Mission Wolf: Experiment in Living

“The day that we are successful is the day that we take those cages down, and watch wolves in the wild.”
Kent Weber, Co-Founder and Executive Director

Mission Wolf is a sanctuary in the remote Colorado mountains. The rescue cares for wolves, wolfdogs, and horses.

The film’s primary focus is the people working there at the time of production. Director Gayle Nosal eschews narration and allows the people running Mission Wolf tell their stories. The volunteers tell stories of unhappy pasts, the challenges they face at Mission Wolf, and the inestimable value they have discovered working with each other and their charges. But, don’t get me wrong! We are with plenty of wolves—at the shelter, on tour, walking around packed audiences, serving as ambassadors.

Mission Wolf is both a sanctuary and a self-sustaining commune. Volunteers may be there a short time, or remain there for years. It was co-founded by Kent Weber and Tracy Ane Brooks. Weber speaks of the shelters’ values, activities, and impacts.

Mission Wolf: Experiment in Living is an inspiring film about people who value and support our natural world—and who love, or learn to love canines. Check with the film’s website for information about how to see the film.




Mission Wolf 

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